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4h 31m Caen

News at Vincons

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Feb 2017
A Couple Of New Residents

Alice has just emailed to confirm that Vincons received a stocking of 6 carp this week. Weights listed below;

1 x 41lb
2 x 34lb
+ 3 sizeable grass carp

Feb 2015
An Updated Venue Video

Sep 2013
Thank you!

Hi Julie, Bridgit, 

Paul and myself would like to say a very big thank you for all your efforts in setting up our trip to Les Vincons at very short notice. We really appreciate the effort you went to, to rescue our annual fishing trip (both times!).

I have put in our feedback online, but would like to personally say that we had an excellent holiday - the fishing, lake, owners, and accommodation (and weather) were fantastic, and we had a very relaxing time. As I said in the feedback we didn’t (need to) fish the lake very hard, but still had plenty of good hard fighting fish. It was hectic on occasions, but quiet enough at other times to get through a book or two. We couldn’t ask for more. 

We left a note for the owners thanking them, as they were away on our last night and final morning. They were both charming and very helpful throughout. If you could pass on our thanks to them personally we would be very appreciative. 

Paul and I are looking forward to going through your website to find a locality for our 2014 trip 

Thanks and best regards, 


Aug 2010
Carp catching madness at Vincons - 184 carp for 3,667lb!

The five of us arrived around 3pm & our first impression was “WOW... is all this just for us... let’s have a beer to celebrate!”

To start with we chucked oily sticks out on 5/6 rods and unloaded the cars. Not expecting to catch the first night we didn’t put any effort in, but we still caught a couple of fish each. We went to bed (5 people in the lodge) thinking we could have a good week here ... we really had no idea how good though!

Sunday started slow with only 2 fish before 4pm. Two of us moved around 6pm to a new spot to the right of the lodge in the trees where all hell was let loose with 12 fish caught in the next 4 hours! This set the scene for the rest of the week, with the dam wall fishing better from after lunch into the night & up in the trees fishing better in the morning, at about 40 metres out. Fishing slows around lunch time all over the lake. With a bit of trial and error we worked out that if you fished close in until lunch then on the far bank in the afternoon you could keep the sport going all day.

At times it was manic... I had 3 x 20’s in 3 nets one morning before anyone else was up. You must take 2 nets for each swim to stand a chance. We fished in pairs and it would take 5 hours to get all 6 rods in the water at any one time, only to have 4 back on the bank in 15 minutes of madness. It’s the only place I have fished where you are happy to let someone else have ago so you can have a break!

The trees along the lodge bank need to be cut back and it is very difficult to cast and a bait boat is an advantage. I found wading out to cast worked a treat. Any hook bait caught fish & I ended up with plastic on all rods to save time on re-baiting, using the same hook until it started dropping fish. The method was the winner, catching everywhere we chucked it.

Find a spot keep the bait going in using enough to get a bite. The fish moved around in shoals so if you got a bite you would get another and another and another until all your rods were on the bank. We didn’t fish at night and pulled all the rods in at dark and had a social. By the end of each day we were all shattered.

We had 184 carp for 3,667lb 11oz. I had 49 carp in 6 days fishing for 976lb 4oz. Not the place to go for monster carp, but if you want fun easy fishing with a good chance of a 30 give it ago.

The owners were great, the lodge was all you needed and as we had rain and gale force winds were very glad to have it. We all ended up sleeping in the lodge as it was easy and comfortable. The shower and toilet was clean with plenty of hot water. You are only 10 minutes from a great supermarket at Lignieres, which sells a limited amount of tackle and bait.

We loved it so much we have booked for 2011.

Thank you for a great service again, cheers.

Stafford Patmore & party.

Dec 2008
Vinçons Manic Action

Now there are a few venues in France that over and above the fishing just have that quintessential charm that make you love them.

Vinçons is one such venue. Not only do you have a superb location, lakeside lodge, top notch cottage & the very welcoming Bouchot family... but you have some absolutely manic fishing too!

Here are a few highlights of the last season; May and June this year proved to be particularly good months and one or two outstanding weeks were enjoyed by visiting anglers.

May 2008: Wayne, Darren, Steve, Drew & Chris: Total 180 fish caught. Total weight; approx 3,250lbs!!!

Wayne: 81 fish (1,500lb). Steve: 38 fish (760lb) - and week's biggest at 31lb 14oz. Darren: approx 25 fish (approx 400lb). Drew: approx 20 fish (approx 350lb). Chris: approx 15 fish (approx 250lb). "Bouchot family were fantastic (again). Lodge perfect for 6 lads (one non-angler)."

June 2008: Peter, Andy, Terry, & Tony: Total for the week to 4 anglers was 222 fish over 4,000lb of fish. Fish averaged high teens with top fish being 32lb 12oz, 31lb & 30lb. “What a wonderful lake. We all agree that it is the best one we have ever fished!”

June 2008: Andy fishing alone: Total fish for week 103 for a total weight of 1855lb. 34 x 20’s to 28lb best fish 32lb 4oz. “No night fishing all week, I needed the sleep!"

With catches like these this is really a very special venue.

Regards, Gareth.

Sep 2008
Great week for Chris Garfoot....

Hi All,

Just to let you know that the channel tunnel was kind to us for our return and we are back on home soil. (Bridget - Thank you so much for the telephone call to warn us of the problem - If you would kindly let Francoise know we are back and thank her for her generosity and hospitality.)

Vincons; We had the place to ourselves and enjoyed the fishing tremendously. The use of the lodge as well as the cottage was great and meant that all the gear was stored overnight in the lodge and we had somewhere to lunch.

A big thank you to Steve and Shaun for all their guidance and tips; I can now say I have taken my PB from 14 to 27.5 lbs..yippee!!!! Thanks for having confidence in me Steve.

The catch:- 5 - Commons up to 27.5 lb (photo attached) 4 - Mirrors up to 24.5 lb (photo attached) 6 - Tench up to 6.5 lb. The Methods:- 27.5 Common - Float fishing with a quarter of a Rahja Spice boilie on a plain no.8 hook. Other success included catches on a helicopter rig and a pva bag rig, some using Liver B8 boilies and some using Rahja Spice but both using matching maximum action pellets in the bags which worked wonders. Particles were also cooked every night and used, but were not as crutial as the max action pellets. Boilies were very often doubled up with an artificial sweet corn tip.

The biggest problem - first fish on the first day broke the landing net. Even though it was patched up it was never the same but it just got us through the week. New one required I think!! Artu and Uno made there daily appearances to find out what was going on and they were good company.

The lake would be better if you could get to the far bank in some way as there were two or three occasions when fish disappeared over to that side because of the weather conditions. Apart from that the sport from the lodge, together with the left hand bank up to the dam wall was good. I wonder what next year will bring?

Once again thank you from a very chuffed person.

Kind regards and tight lines.

Chris Garfoot

Jul 2007
A big thank you!

Hi Bridget,

A quick note to let you know that we had a very enjoyable time at Vincons last week despite some atrocious weather. I thought the location and lake were fantastic and we certainly had no complaints about the lodge.

All members of our party managed to beat their PBs although none of us broke the 30lb barrier and the week ended with over 2,500lb of fish between us. Having been to France a few times before on fishing holidays, everyone claims their lake will offer you a fishing trip of a lifetime.

On this occasion, the fishing (and accommodation) were for the first time exactly in line with my expectations and I applaud your company for such an accurate description of the lake and facilities.

We will definitely be booking our next holiday with you!

Regards, Robert Ward

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