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Articles about Boux

Boux Update
Nov 2011 by Jim Kelly

Carp fishing in France at Boux

Photo taken from the dam end looking towards the shallow end,
the white animals are cows. The trees are on the west bank.


Paul Cooper and I had a week booked on Boux during the end of October. It was to be my first trip to the venue; Paul had fished it on two previous occasions. On arriving at the lake I was not disappointed as it is situated in some very picturesque rolling countryside. The local super marché is only a 5 minute drive where you can get all the essentials - stuff for the BBQ and beer. When we arrived at the venue there had been a very heavy overnight frost. On looking around Paul assured me that the dam would be the place to fish as the depth was greater, he was keen to fish the east side of the dam, as he had fished it before with good results. I therefore set up on the west side of the dam. The next time we fish a lake it will be my turn to have first choice of swim, that is the system we work.

The Lake

Boux is a mature lake of 11.5 acres (I know this as I used the freemaptools website to measure it) set in a very picturesque region of rural France. At the deep end the depth drops down to about 13 feet, gradually slopping up to the shallow end which is a few inches deep in places. The dam is at the south eastern end, the west bank is tree lined, the east and north banks have fields down to the water’s edge. Bivvying up is only permitted on the dam and the west bank. The banks are flat and comfortable.

The lake bed consists of silty regions and firm sandy areas; hence it is worth spending time leading around.

Carp fishing in France at Boux

Paul Cooper bivvied up on the dam, with part of the east bank to the left.

Carp fishing in France at BouxThe north bank to the left and part of the east bank, taken from the woods bank.


There is a toilet, shower, fridge-freezer and chest freezer about 600 yards from the venue. For pictures see Paul Cooper’s  article.

The Fishing

There is a large head of fish to upper fifties, with a very good chance of catching a forty pound plus fish. Paul made an excellent start to the fishing catching straight from the off, his previous knowledge was really paying off. After three days Paul had caught ten fish and I had only one to show for my efforts. It appeared to me that the fish were patrolling the east bank, swimming from the shallows to the dam. Paul was picking them off on the dam end of their route.

I had lost confidence in the swim as it appeared to me that all I could expect was to pick up the odd stray. I therefore moved to the woods side of the lake as I could cast to the eastern bank. I had 4 on the first night in this swim and Paul had 6. However, the fish were really fickle and appeared to move off the baited area. We changed tactics several times throughout the week, from beds of bait, baits spread over an area, PVA bags and stringers.

Paul caught consistently throughout the week finishing with 27 carp; the eastern end of the dam proved to be very consistent and highlighted the benefit of previous knowledge. I had to work hard for my fish and managed 7 in total. I only started to get my head around the fishing when it was time to come home as I was beginning to understand where the fish would turn up and how they would react. I feel if I returned to the venue my catch rate would be far greater.

The quality of the fish were outstanding, Paul managed two 49lb carp and two 50lb+ carp. Among my fish were a 39lb plus common and a 44lb plus mirror. All fish were caught on Quality baits HG 42, a bait that I developed. In the last 3 months it has accounted for 11 x  40lb, 2 x 50lb and numerous 30s, only Paul and myself have been using it! At the moment I wouldn’t fish with anything else.

Carp fishing in France at Boux

31lb 4oz

Carp fishing in France at Boux


Carp fishing in France at Boux Carp fishing in France at Boux
49.03 37.03
Carp fishing in France at Boux Carp fishing in France at Boux
51lb 11oz 44.06
Carp fishing in France at Boux Carp fishing in France at Boux
50lb 4oz 33lb

I think that you will agree that the fish are stunning. The only problem encountered is the crayfish; Paul covered methods of overcoming the problems in his article. However, the crays appear to have an affinity for boilie stops and pinch them prior to getting the boilie off! Using a boilie stop that the crayfish can’t pull out will keep the bait on much longer.


I am really keen on wildlife and this venue did not disappoint. The deer were rutting in the woods below the lake. Bird life was spectacular, some of the species observed included kingfishers, black kites, great white egrets, nuthatches, osprey, to name but a few. A truly magical place.

Carp fishing in France at Boux Carp fishing in France at Boux
Black kite Great white egret


If you are interested in a venue with a good head of large carp this is definitely one to consider. Looking through the catch returns just shows what a good venue Boux is as 40lb plus fish are caught nearly every week. There is a good chance of catching an upper forty or fifty, when this is coupled with the lake being so pleasant then you have the winning combination. I anticipate that this venue will get fully booked quickly, it is that good.

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