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Apr 2018
April Update

The new season has started at La Bletiere, we have had some good catch reports up to now, even though the weather can not make up its mind, we have had very wet weeks along with very sunny weeks, which has made the carping quite testing at times.

Looking ahead as long as the weather settles down, we should all have a good summer in France and the UK, the grass cutting is now back under control as the rain seems to have eased off, we are now cutting every week being Thursday and Friday afternoons, we do our best to keep any noise to a minimum, as not to disturb the fishing but to be honest the carp are not bothered by us cutting the grass. 

New Guest Decking Area; John is replacing the old decking area to the side of the Gite where the BBQ is situated, this is because the old one had started to decay after the years of use, the new one should all be finished with in a week, ready for the long summer evenings.

David and Heather were with us for a week in April, they were making a new promotional video for Le Bletiere, this is to replace the old one on the Angling Lines website, this will allow you all to put a Name to a face before you arrive at La Bletiere for your Holiday, big thank you to Heather and David for all of the work and help you have done, we are looking forward to seeing the new Web page. 

Baits; We are now stocking CC-Moore carp baits all 15mm shelf life, The Live System and Pacific Tuna are the two flavour's of boilies we have started off with, along with a good selection of pop-up's, depending on how sales go we may decide to stock other flavours going forward.

Quest baits; Boilies are still in stock, these we have a good selection of flavours, along with pop-up's glug's, and micro pellets.

Sticky baits; we have 12mm Frozen Krill in stock, approximately 20 Kg and once it is gone this will no longer be available, we have a good stock of Pop-up's, whafters and Dumbbell's plus glug still available.

Food Package; All available but please let us know in advance to allow us to shop and organise, we offer ,Breakfast, or an Evening Meal with a desert,  or the full Monty being Breakfast and evening meal with a desert. 

Tackle Hire; We hire most tackle at La Bletiere, please email us with any requests, we do have a bait boat you can hire, please ask for details.

Terminal Tackle; we stock a minimal amount but hopefully enough to help if you run out or forget to it bring with you.

Honesty Fridge; We have a fridge in the fisherman's bait room, this is an honesty fridge we stock Chocolate bars, crisps, bottled water, milk, beers, wine and much more.

FOC; We supply Carp Cots, Weigh Sling / Flotation bag's, Tripod's for weighing the Carp, and Landing net's which are optional. you can use your own as long as it is bone dry on arrival.

Big thank you to every one for choosing Angling Lines, and  La Bletiere for your French Carp fishing holiday, we look forward to seeing you all as the season rolls on.

We think that's about it for another month, days seem to go so quick when the season starts.

Tight Lines All.

John and Karen.

Mar 2018
March Update

We are now open, the 2018 season has started. Our first guests of the season, we said hello to Stuart and Daniel this week who have been fishing the lake, they have been fishing days only this week, as this is what they prefer to do. It has been a steady week with eight carp landed from 25.15lb to 32lb but they still have today to go.

The weather has not been very kind to them, we have had very little sun, and plenty of rain, which is again again forecast for all of next week.

Luke is arriving this Saturday to fish La Bletiere along with his family for a week's holiday, we are looking forward to seeing you all.

Well the weather is not helping at all, the rain started back at the end of October and feels like it has never stopped, we would have been looking at a lot less rain fall in the past seasons, and now be thinking of the first grass cut of the year. This we can only apologize for, we can not get any where near the grass with the tractor to cut it, it is not too long yet but could do with a cut to start the season off, so if you are with us over the next couple of weeks we recommend good waterproof foot wear.

Baits, we have in the past stocked Sticky Krill, Shelf Life and Frozen, we are now running the stocks down and once sold we wont re stock as the shipping costs are expensive, and we can not sell the baits to you at a reasonable price.

We do still have Sticky Glug, Pop-up's, Wafters and Dumbbell's in stock, we also stock Quest shelf life boilies, Ghurkka Spice 10mm + 16mm, Fruity Trifle 10mm + 16mm, Questrami 10mm + 16mm and Magnum White are 10mm only. along with Active Pellets, Pop-up's, and Dip's.

Frozen Boilies we have B5 Black 16mm, T1 16mm, K5 16mm in stock.

We are in conversation with Diepvries Boilies and Baitology two companies from the Netherland's who are wanting to work with us. We also have a regular Guest Lee and his partner Cheryl, Lee works with Natures Baits as a field tester and we are trying to get in to conversation with them to find out some more about supply from them, we will keep you posted on how this is developing.


Well I think that's about it for this month, it has gone quick it's just a shame the rain has not disappeared as well.


