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1h 49m Caen

Lake Rules at Laroussi

Security Deposit; a deposit of 100€ is required by the owner on arrival.  This will be returned when you leave provided there has been no damage caused or rubbish left in the swim

Arrival; between 12noon and 1pm - no entry will be allowed before this time
Peg Draw; the draw for pegs is at 1pm
Departure; between 10am and 11am

  • The lake is securely fenced in - the gate is open from 10am to 7pm, but the owner lives on site so it’s not a problem if you need to get out in an emergency. Always close the gate after you

  • You can drop your tackle at your peg but cars must be returned to the car park as soon as possible.  Taking your car to your peg during your session is not allowed

  • Three rods maximum.  Please do not leave your rods unattended!  You are not allowed to stalk - you must fish from your swim only

  • Minimum breaking strain 15lb.  No braided main lines or braided leaders.  Shock leaders to be mono or 45lb+ lead core. 

  • NO drop off rigs at all!

  • All baits ordered must be paid, no refund if not used.

  • All particles & nuts like tiger nut, maize, lupin, maple peas, peanuts, etc...  are banned, with the exception of hemp and parti-blend which must be properly prepared. Sweetcorn is allowed

  • All rigs must allow fish to free themselves in case of a breakage.  Only genuine barbless hooks (flattened or filed barb are not allowed).  Please note – the owner is very likely to check your rigs. 

  • Large unhooking mats are compulsory (cradles are preferred!) and should be wetted before use.  For the maximum safety of the fish sacking is not allowed at any time.  Never stand while holding or carrying a fish.  Use slings or suitable mats/cradles

  • Landing nets should be 42 inches minimum.  Sturgeon should not in any circumstances be netted!  Please land them by hand, by the tail, sliding them onto a large unhooking mat - seek advice from the owner on this point

  • Please use a carp anti-sceptic like "klin-ik" if necessary.  No marking or mutilation of fish. Offenders will be prosecuted.  No kill for all species, please take maximum precautions with the fish


  • Rowing boats are forbidden. Baitboats are allowed on Laroussi SUBJECT TO PRIOR ARRANGEMENT ONLY

  • Brollies and bivvies must be green or camouflage pattern.  Barbecues on legs are allowed but no fires on the ground

  • No swimming.  No pets.  Toilets must be used, not the bushes.  Please ensure that radios are played quietly

  • Bin bags should be left by the gate on departure.  Please keep glass separate in one bin bag.  Please - no bottle tops or cigarette butts on the ground!

  • The management cannot be responsible for any theft or damage to personal property caused on premises 

  • If anglers fail to comply with these rules the owner is within his right to expel the offending person, without refund.


Rules for Catfish

  • No sacking of catfish

  • Hooks for cat fishing must be barbless. No trebles allowed

  • You can use live bait... but only fish caught from the lake (not bought from other waters or shops).  Worms are OK

  • No spinning or artificial baits

  • Dead baits are OK e.g. mackerel, sardine, squid etc

  • 3 rods maximum for carp and catfish....but you can use an extra light coarse rod to catch some live bait

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