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1h 49m Caen

Articles about Laroussi

A Week on the Point Swim
Sep 2004 by David Keep

I was really looking forward to this - a week away from the phones at work, getting back to doing the very thing that prompted me to start Angling Lines in the first place - my love of carp fishing. Better still I was going with my brother, Kevin, who I've fished with all my life... big boys camping, fishing & putting the world to rights - you get the picture!

We arrived at Laroussi full of expectation but also with some trepidation - it had been fishing so well over the past few weeks that we couldn't help feeling "it'll change when we get there". And what if it was still fishing well and we blanked?... I clearly wouldn't be able to go back to the office!

big carp fishing in france

This unnecessary pressure we put on ourselves was further heightened when we arrived to find two of our customers had just had a great week - stacks of fish, including 4 forties. Of course it was ridiculous to feel pressure to catch - after all it's all about being there (yea - right!) but I bet there's not many of you reading this who've not felt the same from time to time. So, better start fishing then.

I opted for the Point Swim, our kid to my right on "Les 2 Saules". The owner, Mehdi, was fantastic in telling us the good spots in front of us. At 26 he's one of our youngest owners but boy does he know his water & carp fishing in general. His English is near perfect and he's fanatical about carp fishing, UK style carp fishing in particular. He reads all our mags he can get his hands on (if you want to make a good impression take him some of your old carp mags - he'll love you for it) and he never gets tired of talking carp. But be warned, he understands carp welfare too and he's an absolute stickler for his rules in this regard. He's passionate about looking after his carp and when you consider they are his livelihood why shouldn't he be? He lives on site with his wife & whilst I wouldn't in any way describe his presence as intrusive he's never that far away - so stick to those rules! They aren't difficult anyway.

big carp fishing in france

The whole far bank at Laroussi is out of bounds to anglers for bivvying up, so of course we did what you always do - cast over to the far bank! 3 acres of water in front of us & we opt for the most difficult areas to cast to. But of course it's not without reason - it's quiet over there and as we all know carp don't take long in sussing out where there's least disturbance. It was a good cast though, around 120 yards, so if you want to fish these areas you'll need decent rods & big leads. You can walk round to bait up so that's a bonus. I found the far margin slope to be quite steep, going down to around 3m deep over the first 4m out from the bank. So if you cast too close to the bank you're fishing right on the slope. I got pick-ups from the slope but also found that fish banging in to the line caused the lead to roll down the slope giving me a wonderful drop-back indication. I struck at these false bites at least 4 times before I sussed what was going on, so if you want less disturbed nights fish at the bottom of the slope. It didn't make any difference to the number of takes I got and was less far to cast.

So that was 2 rods sorted - what about the third? Out with the marker float & let's see what we can find! Ever fished a water at home and had other anglers tell you "I found a small patch of gravel on a small raised plateau at 60 yards & fished to that". You give it a go & can find nothing! I certainly have. Well if you feel inadequate in the feature finding department go to Laroussi - it'll certainly restore your confidence, it's full of features. 

It's an old gravel pit and it's very easy to discern the difference between the gravel & silt patches, the drop-offs & plateaus. It think it must have been dug out by a digger driver who liked variety. So I found a nice feature at around 60 yards to my left, the bottom of a drop-off from 2m of water down to 3m & I plumped for that. Out came the spod rod & I put in around 2kg of parti-blend.

We used Angling Lines 'Mixed Seed & Aniseed' as our particle mix. Soak for 6 hours and boil for 15 minutes... or if you can't be bothered with the hassle of cooking we can supply them ready prepared.  It's an excellent mix that sticks together quite well, which is great for spodding.

For boilies we used 14 & 18mm Angling Lines Specials.  I've used these boilies exclusively for nearly all my fishing in the UK and France for the last 10 years and I have complete confidence in them.  The base is a blend of fish meals, robin red and ground bird food.  Flavours include Monster Crab, Black Pepper Oil, appetite stimulators and amino acids.

For the record we used around 40kg of particle, 15kg of Halibut Pellet & 12kg of boilies over the week.

big carp fishing in france

So what did we catch? - well we had a birthday to be honest! A brace of high forties, 49.08 & 47.12, seven thirties to 38.06 and 19 good twenties. And just for good measure we had 12 Sturgeon to 45lbs!

Takes came at any time of the day or night but often came together i.e. 3 or 4 takes over a three hour period then nothing for say 12 hours. In retrospect I should have been adding more bait big style as I was catching because I reckon the big fish were moving in, clearing me out & moving off. But I never quite got the confidence to spod as I was catching - a lesson for next time I guess.

False indications (line bites) were a common theme throughout the week & we quickly learnt to ignore them unless it was a really positive take. I think the bottom is so varied that your line is always lying over drop offs & gullies so there's lots of it to be banged into. The Sturgeon don't help in this respect too. They are a very long fish & Mehdi says that he's observed them feeding and it's always frenzied with lots of tail swishing about - it's probably this that gives lots of bleeps.

In conclusion we had a great time. The owner is a great guy, the facilities are excellent, the fishing interesting & the average size of fish exceptionally high - what more could you ask for!

big carp fishing in france


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