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Jonchery 7
3h 49m Calais

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The Most Fun I’ve Had Fishing For A Very Long Time
Jul 2013 by Ron Key

As an Angling Lines field tester it’s always exciting visiting a new water but when it’s called Jonchery there’s added excitement and anticipation. I remember Jonchery; its history and its reputation for quality carp from way back in the 90's and now there’s a new lake - Jonchery 7.

Nestled at the foot of the Le Digue du Brevonnes, the massive dam that forms the Lac du Temple is a tree lined five acre pool.  Separated from the original Jonchery by a series of stock ponds it is quiet, secluded and very, very carpy. 

A tree lined five acre pool Nestled at the foot of the Le Digue du Brevonnes

Jonchery 7 is quite unique, bookings are for the whole lake and it has only one swim, a large double swim that dominates the lake and easily swallowed up our two bivvies and a cooking shelter. It’s an ideal venue for a couple of anglers wanting some exclusivity or a family wanting privacy.  There are enough carp to keep the most impatient fisherman busy and plenty of large powerful fish to keep the most ambitious angler satisfied too. The swim is about a third of the way along the lake which seems strange. It does however leave water unfished and free of lines and for those who want some variety and like to stalk their fish. This is a real bonus.

Our base camp for the week Ready and waiting!

It is quite a walk, around 15mins, from the facilities which are shared with the main lake so taking a bike is a good option.  We also found the bike a useful baiting accessory for nipping around to the far margin with a bag of boilies and pellets.  The facilities are comprehensive to say the least including a wet room, UK style toilet, dining room, kitchen with oven, microwave, fridge freezer and large freezer, even a dishwasher. The village shop and bar is only a couple of minutes drive down the road and the major supermarkets are about 10km away. There is also a boat at the lake so don’t forget your life jackets.

The boat supplied at Jonchery #7 

The Facilities

The Bait Bike! Shower Facilities

My friend Dean and I arrived at lunchtime after a relaxed drive straight down the A26 from Calais in less than four hours.  After meeting the friendly and very informative owner Paul Bachelier it was straight down to business. Bivvies were soon up and our base camp for the week was quickly established.  I was soon busy with the marker rod, not too much activity but just enough to discover the depths and the soft, silty, make-up of the bottom.  Very little bait the first night as usual to make sure I’m fishing in the right area and that the carp are feeding.  You can put it in but you can’t take it out!

Snowman rigs hooked into PVA bags of crumbed Quest Baits Magnum White and Chilli Chocolate boilies were the order of the day.

Then relax in the sun - it’s extremely hot for the first time this year and I’m now hoping it doesn’t upset the fishing. I needn’t have worried and at midnight a lunatic 24lb grass carp is the first to slip over my net cord. 

After loosing a carp soon after there was a break in the activity until 5.30am and then I’m out of the sleeping bag in a flash and hit a fish that feels really good - 36lb 10oz for my first carp from Jonchery 7 and I’m feeling pretty smug.

As I bent over the fish to lift it off the mat the carp tensed, arched its back and slapped me right across the face sending my glasses flying! Letting its feelings known I guess?  Everything seemed to be sorted. Or was it?


The next day was slow although I‘ve got to say I was delighted with  the two fish I did hook which were a very chunky mirror of 39lb 13oz and a 31lb 12oz caught only a few feet out from the bank.


I baited up the successful spots lightly the next day with boilies and mixed mini pellets rehydrated with my hemp and the temperature, the air pressure and the humidity soared. 

Dean got off the mark with his first fish and apart from a pretty double nothing much happened for me.  That night my plan started to come together and I had four runs... and they all came off!  Discussing this with Rob the bailiff the next day he mentioned short hairs were a successful tactic on the lake. It made sense; the carp I had landed were lightly hooked in the lip so I tried single bottom baits on very short hairs and the results were immediate. 

The next day Dean and I landed 14 fish between us. Dean had eight and I had six of which three were thirties topped by a stunning 36lb 12oz common.  I spent an age playing a carp that I thought was destined to be the lake record (which currently stands at 54lb) and finally landed a 29lb 10oz common, how can they fight so hard? 


The following day our success continued with eleven more carp between us including yet another thirty plus for me. 

One thing that was common to all these fish was their power and stamina. It was impossible to tell a double from a thirty until it was in the net.  I was embarrassed a few times with my massive estimates of their weights only to land a 14 or 15 pounder.  Large tails, thick muscular wrists often combined with very long bodies were the source of all this power.  I’ve got to mention at this point the quality and variety of the fish. There are some stunners; mirrors, leathers, commons, fully scaled, linears, koi’s, they are all here.

12lb Koi 30.04

When the heat got too much and the catches slowed we went a walk about and stalked showing and bubbling carp around the lake. There’s plenty of unbroken cover around the water making it ideal for this.

Over the next couple of days our catches grew steadily. On Friday lunchtime with the sun at its highest and hottest I visited one of my stalking spots. I swung out a boilie wrapped in paste just over a rod length and dropped the rod on a buzzer. I then cast out my float rod and concentrated on the fluorescent float tip as it bobbed in the ripples created by the constant north easterly breeze. 

As I stared at the float concentrating hard the buzzer beeped once on the other rod then startled me as the clutch hissed.  Taken by surprise I struggled with the clutch, tried to slow the carp and burned my finger on the rim of the spool as it stripped line from it.  Eventually I got it all under control and 39lb 8oz of golden glistening common slipped into my landing net. 

Two thirties from here... 38.10

Later that day we climbed the grassy slope at the end of the lake and took the opportunity to see the enormous blue expanse of Lac Du Temple. The dam is over ten kilometres long stretching into the distance further than you can see in both directions.  148,000,000 cubic metres of water, I’m sure there must be carp in there somewhere but I think I had more chance of catching one back at Jonchery 7.

Le Barriage Lac Du Temple

Dean had a constant stream of carp throughout the last night, while my rods remained silent and I tried hard to steal a few hours sleep and get ready for the trip home. 

At five thirty before my alarm had a chance to wake me my buzzer did. Almost 25 minutes later I’m shattered but there’s a 38lb 12oz mirror wallowing in my net. I’ve caught a lot of bigger carp but I’m sure I’ve never caught carp that fought so hard for so long. That sums up the week really a week hard work in the hot sun, lots of surprises and fun.

Yes fun, the most fun I’ve had fishing for a very long time. Jonchery 7 really is worth a visit.

Ron Key

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