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Articles about Boux

A Guide to Boux
Dec 2013 by Andrew Gilbert

Due to the lack of information and feedback for Boux compared with other Angling Lines venues,  I thought I would offer my insight into the lake.

Getting There

We decided to travel on the friday morning, arriving in Calais around eleven am.  The sat-nav suggested the A1 to Paris was the quickest route, but having plenty of time we decided to head by Reims towards Troyes. We had booked a hotel in Chateau-Chinon, so a re-routing of the sat-nav took us by Avallon into the top of the Morvan national park.  We entered the national park after eight hours of driving in pouring rain with a rather alarming banging noise coming from the back of my works Transit van.  After another hour of winding wet valley roads we made it to the Logis hotel in Chateau-Chinon around eight pm. Three large beers each and steaks all round cost us a very reasonable sixty three euros per person including the rooms.

After a well deserved nights sleep we left the hotel and headed to a local super market to stock up on food and drink for the week ahead. The lake is located just outside Moulins Engilbert and is fairly easy to find with a sat-nav.

Boux Carp Fishing in France
Lake Map

Getting Started

We arrived at the lake around ten thirty and had a good walk around, we all decided to fish the wooded bank swims as it seemed to give every one plenty of water and a chance to fish the far margin.  The dam wall looked good but all four of us wanted to fish the far end swims so rather than draw pegs on this side of the lake we picked the wooded bank.

Due to the high water levels we had to row our gear across to the wooded bank swims, but by the end of the week it had dried out considerably so wasn’t a problem on the dreaded pack up.

Swims were quickly chosen and i ended up with what i’ve called number four on the map.

Swims one, two and three all have plenty of casting water in front of them, with one having a nice snaggy margin to the left. Swim four commanded frankly loads of water, with plenty of carpy looking areas along the tree lines and the dam wall.  The rods got in the water by about seven pm and the map below shows the placement of rigs over the next three days.

Boux Carp Fishing In France
Initial placement of rigs

Time for a change

Okay, three days in and only a couple of fish out. Now one thing I’ve learnt from my years fishing French waters is never to panic.  Nobody wants to blank and so far I’ve never managed a French blank, although I’ve been too close for comfort on a few occasions.

After three days of fishing our spots it became clear a change was needed. Kettle on and a sit down meeting later, the four of us had decided our next course of action. I find that when fishing as a group its far better to put your heads together and come up with a plan for fishing the lake as a whole rather than just the swim in front of you.

The turn around

Due to the high water levels we believed the carp hugged the far margin more than they would in lower water conditions. Being curious creatures I can imagine the carp having an extra couple of feet of  water around them and wanting to explore it. As a rule of thumb hookbaits were placed along the far margin in around 4-6 foot of water.  The electric fence ran through the water against the back margin, maybe six foot in places from the bank. This stopped rigs being placed too tight on the bank and in shallower water.

Boux Carp Fishing In France
Our second plan of attack worked well

Lots of crayfish were present in the margins of the wooded bank and I would assume they were present around the far margin.  The only problem I had with the crays was a cut line from a rig placed in front of the small group of trees along the right hand side of the far bank. I pulled the rigs back into slightly deeper water and didn’t have any more problems from them.

On wednesday the lake kicked into life with all four of us getting bites from the back margin, all the carp were in top condition and fought like demons.  Hookbaits were rowed out and lowered down with around five kilos of bait per rod.  To compliment our garlic boilies we used hemp, pellets and flaked maize all with powdered garlic mixed in. An interesting point I found was that as soon as the garlic boilies were used we couldn’t get a bite on any other flavour. I’ve read the Cell works well at Boux, but we couldn’t get a carp to feed on it over the week.

Boux Carp Fishing in France Boux Carp Fishing France Common
Stewart Cliff with a 46lb stunning mirror This time with a fantastic forty three pounds common

Another thing I have to mention regarding Boux is the pike. On nearly every retrieve of a hookbait reeled in we caught little jack pikes, the margin was teeming with them and if you’re not great at handling them its well worth taking a thick glove and some forceps with you.

On the map below I’ve highlighted the areas of showing fish and the areas that I believe the carp tend to hang around in.  Now I’ll say it again, I believe the high water levels affected the carps behaviour in the lake. Maybe at other times of the year they move around more and are affected by anglers positions.  However, if I was to fish Boux at this moment in time I would have all my rods pinned to the far margin. I scattered bait all the way down the dam wall margin and not a single boilie got eaten all week. In my opinion the absolutely red hot area to catch fish is in front of the small reed bed. Which brings me back to the wooded bank swims; if four people fish the dam wall, the fishermen closer to the car park end will be at a massive disadvantage to the ones nearer the far margin.  I think with four anglers fishing (two on the dam wall and two on the wooded bank) would give every angler a better chance of catching. If I had a pick of swims I’d be running to the right of the dam wall.

Boux Carp Fishing In France
Showing fish and patrol routes

In Summary

If you don’t mind a bit of a drive, Boux is a fantastic option of an Angling Lines venue. The size of the lake is good, and more importantly, it’s easily manageable.  In 2012 I fished Margot with only three anglers on the lake and it was tough going to get on the fish. The year before, I fished Laroussi and again without a full compliment of fishermen, it was hard getting them moving about and in range.

If I fished Boux on my own I would be very confident about getting on the fish, which makes this lake a top choice of Angling Lines venues I’ve fished. The most important thing is the carp themselves and if you want hard fighting big greedy carp this is a great place to go. There are some very big fish in here and the ratio of thirties and forties per acre is awesome, also if you fancy a big common the far margin seemed to be common carp heaven. Our final total of carp was about 60 percent mirrors to 40 percent commons.

Boux Carp Fishing in France Boux French Carp Fishing
And another forty pound common And a thirty one common for me
Boux Carp in France
And for good measure an awesome thirty four pound torpedo mirror

So to sum it all up a fantastic weeks fishing that started hairy and had a rock star finish.  Okay we didn’t tap into the really big fish, but at least it’s left me with some unfinished business at Boux and, with a slightly more reliable van, i’ll be back soon.

Andrew Gilbert

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