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Etang du Furet
4h 22m Caen

Etang du Furet Etang du Furet Etang du Furet Etang du Furet Etang du Furet Etang du Furet
£290 per angler in Sep 2017 includes...
✔ 10 Anglers ✔ Exclusive use of the lake ✔ 4 Dover/Calais car crossings


Etang du Furet provides quality French Carp Fishing in central France, a 4hr 20 drive from the nearest port of Caen. The lake has been around since the 15th century and has a very mature, authentic feel. At 19 acres it provides ample room for up to 10 anglers and holds a wide mixture of carp to over 66lb.

The lake boasts many carp between 44-66lb and definitely has the potential to send you home with aching arms and a very large smile on your face.

All 9 swims (one being a double) are set along two opposite sides of the lake. All are spacious and offer good features. Several of the swims are set amongst the reeds with wooden pontoons reaching out into the lake. The owner of Etang du Furet, Guillaume Rousselet, is a well-known big fish angler with an impressive capture record. He opened Etang du Furet in 2016 after much success with his first lake Nautica.


'I wanted to thank Guillaume for his welcome, I had a great time spent here, it is a beautiful place. It is with pleasure that I will return to put my rods out again soon.' 

Gerard Sinivassin, May '16

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Carp Fishing in France at Etang du Furet

All 9 swims were newly surfaced in 2015 and there is good vehicular access to all swims around the lake to unload your gear (in dry weather). There are reed lined margins all around the narrower end of the lake and closest to swims 1 and 11 is the roadside dam wall where you will find the deepest water.


Swim 1 is a double swim situated close to the dam wall.

Swims 2 and 3 are single swims but only 20-30 metres away from each other, making it a good option if you're looking to stay close together.


Swims 4, 5, 8, 9, 10 and 11 are all singles.


Swims are booked in advance at Etang du Furet so you'll need to decide which swim you'd like when you book. You can see all the swims marked on the lake map here.  If you can't decide or want to find out which are available a certain week then give us a call - we'll be happy to help. 

Around the lake for the first 30 to 40 meters the bottom is sand and gravel and after that it becomes softer and silty in places. Depths are on average around 1.3m and range to 2m. However, during hot and dry summer months the lake becomes shallower, ranging from 80cm-1.5m in the middle. We strongly recommend taking waders with you, to allow easier and safer landing of the fish as the water is initially very shallow in some places. 

Bait boats are allowed. There have been no reported issues with poisson chat or crayfish.


Venue Siret No; 790 190 227 00013

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A 0lb Carp from Etang du Furet


The lake holds an original stocking of carp, largely unknown, and owner Guillaume introduced a further 40 carp between 44 and 66lb and another 40 carp between 33 and 44lb in early 2016.

One mirror was stocked at 61lb in late 2015 and caught for the first time 3 months later at 66lb, measuring approx 1.15m in length, which indicates great growth rates.

Guillaume has continued to add to the carp stock throughout the winter of 2016/17 and expects to have a further 100 carp in the lake by the spring of 2017.

These carp have been hand-picked for shape and look, as you can see from the photo gallery.

Guillaume also completed a netting in December where many carp under 20lb were removed, alongside many kilos of tench, crucian carp and silver fish. This means that the balance in the lake has returned back to a very healthy level and the average weight caught should be very good.

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Facilities at Etang du Furet

The toilet, shower and wash facilities are in a purpose built portacabin which is kept clean and tidy. These facilities are located behind swim 2. 

There are fridges and a freezer on site to store bait and food. You can also charge your batteries and phones here. 

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Evening meals are available at Etang du Furet and must be ordered in advance. You will be asked to pay the cost of these meals directly to the lake in Euros when you arrive.

The meals are served at 8pm each evening, Tuesday-Sunday.  No meals are available on Mondays and you can choose how many evenings you opt to have the meals.

Main course only  13 euros
Starter, Main and Dessert  22 euros 

Evening meals must be ordered in advance (at least two weeks before your booking). You can choose how many nights you have the meal.

If you have any questions regarding the food packages, or with to place an order, please contact the owner direct.
Their email address & phone number can be found on the 'Info Pack' in your Customer Area once your holiday is booked.

The cost for just the Evening Meal Package is 132 euros

To order bait please contact the owner, Guillaume, direct.  His email address & phone number can be found on the 'Info Pack' in your Customer Area once your holiday is booked.

Guillaume is French but speaks good English, so providing you speak slowly & clearly you’ll have no problems. 

Please pay for the bait in Euros when you arrive. 


  • The famous Krill BILL boilies! A hit in any season that has caught more than 4.3 tons of fish in two years of testing, a real magnet. Mixture of liver, krill and several other high-quality liquid and solid components. 
    Please contact Guillaume for prices / kg


Tiger Nuts;

  • Prepared 3.20€ / kg        



  • 9mm or 15mm  43.90€ / 25kg
  • 25mm 51.90€ / 25 kg  



  • Prepared (cooked) 1.00€ / kg        



  • Prepared (cooked) maize 1.20 € / kg



  • Prepared (cooked) 3.00€ / kg


  • Krill Bill Boilies Hemp Tiger Nuts
    Pellet Maize Wheat

Please note; Bait orders are made directly between you and the lake owner.  We (Angling Lines) cannot be held responsible for any problems that may subsequently arise.  If you order bait to be waiting for you when you arrive we strongly recommend you telephone or Email the owner a few days before your arrival to make sure it will be there for you.  In 99% of cases this will just be purely precautionary, but bait is such an important part of your holiday that it’s only sensible to take every step to avoid problems.

Carp Fishing in France at Etang du Furet

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