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Mas Bas Main Lake
6h 23m St Malo

Articles about Mas Bas Main Lake

The Perfect Getaway Holiday - With Big Fish!
Jul 2014 by Tim Knight

Anglers Mail editor Tim Knight recently spent a week at Mas Bas, here’s his article following the trip…

The History Behind Mas Bas
Jan 2014 by Bridget Dawson

In 1967 French farmer and JCB driver Simon Betoulieres, had an idea and purchased, for very little money, an area of sodden land that sat in a hidden valley.  This was much to the amusement of everyone in the area...

The Axten Family Holiday - August '12
Sep 2012 by Kierron Axten

Thank you to all the staff at Angling lines for the help given in arranging hotel stops.

A Different Approach
May 2012 by Salv Licata

Most, if not all, anglers head to France with a single minded mission to capture a monster carp & I suppose I’m no different... it’s something anglers all dream of and it’s something that seems to be more readily available in France.  

How to satisfy 4 female creatures on a fishing trip?
Oct 2011 by Sander Beijderwellen

Although the question in the title of this article looks rather challenging, not to say a mission impossible, the answer is that it can actually be quite simple!

Mas Bas Review
Oct 2011 by The Rangers Fishing Team

After months of planning and preparation it was finally time for me (Steve) to head from Manchester to Bristol to pick up the others. On arrival at Bristol I picked up Andrew (Angler) and Kerry (non-angler) and spent the night at James'  to get a fresh start to head to Dover first thing in the morning. 

Happy summer days
Aug 2011 by Bridget Dawson

I’d like to say that the day started early but in fact due to time constraints with the tunnel crossing it started for us around 5pm as we dropped off the dogs in Chesterfield and headed south to pick up our friends. 

Our holiday to Mas Bas
Jun 2009 by Roy van Goor

Me and my girlfriend wanted to visit something more luxury then just the same story every time again and again. The missus wanted a bit more luxury then fishing from a bivvy and all the “ wildlife” that comes with it.

Our trip to Mas Bas
Apr 2009 by Samantha Ratcliffe

Mas Bas consists of two specialised carp fishing lakes both very different in size and shape with Lotus lake being about 1.5 acres in size and the main lake about 5 acres. 

Mas Bas C’est Magnifique
Jun 2008 by Jamie Simpson

Set in the Garonne region of southern France, Mas Bas is a two lake complex containing carp to just under 50lb. 

A quick getaway
May 2008 by Linda Latham

After weeks of thinking about a holiday I decided to stop just dreaming and do something about it. I would go at the weekend!

A personal view of a week at Mas Bas
Aug 2006 by Bridget Keep

When we agreed to take our teenage daughters and their boyfriends on holiday (lets face it,it would be cheaper than all the phone calls home on the last one!)...

An Autumn week
Oct 2003 by Paul Ashley

Having already been out to France this year fishing for carp I could not see another opportunity arising to get out again due to increased work commitments and my family wanting to also go on holiday !!!!

The family perspective
Oct 2003 by Deborah Ashley

A fishing trip to France for me usually means buying some mosquito repellent, packing vast quantities of T-shirts, boxers, socks and camouflage trousers then waving Paul off the drive to await his return laden down with the obligatory wine, beer, dirty washing and the whole point of the exercise for me, champagne!

Something a bit special!
May 2003 by Mark Parker

At first it felt like we'd never get here. Originally booked to fly with Buzz, they get bought-out by Ryan Air, then Ryan Air promptly cancel our flight- marvellous! Then by pure luck I get a cancellation and better still - it's for four. 

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