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1h 32m St Malo

Lake Rules at Glehias

As animal and nature lovers, we have some rules created to ensure that the lakes and surrounding countryside remains a safe and pleasant environment for everybody to enjoy, and also to protect the health and condition of our fish. Please take the time to read the rules and make sure you understand them beforehand, we are happy to answer any questions you may have if anything is unclear.


A refundable security deposit of €150 is required on arrival. This will be returned upon departure, providing there has been no damage and the venue has been left in good order.


Please note that we will be happy to greet our guests on arrival after 14:00 and expect them to depart by 10:00.


General, Farmhouse & Floating Cabin Rules


  • No smoking in the Farmhouse or in the Floating Cabin.

  • Children (under 16 years) must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult, especially lakeside or on the floating cabin.

  • Do not cut or damage bank-side vegetation or disturb or harm wildlife.

  • No bright lights and no loud noise, e.g. shouting, loud radios.

  • No fires and please ensure all cigarettes and any other sources of heat are fully extinguished after use, as field fires are a real danger during the summer months.

  • Defecation on the bank side will not be tolerated. Please use the toilets provided.

  • The boat on site is strictly for the owner’s use only and not to be used for any reason.

  • Do not remove any bedding, pillows, towels or furniture, etc from the Farmhouse e.g. to the lakes or gardens. Please note, bedding is not provided for the Floating Cabin. 

  • The Farmhouse, Floating Cabin, gardens and barbecue areas must be left in a clean and tidy condition. No litter or line to be left on the ground, please use bins provided.

  • Please respect the local area.

  • No swimming and no dogs.



Lake & Fishing Rules


  • The lead Angler is responsible for his family and guests, and any damage they may cause. Any Angler or member of his party found not respecting the rules will be asked to leave without compensation. No refund will be given for early departure.

  • A maximum of 3 rods per angler (max 12 rods per lake) is permitted at any one time. No rods to be left unattended at any time for any reason.

  • STRICTLY Barbless Hooks only to be used for Carp or Cat fishing, size 1 maximum.

  • Main lines must have a minimum breaking strain of 12lb for Carp rods and 4lb for float fishing.

  • No fixed rigs allowed unless they are fitted with the easy lead release safety clips.

  • Rig tubing must be used and must be at least two feet long. Leadcore is okay.

  • Death Rigs, Bent Hooks, Tether Rigs and Braid Mainlines are banned.

  • The use of all ‘Goo’ products (or similar) are not permitted to be used on our lakes.

  • Only commercially prepared particles are allowed. This includes Tiger Nuts. If you bring particles you will be asked to allow the owner to examine them at the start of your session and invoices may need to be produced if the packaging is suspicious.

    Due to poor preparation by some anglers, all home prepared particles (seeds and nuts) are banned on this venue. Anglers found using home prepared particles will be asked to leave immediately without compensation. Commercially prepared particles are okay eg. those prepared by Quest Baits, Dynamite Baits etc. Tinned sweetcorn is okay. All pellet must be bought from us; you will not be allowed to use any other.

  • All boilies must arrive at the venue in new and unopened packaging.

  • Landing nets should be at least 42” and must be used. Unhook all fish carefully using the unhooking mats provided (we have up to five you can use) or on a large unhooking mat every time. When weighing fish use a good quality large weigh sling. Do not stand up whilst holding fish at any time, e.g. when having photos taken.

  • To maintain the well-being of the fish, we would ask that you treat any injuries to the fish with an antiseptic such as Klin-ik or Medi-carp.

  • Do not use keepnets or sacks, all fish to be returned to the same lake immediately. Please ensure the fish has fully recovered before it is released. 

  • Anyone found marking or mutilating fish will be prosecuted.

  • Bait boats are allowed. 

  • We reserve the right to inspect our visitor’s fishing tackle and may stop the use of incorrect equipment.


La Gléhias will accept no responsibility for injury to visitors or loss, damage or theft of their property.


We feel we are not asking a lot to maintain the high quality of fishing, and do hope you enjoy your stay at La Gléhias.



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