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5h 9m Caen

Articles about Notaires

My visit to Notaires
Oct 2009 by Jim Kelly

My visit to Notaires
by Jim Kelly

This region of France is very rural; it is like entering a lost land. Just the place to escape from a busy, hectic lifestyle and drink in the natural beauty of a sensational location.
The site consists of:

  • The owner’s house
  • A four bedroom gite
  • A large barn with a fridge freezer for bait
  • Three lakes-one acre, two acres and ten acres
  • An array of animals

All set in 75 acres of peace and quiet.

The Lakes

 There are 3 lakes on the complex.  The larger one is Alder & is booked separately.  The other 2 smaller lakes come along with the Notaires accommodation.

The three lakes are very picturesque, especially the large one. They all hold carp and the two-acre and ten acre lakes are to have a significant restocking programme.

My visit to NotairesAlder - The Ten Acre Lake
This stunning lake is in a basin about 400yards from the accommodation.

Below is a very rough sketch of the lake. It is not possible to fish from the woods, but they can be cast to from both the east and west banks.

The east, west and dam banks are flat and grassy.

Current stock is approximately 150 carp to 39+pounds. This water has been very lightly fished, the 39 was caught three years ago and is probably over 40 pounds now. The plan is to stock with an additional 150+ carp between 20 and 30 pounds.

The hut has cooking facilities and could be a welcome retreat for a bivvy angler.

Click here to learn more about Alder.





My visit to Notaires
Alder Lake. The woods looking from the East bank. It is hard to imagine a more picturesque location. Could you resist getting the rods out?


My visit to Notaires
Alder Lake. The dam from the east bank, can you spot my bivvy?


My visit to Notaires
Alder Lake. The dam from the west bank, the fisherman’s hut is in the background.

My visit to Notaires
Alder Lake. Inside the fisherman’s hut. There is a toilet in the other hut. The plan is to build a separate shower, hence this lake could form part of a drive and survive package.


The Two Acre Notaires Lake

 The two-acre lake is rectangular in shape and is situated right outside the accommodation. Perfect for the other half to bring down cool beers and wait on the hard working fisherman’s every need. Have I died and gone to heaven? If the wife reads this I will get there sooner rather than later.

Currently it holds approximately 50 carp to 25+pounds. The plan is to introduce another 50+ carp between 20 and 30 pounds, making it heavily stocked water.

My visit to Notaires
Bivvied up outside the accommodation waiting for a nice cool beer.

My visit to Notaires
The two-acre lake from the accommodation side.


The One Acre Notaires Lake

 Roughly triangular in shape and about 50 yards from the accommodation. The stock and size of fish is unknown, all I can say is that I heard plenty of fish crashing out during the night, some sounded on the large side!

Carp lakes
The acre lake looking towards the dam


The Fishing

Just imagine a lake where there are no visible lights, the only sounds are from wildlife, the stars look like diamonds and most of the carp have never been caught. I would like to fish a lake like this wouldn’t you? Well Notaires has three such lakes.

We arrived late Saturday afternoon; after having a good look around I decided to fish the middle lake just outside the accommodation. Well why make life difficult? I had a good plumb around; the lakebed was nice and firm with no snags. Two fishing spots were chosen:

  • One in front of a bush to the right of the swim in 4 feet of water. The old streambed ran just in front of it and I could imagine fish patrolling along it.

  • The other spot was just off the dam in 8 feet of water. This spot was ideal as I could walk round and just throw the bait in from the bank.

Tackle was set up, line marked and clipped up at the required casting distance. Both spots were baited up and I retired to the gite for food, drink and a good nights rest, with the intention of an early start the next morning. Well the intention was good, but the flesh was weak I actually manage to start fishing at 9:30 am on the Sunday!

The first cast soon produced some action from the dam wall. After a spirited fight the net was soon slipped under a gorgeous looking mid-double. When placing on the mat one of the farmyard cats thought all its Christmases had come at once. It sprinted up to the fish, bit its tail and tried to drag it off, just like in a Tom and Jerry cartoon. The feline felon was duly tried for cat burglary and sentenced to hard labour in kitty jail.

Carp lakes
The fish that the cat tried to nab.
Carp lakes
The cats were tried and sentenced to hard labour in kitty jail.

