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Articles about Molyneux

Return to Molyneux
Jun 2010 by Paul Cooper

As I left the gates of Etang Molyneux in March 2007, having fished through temperatures ranging from 1 degree to 18 degrees in the same week, I hoped that I would once again get the opportunity to visit this beautiful and picturesque lake under better conditions... but it was not until June of 2010 that this opportunity came along.

Pat Gillet and myself arrived at the lake on the Saturday morning and once again received a warm welcome from Andrew, the lake owner. The temperature was well into the high 20’s and the lakes flora was in full bloom. The banks were now richly matured and spectacular with tall weeping willows surrounding the lake.
The forecast for the week was for mixed weather with temperatures ranging from 30C to 18C and thunder storms coming in from the West on the Sunday.

carp fishing france
Thunder storm on Sunday

The Food Package
Now as this was our second trip to Molyneux, we were both aware of the quality of the meal package, so there was no hesitation to pre-book our meals with Andrew. This certainly saved us time, and carriage of cooking utensils, food, and avoided any additional trips to the shops each day, meaning more fishing time.

Each morning we chose to have a full English breakfast, with fresh bread, orange juice and tea.  The evening meals are prepared by a local French chef, and arrive fresh, hot, and delicious, every meal being different and top quality. Andrew visits the local supermarket daily and will collect any additional supplies the angler requires including liquid refreshments.

Andrews English Breakfast
carp fishing france Evening Meal

Both Pat’s and my choice of bait was Quest Bait’s Chilli Chocolate in 10, 15, and 20mil boilies. Andrew prepared our hemp, and that was all that was required for our campaign.

carp fishing france Quest Bait Chilli Chocolate

Choosing a swim
Having visited the lake before, I had a rough idea of the lake layout and the feeding area, so there was no need for a marker rod to find any unusual features and depths.
It took me 3 hours and 5 trips around the lake to finally decide where to set my camp for the week. A lot of fish were showing in the shallows in front of the shower block so I gambled that they would move into the deeper water in the evenings.

I settled on swim 12 which would give me the option of fishing a channel to my left, the margins off the far island and open water towards the shallows. This would be my camp for the week.

Pat decided to fish the open water in front of the shower block for his first night.

carp fishing france View from swim 12   
carp fishing france View from shower block

Method and catches
As I anticipated drop back bites I fished a tight straight line with heavy bobbins to exaggerate the bites. This paid off as nearly all the runs that I had were drop backs, and the method gave a clear and obvious indication on my indicators.

I was right about the fish movement too, the carp moved out of the shallows each evening into the deeper water in front of me and to the far side of the island, returning back to the shallows around 9am each morning.

I initially added around ½ kilo of assorted sized boilies, and around 1 kilo of hemp to 2 locations off the island margins. Both rods were between 100 and 120 yards from my swim, so a bait boat assisted with dropping this bait. I varied the third rod between the channel to my left and an open water mark around 60 yards out.
The fish had a regular feeding pattern, starting around 9pm each evening and appeared to be over around 3.30am in the morning. Only the occasional carp came out outside that feeding spell.

carp fishing france
31lb 12oz    
carp fishing france
34lb 4oz 
carp fishing france
31lb 12oz

By Friday morning I had landed 25 carp from 22lb to 40lb 4oz. This included carp of 34lb 4oz, 36lb 4oz, and 40lb 4oz, and 2 of 31lb 12oz, with 4 grass carp to 31lb 8oz. The average size of the other carp being around 28lb.

carp fishing france
36lb 4oz
carp fishing france
31lb 6oz(pat) 
carp fishing france
31lb 8oz (grassy)

Pat changed his swim throughout the week, fishing swims 8, 9 and then the cabin swim and concluded his week with 8 carp to 31lb 12oz.

carp fishing france 40lb 4oz

Most of the fish we caught showed evidence of weight loss following a heavy spawning session that had taken place a couple of weeks earlier.  I estimate they were all 4 to 6lb below their normal average weights, which would make their normal average weight around 32lb. The quality and stamina of the fish was exceptional, making the whole fishing experience something special.

Andrew is still pioneering to improve his little piece of France with plans to make even more improvements to the swims. The lake is kept immaculately clean and there are no sign of any vermin. There is full access to all the swims by vehicle so tackle carriage is not a problem. Electrical points around the lake are plentiful, for phone or battery charging. Andrew is also in the process of removing any nuisance fish to allow the carp to reach their maximum potential. With the excellent food package, quality fishing and beautiful surroundings this has got to be one of Angling Lines top venues. The average weight of the carp is exceptional, normal weights being well over 30lb. This is certainly a lake that will try to revisit once again in the near future... and that says it all really!

Paul Cooper

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