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Articles about Glehias

Glorious Glehias
Apr 2007 by Paul Fletcher

Fancy a cracking venue, full of quality sized fish and top class family accommodation to keep the missus happy whilst you are fishing? Then read on……

The build up…
It all started with an email from Bridget at Angling Lines Holiday HQ last November telling us about a new addition to the ALH venues which might just be right up our street – La Glehias. You see, when I go on my angling holidays I take the family – wife Liz and children William (4+) and Annabelle (1). You might think that I’m ‘barmy’ I know, however two simple reasons spring to mind – firstly, I enjoy spending quality time with the family and secondly, it’s probably the difference between going and not going on a fishing holiday – enough said!!

La Glehias offered the lot for us – a well stocked (fish to around 40lbs) peaceful 3 acre lake plus top class accommodation for the family just a short walk away. It was located in the beautiful Brittany countryside and owned by an English couple Lee and Tracy Johnston.

The trip was arranged for the end of March – early season I know, however both Lee and ALH’s wanted to get some feedback on how the lake would perform before the main season began at Easter. This gave me lots of time to plan everything but time goes so quickly doesn’t it. Numerous trips to Walkers of Trowell to stock up on all those tackle items – new line, hooks, rig bits and extra large unhooking mat for those big French whackers!! (Worth mentioning that Lee keeps a stock of end tackle just in case you run out).

Bait was easy – one simple call to Shaun @ Quest Baits was all it took. Shaun confirmed my thoughts to take Rahja Spice as my main attack and some Fruity Trifle as back up. This was to be shipped out to the venue direct together with Lee’s bulk order. Ideal arrangement as it means more room in the car, plus you know you are getting quality fresh bait for your fishing. (I was just reading through one of my previous France trips articles, pre-Quest Baits, and one of the sub titles was “ Bait – I need a bigger car”. Thanks goodness things have changed!!)

The rest was pretty simple really – sort out the Euro’s, travel insurance, new Michelin France Map and European Travel assist. Angling Lines Holidays took care of the rest.

The last few weeks are always the most stressful/exciting time I think. Thoughts such as ‘Have I got everything’ and ‘ Will I get it all in the car? etc. etc. The best bit was the emails between Lee & Tracy and ourselves. Early on I had emailed Lee asking for info on the lake, fish, lake temperature and Liz had also emailed Tracy about the accommodation and available facilities. It was great to almost get to know them both even before we got there plus we found that nothing was too much trouble for them. In addition the ALH website was a great source of information and the Latest News section really got me buzzing!

We’re on our way…
After nearly a full day loading the Passat Estate, roof box and KIS Rod Tube, the car ‘groaned’ its way out of the drive towards Portsmouth! We had chosen to take the overnight ferry Portsmouth – Caen so we could get some sleep ready for the 3-4 hour journey to La Glehias.

After a sleepless night (excited kids!) we docked in Caen to be greeted with gorgeous sunshine in France. Its took us just under 4 hours to get there after a couple of ‘I need a wee’ stops and lots of ‘Are we nearly there yet Daddy…….’ I must mention the excellent directions supplied in the information pack – got us straight there with no messing. (I know we live in a world full of Sat Nav however after 15 years of France holidays we still swear by the Michelin France guide for directions.)

First Impressions…
As we got closer and closer to La Glehias we found ourselves deeper and deeper into the beautiful Brittany countryside. Even though it was only late March the scenery was lovely with the tree blossom and daffodils out and smiling at us! We finally rolled down the narrow lane and were greeted by a smiling Lee wearing his Angling Lines Hoody – time to relax!

Lee and Tracy showed us around the accommodation and then made us a lovely cup of tea – now that’s what I call a welcome! We were both blown away with the way in which Lee and Tracy had renovated the property and there were some great ‘fishy’ touches with a ‘carved carp balustrade’, fish pictures and even a La Glehias clock in the kitchen!

As you could imagine I was gagging to see the lake so Lee and I quickly jumped into their French Renault Espace. (I had to laugh during the week as Lee kept forgetting it was left hand drive and went to the wrong door!!)

Lee drove us the 2 mins journey down the lakes and as you can imagine I was buzzing with excitement! You can see Lake Lauren as you roll down the track and right on cue a big fat mirror heaved itself out of the water on the far Gorse bank – we both smiled as I asked Lee if he had arranged for that to happen……..!

