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Articles about Glehias

A week in France
Apr 2007 by James Barr

We arrived at La Gléhias on Saturday 21st April after a tiring journey from Leeds to Portsmouth and then across to Caen on the ferry. After docking in Caen we endured a 3 and a half hour drive to our destination. The lake was booked exclusively for the 4 of us for a week. At 3.2 acres La Gléhias is a small lake, fishable from only two sides due to overgrown gorse bushes against one bank and thick clumps of reeds in the shallows. The stock of the lake is impressive with approximately 100 carp from 17lb up to possible 40lb fish with an average weight of around 28lb. This stock includes some 30 original fish that the owner inherited upon buying the lake. There are also three 35lb+ catfish and a few koi’s, grassies and the odd sturgeon.

Carp fishing France

Looking out to the gorse bank...

Upon arrival we got down to the lake immediately, eager to see the appearance and make up of our home for the next week. On the initial wander round three out of the four of us fancied the shallows. It just looked carpy and although only a couple of feet deep in parts the shallows also contained thick reeds which looked an ideal holding area for the lakes lumps. Anyhow, straws were drawn (well… grass) and I got second pick and was expecting to have to go for the deep end of the lake which averaged about 8 or 9 feet deep. However, to my surprise one of the lads thought bait placement would be easier in the deep end and he believed the bigger fish to spend most of their time in this area after looking at previous capture reports with the owner. I quickly began moving my gear into the shallows (furthest from car) and began to formulate a plan.

I opted for 2 rods in the reeds and one tight to the far gorse bank where the line of reeds ended. This enabled me to have a stand alone rod in the near margin and the other two pointing out into the main area of the lake towards the features. This would hopefully lower the noise level near the area I was fishing close in. The two lads in the middle fished the gorse bank and some marginal areas close in. Bait-wise I was using the supplied quest baits special crab mix with some small halibut pellets, only a handful around each baited spot. You could actually walk round the gorse bank side of the lake and throw bait as close as you liked to the overhanging shrubbery so as long as our casts were accurate and you marked the spot you could get some bait in around your hookbaits. After setting up in the sun we cracked open some beers and nightfall crept upon us in no time. The owner had warned us that the majority of fish coming out were at night so we were all eagerly anticipating action as darkness fell and the lake came alive with animal sounds and rustling bushes from mice, toads and the beastly coypu (beaver-rats).

Carp fishing France

Trap set in the shallows...

Carp fishing France

First night success...

All the strange wildlife sounds were soon forgotten when at approx 11pm my buzzer gave out a single bleep and then was soon rattling off with an angry French mirror carp frantically trying to get closer to the far bank. After a good scrap under some low moonlight 24lb’s of mirror carp was safely scooped into the net. A funny looking fish but in good condition. Another hour or so later I got another one, this time weighing in at 28lb’s caught from the shallow reedy area I had left undisturbed. Result!

Throughout the whole holiday we only used 15kg of boilies between the four of us and because I had not baited heavily I tried 2 new spots in the reeds on Sunday night but by early morning on Monday my buzzers were still silent and lifeless, although a couple of the lads had a fish each out from the middle and deep end of the lake, both mid-twenty mirrors. So, for Monday night I decided to go back to the spots I had caught from before and soon enough the action started with an 18lb mirror then another at 29lb 8oz in the early hours of the morning from the exact same spots from the first night. I stuck to these spots for the rest of the week putting in a few handfuls of bait every few hours and making sure my casts were spot on even if it took a couple of attempts.

Carp fishing France

29lb 8oz ...

My good luck continued throughout and I was consistently catching whilst the others were only picking up the odd fish when the weather went cooler. In total I banked 13 fish and lost 3 (two snapped hooklinks, and one to the treacherous reeds) with all but one being 20lb+ including 4 thirties and the new lake record at 40lb 2oz known as Golddigger.

Carp fishing France 28lb mirror...

Carp fishing France 24lb… so there are some commons in here then
Carp fishing France 33lb 8oz... known as Teabag
Carp fishing France The big un... 40lb 2oz

Carp fishing France

Last day capture... 32lb 4oz

The other lads managed 10 fish between them with the highlight being one of three the catfish at 35lb 4oz. It turned out to be a week that surpassed even my greatest expectations, however I did get some stick from the lads for bagging up even though I gave up the majority of the reedy shallows to try and help my mate who was struggling! He managed one in the end from one of the original spots I caught from. However, I can understand the lads frustration, sometimes you have to get lucky and the way events evolved I did get lucky. To get the option of fishing the shallows in the first place was lucky and the 3 to 4 days of warm weather certainly helped, but once in the shallows I fished solidly and had to work to alter my rigs and hooklinks to cope with the deep silt next to the reeds and on the far bank. All in all a fantastic week and at some stage I hope to return…

I think its time to start catching up on my sleep

Best Fishes, James Barr

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