I wound in, baited up and off we went to have a look around the local area, which, incidental is very scenic. Bait was either:

  • Questbait rahja spice boilies, I have caught literally hundreds of fish on this bait.

  • Or Quest red birdy base mix flavoured with monster crab that I had rolled myself.
    Three nights were fished on this lake, baiting up night and morning with both flavours. The days were spent doing touristy things with the family. In total 7 carp were caught the largest being the good looking mid-twenty below:
Carp lakes
Mid-twenty from the 2 acre lake

Both types of boilie caught, which is not surprising as they are both based on the same mix.

Fishing the two-acre lake was really enjoyable. However, the larger lake was winking at me and I couldn’t resist having a couple of nights on it, even though it meant moving from outside the accommodation, would I have to get my own beers? Life can be really tough.

The first job was to decide where to fish. Plumbing indicated that the margin along the west bank had a good depth and the bottom was nice and firm. Two spots along this margin, in 6 and 8 feet of water, were chosen. A kilogram of boilies were spread around each spot. The first night on this lake was exceptionally clear, the sky jet black with a magnificent display of stars. The occasional shooting star flashed across the sky, giving a fairy tale feel to the whole event, the anticipation was electric.

I had five runs during the night; alas they were all from grass carp. The owner later stated that there were only 20 grassies in the lake. To have five runs out of twenty grassies in one night is pretty remarkable; obviously they had a real liking for Quest baits.

During the night several carp could be heard crashing in the region of the woods. The decision was made to move up the west bank, so that baits could be fished in the woods area, but not too close to the snags. I had a good plumb around and found two very sexy areas off the point of the woods. The spots were very firm and clean which I took to mean that fish fed there regularly.

Again a kilogram of boilies were spread around each spot using a spod. It was then time to go off to the local market with the family.

During the night another two grassies were captured followed by two proper carp the next morning. Unfortunately this was the end of the fishing and it was time to pack up. The owner had kindly invited us to a Halloween party on the Friday night.

Carp lakes
A twenty-pound carp
Carp lakes
Last fish of the trip.

The smaller lake was not fished due to time constraints. There are crayfish present in this lake, which could mean that meshing up or using bait cages is necessary. A crayfish trap was put out each night. On the first two nights 4 crayfish were captured. On subsequent nights none were caught, which probably means that they weren’t as plentiful in this lake as was originally thought, which was a pity as they did BBQ well.

Carp lakes
Crayfish on the Barbie

Crayfish didn’t cause any problems on the two lakes that I fished.


The Menagerie

There are a plethora of adorable animals on site that will enthral both children and adults alike:

Carp lakes
The Llamas are very placid. The owner does Llama treks around the area. Llamas come from South America and it is believed by some that they were the source of human syphilis. Sailors from ancient times having caught the disease. It makes you think doesn’t it, did they have to run around the front to kiss them?
Carp lakes
Alpacas are about half the size of llamas. As you can see they are very smart even wearing cravats!

There are also chickens, Guinea pigs and a dog. Just perfect for your children.

Carp lakes
French carping
French carping


The Accommodation

The accommodation is a stone built gite of great character . The walls are about a foot thick making it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Two years ago it was just a shell, after an incredible amount of hard work it has been resurrected into a very roomy, comfortable dwelling. The restoration is not yet complete, but will be for the 2010 season.
Down stairs there is:

  • A large open plan living room and kitchen combined. Appliances include a large gas cooker, TV with freeview channels, DVD player and wood burning stove. Ideal to relax and unwind after a hard days fishing.

  • A utility room with toilet and washing machine.

  • A bedroom, which would suit someone that finds climbing stairs difficult.


  • Currently there are four bedrooms. It is my understanding that this will change and two of the bedrooms will be knocked into one.

  • A bathroom with toilet, sink and bath/shower.

An outdoor swimming pool is also planned for the 2010 season.

French carping
The Gite
French carping
French carping
Living area
French carping
Downstairs bedroom
French carping
One of the upstairs bedrooms



 A location with something for everyone. The fishing at present is good, but will be fantastic when the additional stock is added. The owners are excellent having struck the perfect balance of having a chat, giving help and advice when needed, but also allowing the necessary space to relax and enjoy the holiday. I really didn’t want to come home, which just about says it all.

Jim Kelly

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