The Lakes
As you will have read on the website there are 2 lakes at La Glehias – Lake Lauren which is stocked with lots of carp and above this Lake William (not yet open) which is Lee’s next project – the predator lake. (He’s after some big 30-40lbs pike and big zander!). My focus was on Lake Lauren which contains a really healthy stock of big mirrors and commons plus a few grassies, sturgeon and cats. As we crept quietly around the lake you could really feel the passion Lee had for these lakes and the quality fish he had stocked. He was describing each peg and feature in detail and how he had almost manicured the foliage over the past couple of years. I was amazed when he mentioned that before they purchased the accommodation he lived on the side of the lake in his bivvy for 3 months whilst working on the landscaping – no wonder he knows the lake so well.

It didn’t take me long to decide on where to set up. Having the lake to myself (heaven!) I wanted to be able to cover every area of the water from one place so I chose the middle of the Willow bank. This would enable me to have rods on the far Gorse bank but also cover the shallows if the water warmed up during the week. In previous trips I’ve found that the fish are quick to move into the shallower water to feed once that spring sunshine comes through. Plus with one of the banks completely covered in gorse bushes I just knew that a cast over to these areas would produce fish – its always the same at these quieter areas – the fish head straight there and would patrol up and down this bank.

Lee also informed me that he has been feeding the fish over the winter to supplement their diet. Each day he had been putting in up to 6 kg of pellets in the same places and he had noticed the feed disappearing and the fish had been putting on weight all winter. Pending our visit Lee had stopped feeding them pellets a week before and instead had trickled some Rahja Spice and Fruity Trifle into some likely looking areas. I must admit that neither Lee or myself really knew how this would affect the fish – only time would tell how if a change to the fish’s diet and feeding patterns would be good or bad??

Time to get the rods out!
Having decided on the peg we raced back to the accommodation to get the gear and Lee handed me the freshly frozen bait, plus I bought from him a couple of kilo’s of the feeding pellets. A quick clothing change and I was driving down to the lake ready to get stuck in.

The sky looked a bit heavy plus there was a strong northerly wind whacking down the lake so my first priority was to get the bivvy set up first – something I rarely do when fishing in the UK. Then it was the rods and given that it was so early in the season and I had the lake to myself Lee gave me special permission to fish 4 rods – normally it is only 3 rods per angler. After a chat with Lee I decided to cover all the likely looking areas –

Rod 1 -BBQ Corner. Deeper water and fished a rod length off the bank.
Rod 2 -Gap 1 on gorse bank. Approx 3 foot rod length off bank.
Rod 3 -Approx 12 feet from my bank.
Rod 4 -Middle of shallow end.

Bait Tactics, Tackle and Rigs

As I have already mentioned, Quest Baits boilies were my chosen bait for the week. I’ve been using Quest Baits since they were launched and before that ALH Boss David Keep’s Special Crab recipe for nearly 10 years now so it was no question for me. It always amazes me that people will pay loads for their fishing holiday and then take crap bait – why?? You only have to look at the credentials of Shaun Harrison and you know that he wouldn’t put his name to anything other than quality baits. Check out the Quest Baits website and you’ll Carp fishing in Francesee what I’m on about – .

Given the early trip and the knock on effect on the water temp I opted for a light approach to baiting. 2 of the rods were set up with Fruity Trifle and the other 2 on Rahja Spice. Given that they were used to a bit of bait I went for approx 6 freebies around each hookbait – like they say ‘ you can always put more in but you can’t take it out!’ In addition I did trickle in some of the pellets from Lee just to keep them looking for a familiar food source.

One other thing I did was to top one of the FT bottom baits with an artificial corn and the one of the RS with a homemade Pineapple 15mm pop up. This is something that just adds some extra attraction to the hookbaits and I also took had some homemade pink spice pop ups in reserve. I must also mention that I had taken 15mm baits as opposed to the bigger 18 or 20mm baits. This is because in the cooler months I prefer smaller baits plus any nuisance fish aren’t too active early on in the year. (There are no Poisson chats or crayfish in the lake however there are some tench to 3lbs+ that like a boilie or two in the summer months. They aren’t a major problem however it is worth using bigger baits then, according to Lee).

Anyway, onto the gear I had taken with me to La Glehias. Given that the lake is only 3 acres I’d left the big rods and pit reels in the garage. I took 4 x Century NG’s in 2.75tc and these were nicely matched with Shimano 6000GTE’s loaded with 12lbs mainline. (There are no real snags in the lake).

