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Articles about Bletiere

The La Bletiere Experience
Nov 2016 by Terry Cheesman

Terry Cheesman has just returned from an Autumn trip to Bletiere, he gives us an update on the changes that have been made over the last year and also manages to witness an additional stocking of carp.

Stocking November '16
Nov 2016 by John Masters

Bletiere received a further stocking this November. Here's the full stocking list and photos.

Good Times at La Bletiere
Jul 2015 by Terry Cheesman

Angling Lines regular Terry Cheesman has just returned from a week long escape to Bletiere. Here’s his review…

Creating Bletiere
Oct 2014 by John London

Over the nine years we have now been here at Bletiere I get asked a lot of times what sort of water are...

A Week Fishing at Bletiere
May 2014 by Duncan de Gruchy

'This account of my trip to Bletiere will I hope give you a few insights which may entice you to spend a week there, and if you do, maybe help you put a couple more fish on the bank.'

Not Just Carp
Feb 2014 by John London

Most of our anglers come here targeting one species of fish, our carp. I have to be honest before we moved here all my trips to France were to catch carp and I never really bothered about anything else either.

A Spring Time Approach
Mar 2013 by Duncan de Gruchy

It’s that tim­­­­­­­e of year again when we start dreaming of our summer holidays in France.  The days are starting to draw out and it’s time to start dusting down the rods and think about planning our trips.

A Successful Autumn Session
Feb 2013 by Craig Barlow

Following a week-long visit to Bletiere, I described the venue in my feedback as being a wonderful place.  That simply doesn’t do the place justice and I felt compelled to give a more detailed account.

Research, research… it pays off!
Jun 2012 by John London

I often get ask by anglers when they arrive what are the best tactics to use, what bait catches the most, what fish are in the lake and all the other information we anglers like to know.

Hooks & Leads - Does Size Matter?
Mar 2012 by John London

I've been an angler now for far more years than I would like to admit to.

Stocking Carp in a French Lake – 10 Things You Must Consider
Feb 2012 by John London

If you run a commercial carp lake in France stocking it with carp is likely to be one of the biggest money outlays you make.

Recycling in France
Feb 2012 by John London

One of the big differences you find when you move to Europe is the high level of recycling that you have to do without choice.

Do You Feed Your Carp In The Winter?
Feb 2012 by John London

I often get asked this by guests taking their fishing holidays here at Bletiere – with what and when do I feed the carp, especially in the winter, and how do I know how much to put in?

Return to Bletiere
Feb 2011 by Chuck Ives

Since 2007, I have become a fan of fishing holidays in France after I had decided that my 30+ years of carp fishing needed a different and a new exciting challenge.

Buying a Carp Lake in France (Part 1)
Jan 2011 by John London

Selling up in the UK, moving to France and running a commercial carp lake is the dream of many UK carp anglers. But it can be a challenging and frustrating task just to find the right lake.

Buying A Carp Lake In France (Part 2)
Jan 2011 by John London

After all the excitement of finding your dream new home in France, complete with a lake to die for, the hard part now starts… and that’s the paper work in France.  It’s a killer and there’s a lot of it!

Buying A Carp Lake In France (Part 3)
Jan 2011 by John London

Well hopefully you have now moved into your new home and are sitting there with plans going through your head about opening for business. Well I'm afraid that unless you've purchased an up and running fishery then forget it for at least 6 to 12 months!

A woman’s perspective!
Oct 2008 by Julie Slater

Having just returned from a second visit to La Bletiere, I felt I should put a few words together to describe this holiday venue from a non-anglers point of view.

A piece of heaven
Aug 2008 by Chuck Ives

At the ripe old age of 50 something and over 30 years carp fishing experience, I decided that I needed an adventure.

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