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Mas Bas Lotus Lake
6h 23m St Malo

Articles about Mas Bas Lotus Lake

A personal view of a week at Mas Bas
Jul 2006 by Bridget Keep

Setting the scene
When we agreed to take our teenage daughters and their boyfriends on holiday (lets face it, it would be cheaper than all the phone calls home on the last one!) we knew we would have to choose where we went very carefully to ensure the success of the holiday!

Our main criteria to be filled were: somewhere beautiful with a pool for me to chill; a dishwasher; peace and quiet for some serious revision time for my partner; carp fishing for Luke (novice) aged 15; serious sunshine for tanning!; accommodation to allow all 6 of us some space; and enough activities available when we wanted them. to keep four teenagers and two adults ( who think they are teenagers ) from boredom. It took no time at all to decide on Mas Bas . Checking the availability, Lake House was free, a little more expensive (because of the private pool) but to be fair we would have been very happy in either Lotus or Willow Cottages which share a separate swimming pool. The complex of 3 properties nestles in the valley, on the banks of two small lakes, 5 acres and 2 acres respectively. Lake House sleeps 8, a large house with a stunning setting, the patio, terrace and pool all front directly onto the beautiful 5 acre main lake. There is a badminton net set up in the grounds and free use of bikes & other assorted games. so yes, this one really ticked all the boxes!!

The only drawback to this venue is, being in the South of France, the driving distance of 10 hours from Calais , this is not for the faint hearted, and normally I would suggest leaving a day early and turning the journey itself into part of the holiday, by staying overnight on the way down. But due to our own circumstances we could not all leave until Friday night. However, whichever way you do it, believe me. it is well worth it !  Travelling through the night (we are 4 hours drive from Dover as well at this end) with 2 drivers taking turns we breezed down the autoroutes to Cahors, where we stocked up with food at the big 'Carrefour' supermarket arriving at the lake mid afternoon on Saturday. As the kids scooted up the steps to the front of the house and faced the lake the look on their faces erased the fatigue of the journey. It is simply. beautiful.


How the 'non fishing' week passed
Leslie & Gilles welcomed us in with advice on when to close the shutters and check all was in order. They were closely followed by the resident house cats, Tomasina and Georgina , who after some mild fuss meandered back into the shade. As usual everything in the house was ready (linen/towels, etc provided) and the kids lost no time in choosing their rooms. The house stays remarkably cool if you follow advice on when to close the shutters. this is quite refreshing when you enter it after a long hot journey! So after unloading the cases and filling the fridge, the sun beds were full of towels and the pool was full of kids within around 20 minutes!

We decided not to fish the first night and the day ended, as most at Mas Bas inevitably do, with a BBQ (brilliant purpose built) and wine on the terrace watching the wildlife and the fish top on the lake.

Lazing by the Lake House pool


The intrepid Hound

With temperatures of 30+ degrees, the days then ambled along in a mixture of morning bread runs, sunbathing, swimming, lunch on the terrace, sunbathing again, a game or two of Badminton/volleyball (whooped the kids well at this!) and the occasional bike ride. We even found some energy for early morning runs which before the heat of the day were energising to say the least! By mid week we had a cloudy start to the day and so decided on a trip out to Agen, (20 minutes by car) The old town area here is lovely with quaint timbered buildings, plenty of shops and all the usual pavement bar/restaurants where we watched the world go by, accurately guessing the different nationalities trying to choose which menu on the street boards to opt for. Shopping completed by mid afternoon we left as we were ready to hit the pool again! There are lots of things to see and do in the area but I have to say, this was a very lazy holiday for us and apart from Agen we didn't really do much.

On one evening walk we were joined by a friendly hound from a nearby farm who doggedly joined our trek and wouldn't turn back to go home! He returned with us to Mas Bas and eventually Gilles took him back in the truck to where he belonged.

Tackling the Fishing 
As we had 6 in our vehicle and believe me, teenagers are not short on luggage! I had arranged to hire rods, etc from Gilles the owner. This is now a service he provides so if you are running short of space. let him know. Gilles offered us to fish the Lotus Lake which, not having been fished for a few weeks would have been the easier option as it hadn't had any pressure at all. Sadly for Gilles, whom I'm sure becomes frustrated at times. we chose, as nearly all anglers who travel here do, to fish from the front of the house, staying together as a family unit.

I'll just explain Gilles' frustration.

Mas Bas is not an 'easy runs water' but it does & can produce some excellent catches. However, its results suffer in some respects because it attracts, quite rightly, mixed groups and families who want a combination of fishing and holiday. This can affect the number of carp caught. The lake fishes very well with serious anglers who make no compromises and maximise their catches. There are some great bivvy pegs around the quieter parts of the lake which sit on the hotspots and don't suffer the relative noise & commotion from the main house. After all if you were a carp where would you be? Investigating the joyous squeals of kids or held up under the quieter bushes and lily pads that abound on this lake. These quieter pegs also mean a shorter length of line in the water and with less distractions, usually a quicker take up of the run from the angler!

