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Brocard Large
4h 2m Calais

Lake Rules at Brocard Large


*  Please do not arrive before 1pm and depart no later than 10am

*  On arrival you will be asked to pay a refundable deposit of 50€ per angler and asked to sign a contract agreeing to abide by these rules.  The bailiff will be happy to answer any questions.  Anglers found to be breaking the rules will forfeit their deposit & further non-compliance will results in being escorted from the lake

*  On arrival every angler has to show his unhooking mat, landing net and weigh sling so that they can be disinfected.  This is to avoid introducing carp viruses. Please have these items ready on arrival.

*  Please note that whilst there is an electic generator and plugs to charge phones etc Franck is only able to turn this service on for set periods of time Tuesday-Friday. Please remember to bring your adaptors too.



CARP WELFARE - ESSENTIAL EQUIPMENT & TECHNIQUES - You MUST have AND USE this equipment & techniques to fish this lake;

*  Unhooking mat, min size 30” x 38” (70 cm x 90 cm) and at least 1.5” (4 cm) thick with padded shoulders.  Please have a container filled with lake-water to hand for pre-wetting the mat to minimise stress and damage to the fish
*  Large landing net - min 42” (90 cm) arms
*  Weigh sling - large PVC slings only please e.g. Fox sling 

The above equipment (landing net / weigh sling / mat) is available to rent for 5€ each per angler if required,  you arrange this direct with the bailiff prior to your trip. His email address can be found on the directions sheet which will be made available to you in your Customer Area on our website when your holiday has been paid for in full. 

*  Disinfectant for treating hook wounds

 *  Carp sacks are strictly forbidden. Should you be found in possession of a carp sack you will be escorted from the lake immediately

*  Please organise your peg (landing net, unhooking mat, container filled with lake water, camera, weigh sling) so that you can return the fish within 5 minutes (after disinfecting hook wounds) 

*  Please hold carp above your unhooking mat when taking pictures

*  The mutilation of fish is STRICTLY forbidden. Anglers found mutilating fish will forfeit their deposit & will be escorted from the lake immediately




*  Maximum 3 rods plus one light float rod for general coarse fishing. The fourth rod CANNOT be fished with live bait, dead bait, boilies or a bite alarm

*  If you both leave your swim you must reel in your rods. It is OK for the angler sharing your swim to look after your rods i.e. maximum 6 lines for one angler

*  Hooks: maximum size 4, minimum size 8. Simple pattern, original barbless only, flattened barbs or bent hooks are not acceptable

* No lead core – one of the following must be used :- Korda safe zone leader or Tubing or Leadless leaders. No other form will be accepted. Braided mainline is not allowed

*  Bait boats are allowed 24hours/day, no rowing boats allowed.

*  You cannot use peanuts, uncooked or not entirely cooked particles. Particles must be cooked or weakened until the core is soft

*  Dumping left over bait into the lake is prohibited

*  Bivvies must be green or camouflage

*  Please respect the tranquillity and beauty of this Nature Reserve.  No camp fires or barbecues on the ground - gas cookers are allowed

*  Rubbish Policy;  Sorting rubbish in France is now compulsory. You must separate glass, plastic & cans from the other rubbish.  Dedicated bin liners will be supplied for plastic & cans.  Please remember to bring your own bin liners for everything else (carrier bags are not allowed)

*  Cars must be parked in the designated parking spots

*  Dogs are allowed by prior arrangement only (please confirm type of dog). 

*  Please bring Flip-Flops for the showers

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