Carp fishing in France Rigwise - anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m a big fan of keeping things simple but effective. This meant using the simple no-nonsense rigs I use in the UK for my carping. 2 feet of Korda tubing, a Korda Safety clip (with the serrated clip cut back plus I always moisten the area where the funnel tube slips over. For hooklength I varied between 5 and 12 inches of 25lbs Kryston Super Mantis with an inch of the stiff coating stripped off. My chosen hook was the excellent Korda Wide Gape B in sizes 6 and 8. (Wide Gape B’s are barbless and have a slightly inturned point to assist in keeping a good hookhold). To attach the hook I used a simple ‘no-knot knot’ but then used a small 2mm piece of tubing on the bottom of the shank to give a blow back facility.

The first night…
Lee left me to it and I settled down to my first night at La Glehias. Liz and the kids had retired to the luxury and mod cons of the farmhouse (Watching DVD’s & eating chocolate biscuits!) and it was just me, the howling wind and hopefully active buzzers! You can’t beat the anticipation of fishing a new French lake. I knew from the stocking photos and my conversations with Lee that the lake contained approx 100 fish, most of which were 25lbs +. I must admit that the ones I really wanted were –

• Gold-digger – big mirror last caught at 38lbs
• Halle – big mirror last out at just over 40lbs
• The Big Common – not caught since stocked at 36lbs.

Carp fishing in FranceI didn’t have to wait long for my first piece of action as at 8-15pm I had a slow run on the BBQ corner rod. I was out of the bivvy in a flash and lifted into the run only to find thin air. I was gutted and had no idea why this had happened. Anyway, as I had taken the time to mark my line at the far bank distance I soon had the hookbait back in place. I’d just got back in the bivvy when another rod was away – this time it was the Gap 1 rod and a heavy looking fish was pulling my arm off at the other end. After a short but powerful fight I slipped the net under my first cracking La Glehias mirror. It was time to christen the new unhooking mat and weigh sling! Onto the scales it went and a weight of 32lbs 10oz was registered – GET IN THERE!!

The night pretty much continued in the same fashion and I didn’t get much sleep taking a 19lb common, 26lb 14oz mirror and 25lb 5oz mirror all before breakfast – phew, what a place!!!

Liz, Lee and the kids all arrived at 8-30am to bring down one of my favourite things from France - croissants! I was just about to tuck in when the Gap 1 rod dropped back and I pulled into another good fish. After playing the fish for the audience Lee slipped the net under another 30+ fish – 31lb 1oz Mirror to be exact. Then no sooner had we done the photos and I was in again – this time a 23lb 7oz common to the shallows rod.

I was well knackered by now but the adrenaline kept me going! I managed another fish of 28lb 3oz (mirror) at 11-30am before things quietened down until dark.

The Accommodation 

Mid-afternoon and I needed a bit of a break so I wound in the rods and walked back to see Liz and the kids for some food. I always feel that it does both the angler and the lake good to have a break. The fish have a few hours without lines in the water and the angler gets a freshen up which re-charges the batteries.

For further details about the accommodation and for a non-anglers perspective of La Glehias, please click here.

Carp fishing in FranceBack to the fishing…
I was back on the lake just before dark and soon had the rods out in the same places. The Gorse bank had been the top area plus a few fish to the shallows rod during the day when the water temp rose a little. I must admit that I’m a great believer of the affects of the water temperature and for years now I have been taking the water temp on my local rivers and lakes. Lee shares my thoughts on this subject and we had taken a reading of 10.4 degrees C on the afternoon of day one but following the cold overnight wind of Sunday it dropped to 9.6 degrees – yuk!.

Sunday night was quiet until midnight when the gap 1 rods dropped back and I was into another good mirror – 27lbs 7oz. Another fish followed at 3am – 30lbs 1oz and then another at 6.05am - 20lbs 10oz. Lee was really keen to see the fish mainly because he knew them all and the weights at which they were stocked. In fact late Monday morning he came dashing down to the lake holding 2 photos of the 30lbs 1oz mirror I had caught – amazingly it had piled on 8lbs in weight since October last year and this wasn’t an isolated occurrence during the week. A real sign of how the fish had been feeding all winter on the pellets and the fish really looked healthy. The other thing that staggered me was the amazing quality of all the fish I caught – most were big framed mirrors, some near leathers and all beautiful in their early spring coats.

