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Articles about Boux

A Welcome Return!
Mar 2012 by Bridget Dawson

Carp fishing in France

Boux in the summer - heaven!

I have always loved this lake, not only for the huge carp which of course brings tremendous feedback, but simply because the setting is gorgeous... the forest backdrop and then the open fields with cattle grazing are in sharp contrast to each other.  So it was with some excitement that I went back to the lake after a 3 year gap.

I arrived after having had a lovely lunch in the local village bar - you always know it’s good when they are they are busy with locals even on a Tuesday lunchtime!  From here it was only a few minutes’ drive to the facilities at the farmhouse where I was warmly greeted by Phillip the on-site bailiff.

Boux facilities with the lake in the backgroundChris the owner arrived a little later and we did a tour of the facilities first, Chris telling me that he would soon add in a cooker and also a second freezer.  These are good facilities and charging for batteries and phones etc is no problem at all (but remember to take an adapter.)  Chris is committed to maintaining and indeed improving the facilities for the anglers, so if you have any ideas after visiting the lake just let us know.

We then drove the minute or two to the lake on the back lane of the estate. I was not disappointed. The lake looked stunning nestled alongside the trees. The swims have actually improved on the forest bank and there is more space in the swims than I remembered from previous years.

Chris and I took a steady walk along both fishable sides of the lake discussing the swims. The open dam wall leaves little shelter from a harsh sun, so fishing here you definitely need a gazebo and some high factor lotion. The forest bank is much more sheltered and offers a cooler respite. 

Even in the middle of the afternoon I could see active carp and listening to Chris and his enthusiasm for the lake was a treat.  He told me how he recently stocked some more big grassies to complement the stocking.  I suppose with him being a fish farmer big carp are easier to come by than for many. Though to be fair, fish gaining weight in this lake was never a problem.

There are two sides to the lake where you can fish to but not from. These are the open fields where the cattle come down to graze and most anglers would use the onsite boat to bait this area of the lake where catch rates are high.  Far from disturbing the carp the drinking cattle stir up the bottom and create a food fest for the carp, attracting them into these margins.

I'm really looking forward to the first catch reports coming in and I have no doubts that 2012 will be a great year for Boux. 

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