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1h 49m Caen

News at Laroussi

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Apr 2017
Videos From April Session

We loved these videos, filmed by Richard Woods on his trip to Laroussi this Spring.


Mar 2017
March So Far...


Updating The Facilities

We have recently freshened up the facilities, including a new floor, new door, a fresh coat of paint and a new freezer.

The Fishing

The fishing has been a little slow, however we have seen 3 x 40's on the bank (41lb, 42lb and 43lb) 1 small grass carp and 1 sturgeon at 61lb. We are awaiting the photos. 


Mar 2017
November Carp For Francis Bayliss & Pete Castle

A short video of Francis Bayliss landing a lovely 31lb carp during a trip to Laroussi in November. 


Pete Castle lands a 42lb carp on the same trip in November.

Sep 2016
Two New PB's

Two new PB's for Robin Thomas' group fishing Laroussi. First up is Adam with a new PB of 51lb 4oz, followed by Mick with an incredible 60lb mirror. 

51lb 5oz
51lb 5oz

Sep 2016
Last Week's Results & Good News For This Week So Far

Last week, they had a good week with 28 fish out. Jon Long was the top rod of the week with 15 fish. A monster tench 13lb too.

I also have a very very good news for Laroussi, it's fishing VERY WELL this week with already another 25 fish out in only 2 days! Mirror, common, catfish, grass carp and one sturgeon ! Anglers are very glad!

Weather is now ideal, low pression, cloudy, showers, bit of wind and very stable temperature (20C)

Jul 2016
62lb 11oz For Tom

This mirror weighed 62lb11oz and was caught by 16 year old Tom Winder... that's a capture that is going to take some beating!

Jul 2016
Quick Update

Fishing has been slow the last couple of weeks, it's a strange season and weather has been the factor n°1.

The anglers on the lake right now has a 60lb sturgeon, a 30lb grass and a 59lb mirror. 

May 2016
Some news

Weather has been up and down from early april to late may. We all know Fishing results depend directly to weather conditions. 

In the last 2 months, about 250 fish were caught :  some week at 20ish fish with bad weather conditions has high pression, North wind, cold nights, and some better week up to  45 fish with ideal conditions  : low pression, south wind and stable temperatures with some showers.

Many New Pb's has been broken putting smiles on faces. Many forties, fifties and a couple of sixties and seventies were landed. A new Seventy was caught by Kenneth Anderson at exactly 70lb. Graeme Joyce was happy to break his Pb with another super mirror weighing 70lb6oz. John Allen Alias " The Baron" strikes again with a new Pb at 68lb8oz. Some big grass carp over 40lber up to 50lb, some sturgeon to 66lb and a few tench up to 14lb.

Still no catfish out but They are now very active and chase ducks every week! I suggest you to bring special catfish gear and try maybe just a rod with a big piece of luncheon meat but be ready to fight a long time! Anglers watched some long specimen along the bushes chasing ducks. Most of them are between 6.5 to 8 feet long.

Still waiting to see some particular fish as the Big Ghost common, The WR tench, the 165lb catfish caught 4 years ago, the 72lb mirror caught last January by David Wellard, The Pretty Common etc...

This actual week is doing well, yesterday a 59lb and a 51lb were out.

Tight Lines!

68lb8oz for The Baron
68lb8oz for The Baron
New 70lber for Kenneth Anderson
New 70lber for Kenneth Anderson
70lb6oz for Graeme Joyce
70lb6oz for Graeme Joyce


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