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Frequently asked questions at Molyneux

Wally Gibb, bailiff at Molyneux, answers a few FAQ's;

Are any French permits required to fish Molyneux? ....   No.

Are there English Speaking Bailiffs/staff ? ....   Yes, the English couple that run Molyneux are onsite 24 hrs a day 7 days a week for advice and any assistance that may be required.

Can I drive all the way around the lake in order to unload? ....   Yes we have a track all around the lake and you may use this to drive around. We would ask however that once unloaded you park your vehicle in the designated car park.

Can we buy bait at the lake ....   Yes we stock a selection of Quest boilies, plus prepared hemp, partiblend and the very same Maize and low oil trout pellet we use to feed the fish during the winter months.

Are there any shops/supermarkets nearby? ....   Yes approx 5km away there is a pretty little town with a number of supermarkets and shops to cater for all your requirements.

Can we drink the local water? ....   Yes, it’s a little hard, but perfectly ok to drink. We do have bottled water for those that do not feel comfortable drinking it.

Is food available onsite? . ....   Yes we do a full food package which includes a full English breakfast and evening meal. We can also prepare lunches and snacks to order. 

Will there be any other anglers at the venue during my booked week? ....   We have a maximum of 9 anglers on the lake at any one time. 

Is my UK carp set-up suitable for use at the lake? ....   Yes the tackle you use at home will be adequate for fishing Molyneux.

Will I need a baitboat? ....   In almost all swims a baitboat is not necessary as all spots are well within casting range of anybody with reasonable experience. In one swim a baitboat would be an advantage.

Can I use my own landing net, weigh sling and unhooking mat? ....    Yes you can use your own nets, slings and mats. Please ensure that they are adequate for the size of carp you may catch at Molyneux. We do have a few mats available for use if required.

Is the lake secure? ....   Yes Molynuex has secure onsite parking for all vehicles and totally fenced grounds ensuring privacy and security.

If there's anything else you want to know just ringl me (my contact details are supplied with the Directions Sheet when you book).

Best Regards, Wally

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