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1h 32m St Malo

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From the non-angler’s point of view!
Apr 2007 by Liz Fletcher

French carping
La Glehias - finally, a family fishing holiday venue you will actually want to go to for a family holiday.

We have been on several fishing holidays, and don’t get me wrong, I have always enjoyed it… but I didn’t always have the urge to go back. Over the years we have done it all - bivvied up at the lakeside for a week, mobile home, gite farmhouse with swimming pool. At the end of the day, a holiday is a holiday, so when this new venue was offered to us, having decided that it offered facilities to please both halves of the family (me – accommodation, Paul – good fishing) we booked it and waited for March to come around.

A few home comforts…
I should say that we had the bivvy holiday before we were married, and like with most things, once we had tied the knot, I insisted on a few extra comforts. We now have 2 children to consider also, so whilst Paul looks at catch reports and stocking information, my first thought when looking at a fishing holiday is likely to be about bedrooms, showers and a cooker !!

French carpingOn paper, La Glehias ticked all the boxes. Fishing aside, the farmhouse has everything you need for a comfortable family holiday. You come in through the front door into an open plan kitchen and large dining area, with plenty of space and hangers for all the thousands of coats and fleeces you tend to take on these holidays. By the way, you will need to keep the front door shut as the chickens like to wander in from time to time. Having said that they are a very friendly bunch and did a very good job of clearing up the crumbs left by our 1 year old !

Throughout the house there are nice little decorative details and the house retains the character of the late 1800’s stone barn that it has been renovated from - solid beams, oak mantle, rough textured walls. However you aren’t roughing it in this barn conversion! It has all the mod cons you need for a comfortable stay, all the simple things like constant hot water, central heating, microwave, good shower etc. etc. that make life as a fishing widow that much more straight forward.

French carpingStill downstairs is a large lounge with 2 big squashy sofas and if you are there in winter, an open fire. The lounge also has a TV with some UK stations via the satellite and a DVD player. Moving up the fantastically intricate ”Carp” carved staircase there are 3 bedrooms, all a good size and the beds are very comfy with nice warm and cosy duvets. In the ‘master bedroom’ the large bed is positioned under a skylight, so on the bright moonlit nights you can gaze up and count the stars (old romantic fool that I am!). At this point I have to say that at night it is very, very dark! La Glehias is situated at the end of a lane, in a rural area that does not have street lights, so at night you really can see every star in the sky, it is incredible. In the bathroom, the shower is a space age affair, and once I had been shown how to operate it, I found that it was better than the one at home.

Outside, as I say the farmhouse is at the end of a single track lane, so there is no passing traffic. It is very peaceful, apart from the children and the odd tractor rumbling around the fields, you don’t hear a sound. There are a few cats and chickens, geese and guinea fowl, which absolutely fascinated Annabelle our 1 year old - she would have spent all holiday with them if she could! William is 4 and a half, and had a fantastic time playing with Lee & Tracy’s 2 older children – Lauren and William. As I am sure you will know, if the children are happy, then everyone is happy on holiday!

French carpingAt the front of the house is a large grassed area with a table and chairs to enjoy the sunshine, and just beyond that is a large meadow with a swing set and a slide, a picnic bench and BBQ. It is totally quiet and is safe enough for me to happily let William play out either on his own or with the older 2 children all holiday. Another thing that made for a more relaxing holiday for me was the fact that the lake is a short walk away from the farmhouse, not just outside the door. Having had William learn to crawl on the fishing holiday where the lake was literally 6 foot outside the front door was a stressful experience I do not want to repeat, and at La Glehias it meant that both of our children could walk around, in the safe knowledge that they weren’t about to fall headlong into a lake! (Although I must mention that Lee and Tracy did allow us to use their children sized lifejackets for safety purposes).

Out and About
So there is enough at La Glehias to keep you happy to crash out for a week and do nothing if that is what you want, but I also like to get out and about a bit in France, and I found the local area totally charming. Although we have been to Normandy and Brittany several times now, we had never been to this part, so it was all new to me. The countryside is very pretty, lots of little villages nestled in amongst green hills. There are a few local villages and towns around that are worth mentioning;

French carping- La Cheze is the closest large village and has a very good bakery (closed on Monday) that does delicious cakes, pastries and chocolates as well as the usual breads and croissants. La Cheze itself is a pretty town with a river running through and has a few shops and some restaurants – there is also a small mini market and a pharmacy should you need it. In the summer it also has an open air swimming pool. Although I am not certain about the rules here, most French public swimming pools don’t allow swim shorts, it’s ‘Speedos’ for the men or they can’t come in! so it will be wise to check first.

- Plumieux – nothing much there but another nice bakery.

- Plemet has the large super market – Super U – which has everything. Also in Plemet are a few nice looking shops and restaurants.

We didn’t eat out in the local area as it is never easy with 2 children under 5! But there are plenty of restaurants, creperies and brasseries around to suit all tastes and budgets.

French carpingA little further afield are;

  • Rohan, a small town on the banks of a beautiful tree lined canal. The town itself has plenty of charm and is ideal to sit in a café and watch the world go by.
  • Josselin, with its stunning castle, is a very pretty and historic town. For the best view of the castle you need to be just out of the town, down by the riverside.
  • Paimpont is in the middle of the ancient forest, Foret de Paimpont (also known locally as Foret de Broceliande). Legend has it that hidden within the forest is the source of the spring where Merlin met ‘the lady of the lake’. There are paths and trials to explore the Arthurian myths.
  • If you want a city, then Rennes has it all, historic timbered houses, pedestrianised shopping streets and markets, and a bustling café and restaurant scene.
  • We also went to the coast on a couple of days;
  • North to Cancale near St Malo, if you like seafood you will LOVE Cancale, the port side restaurants cannot be beaten, also, there is a quayside market selling the oysters farmed in the bay. Then if you follow the coastal road from Cancale to St Malo (route du baie) there are several really lovely beaches (try Verger or Guesclin)
  • South to Carnac, a traditional seaside resort, lots of great sandy beaches and round to the estuary at La Trinite sur Mer there is a huge marina and yachting resort with big name shops.

It is a bit of a trek, but if you make a full day of it, it’s worth it, but then again, I think it isn’t a holiday until you have seen the sea!

In Summary
Your hosts Lee and Tracy are wonderful people, very friendly and really helpful, nothing is any trouble, if you need anything just ask. Lee, obviously, has a keen interest in the fishing side of things, and Tracy covers everything else! A very good cook, Tracy makes all of the food offered on the menu herself and I can vouch that it is delicious.

They have also put together a bit of a guide to the local area which includes more information about the facilities in the local area than I have here, plus information on the food and bait that can be organised for you once you are there.

So there you have it, my ultimate seal of approval for a fishing holiday, I had a great time, the kids enjoyed it, Paul caught fish and I would be very happy to go back again!

Liz Fletcher

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