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2h 14m Caen

Articles about Bletiere

Not Just Carp
Feb 2014 by John London

Most of our anglers come here targeting one species of fish, our carp. I have to be honest before we moved here all my trips to France were to catch carp and I never really bothered about anything else either.

Last year I started to notice that a few anglers were bringing lighter gear with them and having a go for the other fish in the lake as there are plenty to go for. I thought I would just put a few thoughts into words as every year I get anglers turn up and say "if I had known I would have brought a float rod" so this is what's in the lake and my best estimate about how big they may be now.



Plenty of these even though when we moved in we had the lake netted and 340 kilos of very small roach were removed and every winter I have my own small net and I take out a lot of small fish and re-house them. With patience and a constant stream of sweetcorn or whatever bait you decide to use the small fish move away and the bigger fish move in. I have had roach to just over 2lb which is a good fish in anyone's book.


When we stocked the lake we put in over 110 lbs of small roach up to about 2 lbs and they seemed to disappear and even when I fish with a float I have only caught the odd small one, but have lost the odd fish that felt bigger than a roach.

I know they are still in there as most late afternoons you see the tell tale signs of the tench feeding and the small bubbles coming up to the surface gives them away. We had an angler 2 years ago who fished lighter carp gear and smaller baits to try and catch one and he had two out that week being 7lbs 4oz  and 7lbs 12oz.  That was the only ones he caught, but it showed to me that they are still in there somewhere.

I will try again this year with my float rod as I don't think you can beat sat behind a rod watching the float being knocked about and then sailing away. It’s magic to me and an alternative way to spend a couple of hours than just sat waiting for an alarm to go screaming off if you fancy a change

Crucian carp

Now these are a real challenge as they have never been caught since the day we put them in 6 years ago. I admit there was only about 30 that went in but they went to about 1 lbs 8ozs.

The problem is you need to fish a lot lighter for these and that's where the problems start as I insist on at least 5lb line on float rods due to the large carp in here and crucians are a bit on the finicky side.

I did lose one last year I still believe as I was float fishing and it looked a decent fish on the float.  As it came to the surface there was a flash of gold and that was that, it had gone but I was convinced it was a crucian.


These are another real mystery as we put only 3 in to help keep the lake bottom clean and clear of anything dead.  When we put them in 6 years ago they weighed 34lbs, 27lbs and 10lbs.

18 months later regular angler Glen Janes  caught one weighing 47lb 12oz, and what a scrap it gave him! Glen was using a standard carp rod and it took him ages to get it in and by the time he had he was a nervous wreck and sat there with the cat across his lap for the photos. He just kept saying one word that I will not repeat here but I think he was well beaten up and in fact came and sat up by the house and we all sat and had a few beers to celebrate the first cat out.

To this day it is the only one that has ever been landed and every year guys say to me they had lost a big carp and it took them down the lake and parted company, but I suspect these are the cats having a play. When I am wading in the lake clearing up I find their bolt holes sometimes and occasionally they are at home and a great big bow wave goes rushing down the lake so I know they are still there. Hopefully this year we will see one come out as I estimate that they must be at least 80lbs now and would love to see one on the banks.

Glen - 47lb 12oz

So  if you are coming here this year and you enjoy something different,  gear up the correct tackle and have a go at something else besides carp as on those occasional long days when the carp are not playing ball, what better way to pass the time than watching a float.

Tight lines,


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