By Monday lunchtime I was ‘completely wasted’ and took the decision reel in, spend some time with the family and sleep the night in the farmhouse. That was the beauty of La Glehias and by this time I had already caught 10 fish in total, with 3 over 30lb and 7 of the total fish over 25lbs – WOW!

We decided to load up the car and head to the south coast of Brittany – Carnac. It was great to spend some time with William and Annabelle. Life goes so quick these days and with me working long hours at the bank (a real bank not a fishing bank !) it was great to spend such quality time with them even if I did fall asleep in the car on the way back!!

Carp fishing in FranceThe next day I was up early and gagging to get back down the lake. The cool wind had eased and also moved around to more of a westerly. I took a temp reading and found that it was back over 10 degrees C again which gave me some more confidence. I decided to move the near margin rod as it was the only rod without action so far and recast it further left along the Gorse Bank to gap 2. I also reviewed the chosen hookbait choice across the rods as the Rahja Spice and Pineapple snowman had really been doing the business. Then on the shallows rod I decided to change to a 12 inch pineapple pop-up to try and intercept the cruising fish – mini zig style.

Once again, I didn’t have to wait too long before the Fox Rx’s sounded and I was soon landing a 28lb 8oz mirror from the Gap 2 rod, a good result after deciding to move a rod to this area. This was followed shortly after by one of the characters of the lake – 20lb 10oz mirror with stumpy fins – nicknamed Nemo for obvious reasons!

Then it was one of those special moments in fishing. I had chucked out Williams 9ft Nashy Stalker rod (One that Shaun recommended and sold me when he was at Walkers!) when he had joined me at the lake that lunchtime. Unfortunately he soon got bored and headed by to play with William and Lauren but I hadn’t got around to reeling it back in. Suddenly there was a ‘shriek’ from his new buzzer and I lifted into a fish down in the shallows. The fish didn’t feel anything special until I had to pick up the fish in the net – OH MY GOODNESS – WHAT A LUMP!

I initially estimated a mid 30 mirror however when I hoisted the fish onto the scales – 37lbs 10oz’s of La Glehias muscle – YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

Carp fishing in FranceI quickly got onto the walkie-talkies to Liz and told her the news. She found Lee and they all headed down to the lake to see one of the lakes biggies – It turned out to be Gold-digger, one of my target fish. It was slightly down in weight from its last capture but was obviously on the feed judging by the amount of bait on the mat from its ass! And, best of all it was in fantastic condition and could easily handle another 5lb+ of weight in the future.

No more action until 9-40pm when one of the rods I had moved – about 20ft to the left of Gap 2 where I had seen some crashing fish, roared off. After a weird fight that I can only out down to a small sturgeon (lots of leaping and mega fast runs) the hook pulled. (I must add that I only experienced one hook pull all week – the Korda Wide Gape B’s were mega and I will be using them all the time from now on – nice one Mr Fairbrass!) Then a few hours later I had a screaming run on the same rod only to lose the fish to a broken hooklength following a trip through the reed beds in the shallows. I was well gutted but had to smile to myself on how life balances itself - one minute I’m posing with a 37lbs+ fish taken on a 9ft stalking rod, the next thing I lose 2 fish!!! Things were soon back to normal at 3am when I landed a cracking 27lb 9oz common again from the shallows on a 2 inch pineapple pop up.

Another biggie…
The weather was much warmer on Wednesday and this had an affect on the smaller fish (roach) – they were topping everywhere due to the increase in water temp to 12.1 degrees C. However I still had wait until just before lunch for another fish when the rod to the left of Gap 2 roared off. After a good fight I slipped the net under another upper twenty mirror – 28lbs 12oz to be exact which took a liking to my Rahja Spice / Pink Spice snowman. (I decided on a change this from the pineapple bait following a lull in the action)

Carp fishing in FranceThen at 6pm I had a slow drop-back, again on the Gap 2 rod baited with the new bait combination of RS /Pink Pop up. I lifted into the fish and immediately knew it was a good fish as I just couldn’t move it! It was one of the situations when the fish just uses its bulk and ‘plods’ around as opposed to the mad runs smaller fish tend to make. I was on my own so tried to keep my composure as the fish came into the margins and decided to give me the run-around! Eventually I slipped the net under the big fish and carefully lifted the fish onto the mat. The scales were zeroed before giving a digital reading of 37lbs 6oz – I was made up even if that magical 40lbs didn’t come up! I quickly called Liz on the walkie-talkies and told her to get Lee. I had a feeling it was one of the other biggies I had targeted – ‘Halle’. The next thing I saw two cars whizzing down the track to the lake – a bit like an episode of The Sweeney!!!

