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Jonchery 7
3h 49m Calais

Lake Rules at Jonchery 7


*  Please arrive between 2.00pm and 5.00pm and depart before 10.00am

*  On arrival you will be asked to pay a refundable deposit of 50€ per angler and asked to sign a contract agreeing to abide by these rules.  The bailiff will be happy to answer any questions.  Anglers found to be breaking the rules will forfeit their deposit & further non-compliance will results in being escorted from the lake



* Unhooking mats, nets & slings must be shown to be dry on arrival (if wet we will dry them)

* All shelters and bivvies must be green or camouflage 

* Unhooking mats must be no smaller than 70cm x 90cm and be no less than 4 cm thick with padded shoulders.

* Each angler MUST have a large container filled with lake water ready to pre wet mats and slings to minimise stress. Fish must be kept wet while out of the water

* Pvc weigh slings only

* All anglers MUST have carp care antiseptic for treating hook wounds

* Main line Mono only - max .35, min .30. Braid is banned.

* Leads must be able to break away when needed. Leads must not drop off on every bite

* Hooks must be no bigger than a size 4 and no smaller than a size 8. ALL hooks must be barbless, no flattening barbs.

* Bait boats are permitted but you must be responsible in their use

* No row boats allowed.

* All Pellets must be purchased on site (this is so we know our fish are getting the right nutrition)

* All cars once unloaded must be places in the car park, there is no driving around the lake

* There is to be no carp sacks on site not even to dry bait. If you are found to have one you will be asked to leave immediately

* No dogs or fires

* Each angler is only allowed a maximum quarter of a kilo of tigernuts.

* Leadcore is banned, only tubing and safezone leaders, leadfree leaders are allowed. Please ask if you are unsure

* Particles must be cooked until core is soft and must be shown to the bailiff

* No shelf life boilies, they can only be used as hook baits.


* All fish over 50lb must be reported to the bailiff

* Please respect your casting area and all other anglers and staff

* Drinking is allowed but if you are found to be drunk you will be asked to bring your rods in until we see you fit to fish

* No dumping bait before you leave

* The facilities are for every ones use so please respect them and keep them clean after use

* Please keep noise down and respect your surroundings

* Unhooking Mats must be ready at all times

* All anglers must enjoy their stay :-)

* Salt is banned, please don't bring your bait in buckets of salt

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Angling Lines, PO Box 761, CHESTERFIELD, S40 9NS
Registered at Companies House, Cardiff. Company Number 4122063

All contents © Copyright Angling Lines. All rights reserved.