Tight Lines All,

John and Karen.


Feb 2018
February Update

Where to start, how about snow as we seem to have had a good covering this year, three lots over a space of three weeks, deepest being 20 inches and the last covering arrived last night but thankfully only about three inches this time. 

We think this winter has been one of the hardest and wettest we have had since moving to France and owning La Bletiere, the ground works have been very slow due to the ground either being water logged or frozen solid, which has not helped with the work program for this winter.


Work has all started again around the place allowing us to play catch up on projects we are a little behind with. But that’s ok as won’t take long to catch up.

Work left to do on the lake is rake out the leaves from the island end by Alan’s Swim where they tend to end up, CHAUX the ends of the lake with Auxifert, renew the bark in all three swims and replenish with new grass seed around the banks.

Jan 2018
January Update

Happy New Year to you all, we hope you have all had a good Christmas and are well in to this year's activities.

We have now turned the corner with the weather, the wet and stormy weather has calmed down, we wont say gone away but for now given us a respite.

This has now given us the chance to carry on with the jobs we started before Christmas and before the bad winds and rain moved in, the grass is still very wet and the ground is not yet hard enough to use the plant and machinery on, but given a couple of weeks we should be ok.


Karen has finished off the bank clearing around Alan's swim, all is now ready with an additional step each side to make access safer for all. All of the swims will have fresh new bark added just before the first guests of this season. The work carries on around the rest of the lake as the banks are drying out, the two Poplar trees left to log up in the wood's we will get to as soon as we can.


Gite maintenance, this year we have replaced the front door to the Gite, as existing guests know it was a little bit quirky, as in hard to shut and once shut would open on its own, albeit a modern door it had to go, and I have now replaced it with a new double glazed one. 


The mild winter and constant amount of rain we have had will have refreshed the lake right through, the three springs would have been at full flow right through the winter ongoing, the Carp have been fed on Particle every other day since we close back in November and we will carry on feeding until we open in March for the new season.


Bookings this year have gone well up to now, we do still have a couple of week's free this season, and if any of you are interested please contact Angling Lines direct, or go on line and have a look at the Angling Lines Web Site.

Jan 2018
December Update

Hello to you all, so that was Christmas as they say and we hope you all had a great time, receiving lots of new fishing tackle ready for the new 2018 season.

December was a wet and cold month which stopped work around the grounds as it was just too wet to use any machinery safely, Karen kept on clearing around the banks, leaving just about 80 feet to clear from around all three swims to finish.

We suffered some damage again from the very high winds, it brought down a couple of trees and damaged a couple more, giving me just reason to cut the damaged ones down adding to the log pile for the burners.

We have had a delivery of wooden stakes from Sebastian, these have all now been pointed at one end, we shall use these to widen the path around the back of the lake, by means of pushing them in to the lake bed with the digger, and back filling in behind them to the bank with clay and a mud mix. This will work in two ways first a wider bank by a foot, and secondly creating a stronger rear bank where required, we will only do this marginal improvement in the places where we feel it is required.

Additional fish added to the lake - we have added 12 x pike and 15 x perch. They are a good size to grow on and our plan is they will reduce the number of silvers in the lake natures way. We do already have an exisiting stock of Pike, Perch and Black Bass, and with these additions too we hope to control the silvers better.

Couple of pictures attached of the pike and perch we added, the wood stick for use on the back bank, and a water colour painting of Lee and one of the common carp he caught from our lake, which was painted for him by his partner Cheryl as a Christmas present.


New Year 2018, we would like to wish all of our guests a Happy New Year 2018, we look forward to meeting every one in the New Year, some returning guests from seasons gone by and new guests that have not stopped with us at La Bletiere, it is going to be a great season.


Tight Lines All.
John and Karen.

Nov 2017
November Update

Hello to you all from a very cold and frosty France,

We started off this week with dry but cold weather, which has turned in to quite a cold snap with snow. We have been working around the lake and grounds trying to get on despite the weather, Karen has now all but finished the back bank of the lake this should all be done by next weekend.

The sand bags have been placed over the rocky surface around Sugar's swim, this is to help reduce any damage to the Carp when landing them. We have been to a fish sale only last Sunday at Sebastian's fish farm, we are still talking over this years plan on any new Carp, so we shall wait and see what happens.

Bookings are looking good for next season thank you, we have 19 weeks booked up to date, we like to get around 28 weeks booked a season so we do still have 9 weeks spare to book up.