Lee confirmed it was ‘Halle’ and we got some good shots despite the dull weather. The fish was really good nick and although a couple of pounds lighter than when Lee last caught it I have no doubt that once the weather warmed up he would pile the pounds back on – some lucky anglers will see their scales hit 40lbs+!!

After such a capture I decided to call it a day just after dark and headed back up to the farmhouse for a good nights sleep. This is one of the great things about La Glehias, you don’t have to fish 24/7 to catch some brilliant fish.

Carp fishing in FranceThe last couple of days…
We were up bright and early on Thursday and headed off to one of our favourite places in France – the north coast of Brittany and in particular Cancale. Cancale is famous for its oyster beds and do we love seafood or what! The weather was not so good today however after a short walk around and a bit of shopping we were in a lovely little restaurant sliding a dozen lovely oysters down our throats – lovely!!!

After a quick trip to one of many cracking beaches just round the coast towards St Malo we were soon back at La Glehias and the rods were back out for 5-30pm. Yet again it wasn’t long before the buzzer was singing out and I lifted into fish number 17 of the week on the Gap 2 rod again.

This turned out to be another upper twenty, which pulled the scales around to 27lb 2oz again to my new favourite combination of Rahja Spice & Pink pop up snowman. I only had to wait another hour for my next run as the shallows rod roared off and I soon landed the biggest common of the week – 27lbs 10oz. I had planned to do the night however I think I had overdone things on the oysters as I didn’t feel too well. Therefore after darkness fell I wound the rods in and wandered back up the track to the farmhouse for a proper toilet!!! (Still, when you think about it – 3 hours fishing for 2 x 27’s – not bad eh?)

I was up bright and early on Friday morning and headed down to the lake after a light French breakfast. The weather had taken a turn for the worse and there had been a light frost. Also, the wind had turned back around and was now the dreaded North-Easterly – yuk! At the start of the week I had set myself a target of 20 fish however when discussing this with Lee he felt that an average of 2 fish per day would be a result due to the cold water etc. I was now on 18 fish so 2 more fish would be a good achievement however after taking a water temp reading of 10.2 degrees C I wasn’t too confident.

The rods were put out in all the most productive areas but this time I resorted to 3 bait stringers before retreating into the warm bivvy to start the slow pack up. I wouldn’t be fishing Friday night as we had to be packed and on the road early Saturday morning to make the lunchtime ferry from Caen, plus Lee and Tracy had invited us round for a drink Friday evening and I was looking forward to that!

The morning was quiet and very little signs of fish anywhere due to the cold wind and rain/hail. However the ‘lunchtime dinner gong’ rang and just as the sun came through the Gap 2 rod dropped right back and I was into fish number 19 – a beautifully scaled 29lbs 3oz mirror. One more fish to go…

The weather changed again and the rain and hail showers started at about 1-30pm. Then right on cue the Gap 1 rod dropped right back and I was out in the elements, rod in hand, hail in face. The fish fought well but was soon in the net (after wiping out many of the rods!!) and I was delighted to weigh in a 25lbs 11oz mirror – FISH number 20!!

Carp fishing in FranceTime to pack up
As the weather improved during the afternoon I decided to get fully packed up and back to the farmhouse to help Liz. She was having ‘fun’ with the kids – you know the score when you everything you pack into the bags suddenly gets unpacked by the kids!! I loaded the last of my gear into the car and said my sad good byes to the special lake that had given me so much pleasure during the week.

