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Mas Bas Main Lake
6h 23m St Malo

Articles about Mas Bas Main Lake

Our holiday to Mas Bas
Jun 2009 by Roy van Goor

Me and my girlfriend wanted to visit something more luxury then just the same story every time again and again. The missus wanted a bit more luxury then fishing from a bivvy and all the “ wildlife” that comes with it.

We checked out the Angling Lines website and found something that looked to fit the picture we had in mind and where looking for. Our eyes felled on Mas Bas, so we decided to give that one a go. After talking to Bridget she could sorted us out with the Lotus cottage in the period we wanted to go , the Lake house was already taken that week by an Irish family, who turned out to be excellent and very nice neighbours.

But I could fish both lakes from the peg in front of the cottage because nobody was booked in the willow cottage witch suited me fine. The lake house and lotus cottage both have their own “private “swim on the main lake. While the willow cottage has its swim only on the lotus lake.

The Accommodation

After travelling a long journey that took us almost 12 hours to get from Holland to Cauzac we arrived at the venue around 17.00 in the afternoon. The weather was very hot for the time of the year, hitting 30 degrees.

I told my girlfriend I wasn’t very confident in catching fish in these conditions. She told me to have fait and try my best and things would work out fine. After that motivation talk we where welcomed by the owners Gilles and Lesley. They would turn out to be great hosts for our period of staying on the property. Lesley accompanied us to the cottage and showed us the lakes. After explaining the rules and things we needed to know we could start to unpacked the car and get the tackle ready for fishing.

The swim

Around 20.00 everything was ready for action. 2 rods where baitboated out in to the mainlake..1 against the island, and the other against the far bank, the 3rd rod went in to lotus lake. Tight against some lily pads.

After spreading some bait around with the catapult the relaxing could begin. I just settled down when Gilles came round to talk to me about the way of fishing and the usual tactics, what’s in the lakes , the last weeks catches etc.

Around 22.00 I decided that it was time to try and get some sleep after the long exhausting day. Within 5 minutes I was asleep. The next moment I remember was me standing on bare feet playing a fish that hooked itself from the island spot. The fight wasn’t very spectacular and I was doubting if it even was a carp that was attached to the other end. After getting the fish in the landing net and looking at it with my headtorch it turned out to be a carp after all, and a decent one also. The scales told me the common weighted 32,6 lb.

32,6 lb common

Well, the 1st fish after 3 hours, and already a 30..well pleased. The night passed without any more action and some shots where taken in the morning.

During the Sunday I banked another fish and started to catch some small grascarp and the odd bream.

Tactics where changed from single 15mm bottombaits to 15mm snowman’s to make it harder for these smaller fish top pickup the baits. Baitwise I was using Quest baits rahja spice and the Smokey fish…wich accounted for all my captures that week. Rigwise I decided to stick to my own preferred nylon hooklinks using Nash fluorocarbon 12 lb version in combination with Gardner mugga’s size 8 for it. Certainly when a lot of smaller fish are active it helps to use nylon because it will keep you from getting your tangled when they play around with the hookbaits.

The action was slow during the days and most fish came after the darkness. On Wednesday I decided to try and stalk them from the far end. This area was very shallow and the fish seemed to hang around there during the hours of daylight, they could easily be spotted cruising around and even feeding producing large area’s of feeding bubbles. That day I caught 2 fish, 1 at 11.30 in the morning, in the blazing sun. The 2nd at its defiantly a good choice to move around and search for them in the daytime. Gilles told me that most anglers did not bother and stayed in front of the houses, and fish from there, often decreasing there chances this way to catch some decent fish.

The 1st fish turned out to be the biggest common in the lake, a bit down in weight at 36,5 lb.

36,5 lb

The other fish was a low 20. I decided to stay on that bank for the night and see what I could catch during the night. that night I landed 3 fish, 1st was a small common a 2nd a low 20 mirror and the 3rd a beautiful 39 lb old looking warrior.

39 lb mirror

Well pleased with that I stayed there but the results slowed down, only 1 more fish caught that day.

I then decided to start baiting another area of the lake, behind the island in the bay. By spreading around 3 kg of bait over the entire bay I wanted to get them confident in the bait and get them feeding. The tactic was not to fish the swim the 1st day, but just let them feed without any hooking of fish and scarring them off straight away. During the evening and night I could see and hear them crashing and feeding in that particular area. On the Wednesday night I had landed 5 fish, all smaller fish up to 26,2 lb.

26,2 common

It was time to see what the bay swim had to offer, after setting up and casting out I was within 10 minutes in to the 1st fish. The action continued and I landed 3 more before moving back to start fishing for the night from the house bank. Not long after diner and getting the rods out the far bank rod was away. After striking It I could feel a good fish making its way to the middle of the lake. The slow ploddering around made me assume that this fish was a bit bigger then the one’s I had caught up to then. After a few minutes the fish was ready for landing and my thoughts where correct, after checking the net I could see that it was a decent 40.
It turned out to be a 47,5 lb mirror.

47,5 'cuttail'

That’s what we where here for..1 of the bigger residents. After the fotoshoot the fish was returned safely and the rod boated out again. By that time my girlfriend decided to go to sleep and she wasn’t away for 5 minutes when the other rod signalled a take. This felled about the same and I prayed that the hook would hold. It did..and the fish was indeed about the same size..well..a bit bigger..48,5 lb. And a leather as well!!

The big leather

I went in to the house and told my girlfriend the 2nd 40+ within 1 hour was a fact. My week could not have bin better and I decided to fish the Friday only from the housebank. The weather was starting to change during the Friday from sunny and hot, into cloudy and rain, like somebody was telling me enough is enough.

I still caught several fish that last night. The final morning arrived and the during packing up the last fish made its appearance. a lovely 29,6 lb common.

29,6 lb common

That end of a superb week's fishing in what I had caught 24 carp in total. The beautiful surrounding made the place like heaven, and with some lovely company from my Irish neighbours and the new pet friends that got us entertained it was a week to never forget. Thanks to Gilles and Lesley for having us, and Angling Lines for their great services.

And of course Shaun from Quest Baits for sorting out the bait.

Greetz Roy van Goor

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