The single swim which was called the number one swim has now been named, when we moved over to France and bought La Bletiere, Karen's Brother David moved here with us, sadly David passed away with in our first year of living in France and the swim has now been called Frosty's swim after David Frost, Karen's Brother.

Oct 2017
September Update

September is now over and we are well in to October, and very close to the end of our Fishing Season for 2017, this year has been a great year for the Carp Fishing at La Bletiere, we started the season a little later than was expected then it was full on for 25 weeks and still going, a big thank you to you all for choosing La Bletiere for your French Carp Fishing Holiday.

John will be popping back to the UK in October to collect a dumper truck, this will become part of the plant we will use to dig out and construct our new stock pond, which we are going to locate to the back of the lake on the edge of the woods, this will allow us to feed the new stock pond with a water source from a small stream in to the pond and out through a running outlet, this we will start to dig out the first week of November. we have one of our guests, Steve Dickinson, returning at the end of the season to spend 14 days with us working on the new stock pond, big thank you Steve.

Bank and tree clearing, once again that time of year is with us. Karen has been to the back of the lake clearing nettles, weeds, unwanted trees from the back bank between the lake and the trout stream, we will then go around the lake cutting back the higher bushes and trees that have grown again this year, this will allow for better fishing sight and access for our guests whilst lake-side.

The trout stream is also in the process of having a make over, raking it through and clearing weed and fallen debris from the stream allowing a better flow.

New front door on the Gite, this will be fitted during the closed season, the existing door has never been that good, albeit a double glazed door, it never felt robust enough when you opened and closed it, John will be fitting this before the start of the new season. 

Carp caught this year, all carp caught have been photographed, and will be placed in an A4 folder and kept in the Gite, this will join the folder we have for the 2016 season, our plan is to build a collection of pictures of each season as they come and go for all to see. 

Well that's it for a late September newletter, short but sweet as they say, Tight Lines All.

John and Karen.

Aug 2017
August Newsletter


Welcome to the August newsletter, albeit a couple of days late.

So what has happened in August, well the sun came out, and boy it was hot some days, reaching a high of 34 + which slowed the carp down a bit, only wanting to feed at night, but saying that the catch reports were good considering.

Water leak was one unexpected surprise from the rear bank of the lake opposite Alan's swim, we noticed the level had dropped a little but thought it may be the springs slowing up as the weather was so hot. On further inspection, we could hear water running from the rear of the bank, but could not see it, first we thought it was the stream making the noise, as its to the rear of the lake, oh no not that simple, we had a very small seep, about ten inches under the surface of the bank.
We called the fish farmer Sebastian, he turned up and said the cause was the very hot weather drying out the surface of the bank, allowing a small leak. He dug away the bad area with my mini-digger and replaced it with new clay and mud, and there we are, all ok now, one lesson learnt in how to fix a small leak quickly.
We were always intending to build up the already thick bank at the back of the lake this winter, as the rear bank of the lake is graded and falls away to the small stream. When we start to dig out the new stock pond, we will use the mud and clay to re-inforce the back bank of the lake, as over the past 400 years it has started to wear away in places, as it goes away to the stream below.
We have also invested in an electronic fisher, this works off a small 12 V car battery, sending a small charge through the hoop, as it is held over the water, this momentarily sends a small shock through the water, bringing the small silver fish to the surface, then this allows us to quickly net them, and Sebastian the fish farmer places them in his tanks and takes them away  and sells them on, this method is one of the safest ways to reduce silver stocks in the lake, with out having to drain the lake and net it, there are different levels and setting on the device, allowing us to work safely without risk to the other fish.

Dumper Truck, if all goes to plan we have acquired one, old but a good workhorse, and I should go back to the UK to collect it before the end of October, this will be a great help when we start to dig the new stock pond in November this year.

The weather is now starting to change as we enter into September, there is a change in temperature and it is a bit wetter as we move towards winter. The rain can stop the grass cutting, so for those of you still waiting to fish La Bletiere we apologise if the grass looks a little long, we will still try to keep it as short as we can but this is now weather permitting.

Once again a big thank you to all of you that chose La Bletiere as your French Carp Fishing Venue for 2017, and for those of you still waiting for your dates to come around to fish the lake this year, we look forward to meeting you all on arrival.

Remember Baits, Pellets and Particle if required, please pre-order them as the Particle is made on site at La Bletiere, Food Packages if required please pre-order, allowing Karen the time to shop for the extra food.

Tackle hire, we have a good selection of tackle, please e-mail me if you think you may need to hire any.

Well time to go for this month,
Tight Lines All.
John and Karen.



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