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A week on Molyneux
Apr 2007 by Steve Kilgannon

April arrived and it was time for our planned trip to France. We’d booked to fish Etang Molyneux, one of Angling Lines new waters on its books. It’s a 13 acre former gravel excavation site, dating back some 40 years.

On arrival at the lake, the first thing that strikes you is the beauty of the lake itself, very mature with plenty of surrounding tree’s and weeping willows. The second thing that strikes you is the hospitality. A warm northern welcome from owner Andrew and chef Chris, and a very welcome cold bottle of beer.

The 5 of us, myself and Dave, plus the other party fishing the lake had a walk round with Andrew and we all choose our respective swims. Dave and I opted to fish pegs 11 and 12 round the back of the lake, facing the chalet on the other side. In front of the double swim is and island to the left at about 60 yards, directly infront of us is the big island at about 150 yards, and to our right there is another island at about 60 yards again. Feature’s in these pegs are plentiful, as too is open water.

carp fishing france

carp fishing france

Talking with Andrew, the Angling Lines boys who had fished the water 2 weeks previously had also fished this swim and had good success. We set up with a strong northerly wind blowing from behind us and settled in for our first night. Dave had opted to fish one rod to the island to his left and three tight to the margin on the big island. I fished one to the island to my right, one to the open water directly in front of me, and two also tight to the big island margin. We used a bait boat each to get rigs hard up to the big island margin with small patches of particles and pellets over them.

Baits were Nutrabaits Trigga boiles, both 14 & 18mm’s, Mainline Maple 8’s and Mainline Pro Active Pineapple. They were fished over hemp, partiblend and maize, also the KGB pellets Andrew sells. All the particles and pellets we used were prepared and supplied by Andrew.

Tackle was simple and strong, lead clips, both soft and stiff hooklinks, fishing a variety of bottom baits and pop ups. As we were both fishing 4 rods, all lines were backleaded to pin everything down tight to the bottom . We did’nt want to spook the fish with so many lines cutting through the water.

As with any session in France, there’s always a bit of pressure and anticipation until the first buzzer screams…..we did’nt have to wait long for this. It was 10.00pm when Dave’s alarm went into meltdown, the fish was hooked, stayed on for 10 seconds or so then dropped. This happened twice before we discovered the culprit. At 11.30pm another run, this time the fish stayed on, the result a 13lb 10oz Catfish. We suspect the were cats feeding along the margin and our little hooks were not enough to get a good hook hold.

Later that night, 2.30am, a total screamer, the result a 29lb 9oz Mirror. 7.30am another run, this time a 26lb 8oz Mirror, what a good start we’d had!

Sunday evening produced an absolute blitz for Dave, banking 4 Carp in 5 hours, from 5.00pm to 10.00pm he had a 27.6 Mirror, 29.4 Mirror, 20 Mirror then the finale at 10.00pm a known fish called “Popeye” at 34lb 4oz.

carp fishing france

carp fishing france

Monday the action again came regularily, Dave’s fish seemed to be coming between 10.00pm and 1.00am, mine between 1.00am and 5.00am. Monday night into Tuesday morning produced fish of 26lb 7oz, 31lb 2oz, 31lb 4oz, 19lb, 24lb 12oz and 27lb 12oz. This was just getting better and better. What a water Molyneux was proving to be.

carp fishing france

carp fishing france


Tuesday gave us more of the same……..Mirrors of 24lb 15oz, 24lb 8oz, 28lb 6oz, 25lb 10oz. The average size carp this lake was throwing up was amazing. Majority of fish going upper 20’s with a couple of 30’s for good measure. What fishing !!!

carp fishing france

carp fishing france

Wednesday things went a bit quiet, Dave took 3 mid to upper 20 Mirrors but my swim fell quiet, only taking 1 fish on Wednesday. I decided that with the good hits we’d been having that the carp had totally cleared the spots I was fishing of any bait and I had nothing left in the swim to hold them.

I decided on a gamble……I put out about 4kg of mixed particles and chopped boilies to the island margin at 150 yards using a bait boat and fished 3 rods tight together over the top of it, no more than 5 yards apart on the margin.

I sat and waited……4.40am saw the first screamer off the baited area, a 17lb 9oz Grass carp, 6.00am another screamer, this time a tench. 8.15am another total screamer off the baited patch on the margin, this time a real figher, the result a cracking 25lb 10oz deep bellied Common…what a result. Out the rod went again, it was 45 minutes later, same rod again, total screamer. The result a superb 34lb 15oz Mirror, this was turning out to be unbelievable fishing. Out the rod went again, an hour later, same rod again, total screamer again, the result, another superb 34lb 14oz Mirror !!!!

It looked like the gamble had paid off. 3 runs on 1 rod in 1 hour 45 minutes. A brace of 34lb fish in under an hour on one rod. And a 25lb plus Common. Without a doubt the best hour and forty five minutes fishing I’ve ever experienced. Unquestionably !!!


carp fishing france

carp fishing france

carp fishing france

Thursday ran into Friday and again the alarms rattled off, the fish were banked, another half dozen or so fish, most going mid to upper 20’s. What brilliant fishing in a beautiful setting.

By the time Saturday morning arrived and it was time to pack up, our catch lists were looking pretty impressive. Between the two of us we’d had 33 Carp, 1 Catfish and 13 Tench !! Tench you may laugh, but even the Tench in Molyneux are pretty impressive, majority of them going 5 pound plus !!!

All in all we’d had 5 Teens, 23 Twenties and 5 Thirties to 34lb 15oz. Pretty impressive fishing by any ones standards I’d say. Molyneux is a beautiful lake to fish, mature tree lined lake with first class fishing. The hospitality offered by owner Andrew and top chef Chris is second to none. If you’re not a fisherman, its worth a visit to Molyneux just to sample the excellent food prepared by Chris.

All in all an absolutely cracking week, could not fault it at all. Molyneux has it all, the fishing, the tranquillity, the food and the hospitality…..

If your looking for idyllic fishing, in idyllic settings, coupled with idyllic hospitality then Molyneux’s the one. Top draw !!

Andrew…..Chris…..brilliant, big thanks. See you again soon.

Angling Lines….Another gem of a venue. Top job…again !!!! Thanks.


Steve Kilgannon & Dave Wilshaw

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