Here’s a few things that really worked for me –

  • Speak to Lee via email before you go. The information he gives is invaluable plus it will really get you buzzing! 
  • Pre-order your bait via Angling Lines Hols and Quest Baits. Its quality stuff, will be there when you arrive plus the fish will see a lot of it this season.
  • Be quiet! – the fish weren’t used to pressure when I was there and soon spooked. I feel that this will change as the weeks go by but take care anyway.
  • The Gorse Bank is the hot bank and the fish love to patrol along it feeding as they go. Use the gaps as markers.
  • Once the water warms up you need to have rod/rods in the shallows, the fish love it down there.
  • Snowman hookbaits really worked. A combination of Rahja Spice & Pineapple or Rahja Spice & Pink Spice.
  • I found a re-cast worked well and on occasions I had fish straight after re-casting.
  • Casting to rising/crashing fish worked for me.
  • Careful with overbaiting – remember you can always add more……………
  • Stringers or small PVA bags helped draw attention to the hookbait. Then a small scattering of baits around.
  • If you are looking for a reliable barbless hook pattern then I can recommend the Korda Wide Gape B’s.
  • I used backleads on most rods mainly to assist me at night when playing fish however it may have helped keeping the lines pinned down to stop spooking the fish. Remember they are not used to lots of lines yet.
  • The fish do follow and hang around the few underwater weedbeds – ask Lee about this or see map.
  • Look for bubbling fish and don’t be frightened to get a stalking rod out.
  • I found that the fish didn’t give much indication however Lee informed me that once the water temp rises they do scream off!
  • Worth marking your line in some way to assist you getting the bait back to the far bank or chosen area in dark. I used both electricians tape and Fox Magic Marker.
  • Take a good powerful catapult or small throwing stick to help you top up the far bank areas after a fish etc. It doesn’t look far however if the wind is pushing down you will struggle. This saves you walking round and scaring the fish away.
  • Take a large well padded unhooking mat and large weigh sling!
  • If you are quiet don’t be scared to fish close in by the reeds – they do come in that close!
  • Take a good strong bivvy with you. I encountered some powerful winds and had I not had the Fox Evolution with storms sticks and overwrap I may have been blown away a few times!
  • Using rig foam worked for me – to keep the bait out of the silt plus as a useful marker for bait up. (Take care in wind though!)
  • Finally Lee takes a good photo so use him!

Final Fish Tally –

20 fish landed (16 mirrors & 4 commons).
5 x 30lbs+ fish
16 fish over 25lbs
Biggest Mirrors – 37lbs 10oz & 37lbs 6oz.
Biggest Commons – 27lbs 10oz & 27lbs 9oz.

* I only fished 3 nights and 4.5 days *

We were soon packed and then enjoyed a cracking evening round at Lee and Tracy’s home. The bottles of wine kept coming and the lovely Tracy kept bringing out some lovely home-cooked food – it was a shame that we had to be up so early otherwise I think we would still be there now!

A good night’s sleep was enjoyed by all, and we were soon saying our goodbyes to Lee, Tracy and the kids, before heading through rain, sleet and snow back up to the ferry port of Caen.

In Summary
What can we say – the set up at La Glehias is superb. The lake is full of quality sized and well conditioned carp and I have no doubt that many anglers will beat their Personal Bests there this season. The fish are really packing the weight on and those 27’s & 28’s will soon be low 30’s. Lee is on hand to offer masses of top advice, take photos and just in case you need anything and I would like to thank him so much for helping me put a few extra fish on the bank. The Accommodation is first class with everything you need to enjoy your holiday and to keep the missus and family happy while you are down the lake. Plus if you haven’t taken up the accommodation and are just bivvying up down the lake, there are bathroom facilities for you to use at the farmhouse, and food can be arranged for you.

Best of all is the excellent hospitality given by Lee and Tracy – nothing was too much trouble before and during the holiday. They sorted out a cot for us to use, a stair-gate was fitted whilst we were there for safety and if we needed anything at all we just had to ask. William ‘had a ball’ playing with Lee and Tracy’s children – if I’m honest judging by the amount of times he’s mentioned them since we’ve been back, I think he enjoyed the holiday the most! One regret I had was that we didn’t take advantage of Tracy’s cooking enough. She loves to cook and this really shines through – go for one of the food packages and trust me when I say that you won’t be disappointed!!

La Glehias has something to offer for everyone however I really feel that it is ideally suited for families. Like I said at the start I love spending holidays with my family and with the facilities on offer at Le Glehias I could take them with me yet still relax down at the lake catching a few whackers.

Will we be back at La Glehias? You bet we will – its awesome!!

Many thanks to Lee, Tracy, Lauren, William and ‘Spud’ for having us at Le Glehias, to David and Bridget at Angling Lines Holidays and to Shaun at Quest Baits – an awesome team I think you’ll agree!

Happy fishing!



PS – By the way Lee - next time my names on that big common please mate and hurry up and get that bar built in the barn!

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