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2h 14m Caen

Frequently asked questions at Bletiere

John London, owner at Bletiere, answers a few FAQ's;

Thanks for booking to stay with us and we appreciate your visit.  The following are answers to some of the questions I get asked the most. 


  • The lake is relatively silt free and what silt there is definitely does not cause problems.

  • The water is cloudy due to the high number of fish stirring up the bottom of the lake.

  • There is little weed even in the summer months and the natural lilies and plants are out of the way.

  • We are in a very rocky area and this can make the use of bank sticks difficult sometimes and especially in the swim in front of house called J’s swim.  We suggest you bring a pod as well as bank sticks just in case.

  • There is a path around the whole lake and this allows for baiting up, so spod rods are not needed. Also the lake bottom is pretty uniform so marker rods are not really needed.

  • There are very few snags here and they are easily avoided… I will show you exactly where they are before you start.

  • Fishing is from the 3 swims only and please no stalking the banks as we wish to keep them looking natural for everyone’s enjoyment.

  • Bait boats ok if you wish, but an average caster can reach all the hot spots.

  • Please use rig tubing or one of the Korda type safety leaders, this is to reduce fish damage.

  • Hook size is obviously your choice but from experience here the smaller hooks like size 10 seem to do better, and anglers using larger hooks struggle. All hooks must be barbless or micro barb.

  • Leads are again a personal choice but again smaller leads seem to catch better and I use no more than a 1½ to 2 ounce lead.

  • Back leads are a must as when the fish feed they will drive you mad with liners!  If you run out or forget them I have some for sale.

  • What bait is best I am asked all the time and that is down to you and your personal choice, but I would say look at feedbacks and go with whatever is catching most. The one thing I can say without any doubts is for loose feeding with pellets the ones we sell are a must as 1 tonne a year goes to feed the fish, and we sell them at less than the halibut ones you buy in England and ours are good for the fish.

  • Particles are down to your choice; some weeks they seem to help others don’t seem to do a lot. But they do help hold the fish in your swim; I can prepare them in 3 hours so not a problem. I supply the seed base I feed the fish on in winter so they are used to feeding on it.

  • I stock quest bait in shelf life and some top supplier frozen baits.

  • I supply cots and weigh slings and they have to be used by all anglers, there is no charge for this. All landing nets must be at least 42 inches and please ensure they are thoroughly dry before using them here.
  • If you a have space bring a float rod as there is a good mixture of other fish to go for.  These include tench to over 5lb, crucian to over 2lb also pike and perch. You must have 5lb line on your reel just in case one of the big carp comes along.

  • I keep a small range of tackle that includes back leads, hair rigs, and plastic corn.  Prices are displayed in the barn.

  • Rubbish bins supplied in all swims, but please observe the recycling rules on the bins. 


If there's anything else you want to know just Email me (my Email details are supplied with the Directions Sheet when you book).

Best Regards, John London, Owner, La Bletiere.

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