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1h 54m St Malo

Articles about Lillypool

Bridget’s 2009 lake visits
Sep 2009 by Bridget Keep

I had been looking forward to my latest visit to France for weeks despite the fact there would be no time to fish! It’s simply not possible in any one trip to get around all our venues but we make several each year and another is planned for middle of September again this year to cover a few more in depth. I was to visit a few existing venues, refreshing my knowledge (it’s surprising just how much they can change physically in fact quite dramatically, over the seasons) and we would be checking out several new ones for coming on stream in 2010. These are usually already vetted and checked for the most part but still need our opinion as to how and where they fit in with our other venues. This info really does help us to assist in anglers finding the right choice of venue for their needs and it is often very subjective. Talking about a venue from just pictures and video really still is not enough, you have to have actually been there!!

I have set out a few of my more personal thoughts and initial impressions of the venues below which just adds yet another perspective to the venues as seen on line and in the videos we make. For this trip Fran and I headed off and travelled on the Portsmouth to Caen overnight ferry which arrives in Caen around 6.30 and gets us off to an early start.

Our only disappointment really was leaving Linda behind on this occasion to hold the fort with bookings. Linda is the life and soul of any trip (easily understood when she insists on playing her 80’s music CD for doing house work to ) It’s not so much the music you understand, but the dance moves she has adopted to go with it. The miles simply fly past!

This trip however the more sober and reticent Fran and I were happy to listen to just culture, rather than culture club! I digress however, so let’s get a move on and tell you about the lakes.


Moving on our next lake to visit was Lillypool. This lovely little lake near to Laval was much easier to find. You can tell that some owners have really put their all into creating their dream of a lake and these guys have really worked hard. My first thought though was concern regarding the nearby busy road, at the moment there are only a few young trees between the lake grounds and the road and this leaves some noise levels around the lake but on voicing my concern to the owners they already had the answer . They were soon to dig out a stock pond and the soil from this was to be used to create a big bank which would screen the grounds from the road and reduce any nuisance noise. Some people are adept at seeing a solution rather than a problem! With that concern dealt with, we took a walk around the wide grass banks beside the lake and it was very pretty, it seemed to have many colourful wild flowers all over, including in the margins.

The lake also has a mature island which is easily castable to from most swims and provides a lovely feature. The lake depth is pretty uniform with one area slightly deeper. As the sun was shining I could see some very good sized carp basking and a few in the margins moved off pronto as we arrived.

Carp fishing France
The Lake

Carp fishing France
The Lake

Carp fishing France

The facilities are tucked away on the opposite side to the entrance and again much thought has been given to providing exactly what the angler needs. A good kitchen/dining area in the wooden chalet with separate toilet and shower and open pace enough to take coats and boots etc what more can the angler ask for?

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