Where to fish was easy. after reading the anglers log book and some carefully drawn maps left by helpful earlier anglers the main lake hot spots are easy to locate. Gilles also offers great advice & pointed out the same spots out to us. Precision placing the baits though, is the key and using the boat made this easy. The little rowing boat is a useful tool, but ensure you tie it back up properly as sods law will dictate you'll need it just after noticing it's taken off on it's own down the lake for a wander.


Luke started fishing quite late in the second day. (it was too much fun in the pool earlier) and I helped by taking out the boat and placing the baits while he tightened up and set the alarms or vice-versa. Following Gilles' advice we used 15lb line, no.1 hook, with 30 cm hook length and 2 metres of braid. For the baits Luke used varied tactics 2 x 14mm bottom baits on one rod, an 18mm on another. Sometimes just a single 14mm. All the boilies were Quest Baits, Rahja Spice, Fruity Trifle and Tiger Nut flavours. They were dipped in glug and very few free offerings were given, just 8 to 15 broken boilies scattered close by. He was rewarded with a 9.08lb & a 3lb common the first night but in fairness only kept his rods out as long as he was awake.

first carp of the week!


Other things on his mind, and rods out of the water again!

Next day and the following days we had steady takes in number averaging 3 to 5 runs a day but sadly lost 6 in the lilies and missed a few. One, which was foul hooked, left a huge scale as a momento - just to remind him what was possible!




For much of the daytime and early hours the rods stayed out of the water (bear in mind this was a family holiday not just a fishing event!)

Gilles was ever helpful, offering advice and encouragement and not least his own vast experience. Luke I'm sure learned much. His tally was as follows

6 lost, 2 missed, 2 x 3lb commons, 2 x 9.08common. 1 x 11.08mirror, 1 x 13.08, 2 x 15lb common, 1 x 18lb, 1 x 20lb common and thanks to Gilles patience and advice a cracking 43.08lb mirror on the last night! Not bad for a 15 year old relative novice fishing to say the least 'part time'.

Luke with 43.08lb mirror on the last night!

The beauty of Mas Bas is the scope of people it can attract. It has all the elements required for a quiet secluded escape for those who appreciate the wildlife and tranquillity of such a beautiful lake and all the facilities to assist in keeping happy a large family group of varying ages! The setting is in the bottom of a steep valley and there are plenty of open grassy spaces for kids to use the cycles, play football, picnic, swim, play badminton or volleyball! You can even play boules in the car park area. There is horse riding nearby and of course, not forgetting fishing for carp up to 57lb & for those who enjoy fishing for other species there are black bass and all the normal coarse fish in the lake too! There are plenty of good restaurants in the nearby villages and the numerous vineyards throughout the Cahors region are open for wine tasting!

Cycling out of the valley would test any Tour de France competitor but we found it quite novel to take the bikes by car to the village approximately 3 miles away where I did the fresh bread/croissants run each morning and cycle back. a downhill ride almost all the way. all you need is nerve and good brakes! They always beat me back!

The wildlife on the lake is superb, you can watch the heron patiently awaiting his next meal, buzzards circling for prey, ducks disputing their territory, and occasionally deer appearing from the woods. The cattle chew the cud and view our activities with only passing interest and for most of the year at least several surrounding fields smile their many sunflower faces at you. The lilies and stunning lotus flowers around abound with dragonflies and water boatman.



Overall view & Summing up
The venue is lovely, the setting is wonderful, Gilles and Leslie constantly improve the facilities each year (there is talk of a permanent table tennis table for 2007) Willow cottage is very pretty & set lower than the other cottages, from its patio area you look across the grass to the main swimming pool area around (30 metres away) which it shares with Lotus cottage. On the opposite aspect there are some steps up to Lotus Lake.

Willow cottage photo with steps up onto Lotus bank side

Walking on the spit. Lotus lake & cottage are on the right.

Lotus cottage, (which is split into two self-contained levels) has its own decking area/patio (new 2006) which gives direct access onto Lotus lake. The grassy garden also banks onto the main lake. There is only a small spit perhaps 2 metres wide between the two lakes.

Each accommodation offers something different and which to choose really depends on the number of anglers and the make-up of the group going.

The weather was very hot (though to be fair, reasonable temperatures are usually achieved between mid-April, right through to end of October). The kids loved it, Luke more than doubled his PB! The girls got their tans, the studying was completed and the week was everything we had hoped for. In fact, apart from the English stretch of our drive back (lane closures and hold ups in Kent !), all passed remarkably well and we are definitely going back again! My booking for next year is already in the diary.

I wholeheartedly recommend this venue because the setting and facilities are great. Where else can you get all this and carp to 57lb?

Feel free to email me directly at or telephone 08448 117562 / 01773 590077 and ask for Bridget

Bridget Keep

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