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1h 49m Caen

Articles about Laroussi

My trip to Laroussi
May 2008 by Roy van Goor

The 24th of May…we arrived after a long 6 hour drive at the gates of Etang de Laroussi. This time there were 3 of us, Marco, Robert & myself. The lake was fully booked (1 more Dutch angler and 3 English guys). If necessary at noon there is a draw for swims but in most cases the anglers can manage to settle the swim choice between themselves so a draw is not needed, something Mehdi definitely prefers because everybody is happy that way.

carp fishing in france

The English anglers wanted to fish together and took the” le chene “, and “le haut fond “ the right hand corner swim. The Dutch angler that was not part of our group went on “the point “. Marco went next door to him in “le saule”. My choice was “le anse” the peg I’d already fished in July 2006. Robert settled in “la plage”... the left hand corner swim.

My choice for boilies are Quest Baits Rahja Spice and Smokey fish. I personally use the shelflifes ... 15mm version for hookbait, 10, 15 and 20mm for baiting up. Using different sizes will get the fish confused and not focused on 1 size of baits.

The 1st night passed with no action at all, no one had anything but we had heard some fish crashing during the evening and early morning.

At 14.30 on that Sunday afternoon something started to pick up my Quest Rahja spice boilie. After 15 minutes I had the fish under my rod tip but had not seem a glimpse of it. I was thinking it could well be one of the big sturgeon (they really are massive). Another 10 minutes went by. Slowly something started to come off the bottom and make its way to the surface.

A big light shape appeared from the depths... this wasn’t a sturgeon... it was a massive carp!

A few more scary minutes passed before I pulled a massive mirror in to the landing net. Job landed.

I called over to Robert that I had a fish... I tried to lift the net.. gosh!.. it was massive!!!

carp fishing in franceRobert arrived in my swim and helped me to weigh it ... a massive 57 lb!!

I had never seen a fish that big in my 15 years of carp fishing & my P.B was broken by 4 pounds.

After taking the pictures and treating the fish with Cinic I released her, leaving me with a feeling of joy, satisfaction and unbelief.

Only 1.5 hours later & the same rod was belting off again. By that time it already had started to rain and wind was picking up. This fish was also landed safely and brought 40.07 to the scales... another fantastic fish.

At that time only 1 other fish was landed from” the point”... a 28 lb mirror.

Sunday night produced 1 more take for me, but it was sadly lost due to a hook pull. This take came from the left-hand side and it felt like one of the small commons. It wasn’t a big fish, but like any other angler I don’t like losing fish.

The next couple of days went very quiet, the fish where starting to get ready for spawning and were just cruising around in the top layers, not interested in anything we offered them.

The amount of fish in front of “le saule “was unbelievable. Crashing... leaping... bubbling... but no takes... madness! They clearly had other interests other than anglers bait.

The Wednesday night Robert landed his 1st fish, which was something special... the only koi carp in the lake at 21 lb. A cracking fish but it would be his only fish that week.

Thursday …nothing happened…and everybody agreed we would need a lot of luck or weather change to catch anymore that week. Marco landed 2 smaller fish that afternoon, commons of 19 and 25.03.

 carp fishing in franceAround 22.30 it was time to hit the bag but at 23.00 I was out of it again. An angry carp was heading full speed to the centre of the lake. At first it was unstoppable and it took me some time to get control of the situation and get the fish to turn. It took more than 15 minutes to land it. It was another good fish of 45.07!

Wow! .... mental. I’d had 2 x 40’s and a 50... I never dreamed it could happen to me.

The pictures were taken and it was back to bed…what a session so far!

The Friday was again slow with just 2 fish landed... a 32lb’er for one of the English anglers and 33 lb for Marco.

The week ended far too fast, as always it’s over before you notice it. Before leaving we talked to Mehdi and thanked him for the brilliant week.

I would like to thank Shaun Harrison from Quest Baits for making the superb little candy’s that these fish seem to like so much! All the fish fell to 15mm Rahja Spice shelf life baits. To Angling Lines for taking care of the booking and giving us all the information we asked for... and off course Mehdi Daho for having us on his wonderful lake.

Tight lines!!

Roy van Goor, Holland.

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