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Old Oaks
1h 49m Caen

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Bumper Old Oaks Session
Sep 2016 by Darren Garrett

We arrived for our next visit to Old Oaks, three of us fishing the lake. It being the first, second and third time to fish this fantastic lake!

The facilities were as always fantastic, no issues what so ever it has plenty of room inside both fridge and freezer, the shower was so great after a days fishing with a huge water tank supplying hot water! Mehdi had just replaced the freezer as the previous one had decided to give up after 13 years! He met us at the entrance and opened the gates to our home for the next week, the great thing is that he will just leave you to it, unless you have an issue then he is there straight away.


big carp fishing old oaks france

63lb 3oz – Jamie Starr

So weather conditions were set to be perfect with the storm having pushed through a few days earlier, and low pressure set for the flowing week. We fished Pegs 2,3 and 4 and were able to spread our rods around all sections of the lake. The baits we used were the following; Essential Cell (The Bait and Feed Company), The Nutz and Jackie Chan, Rock Lobster (Active Bait Solutions).


We also fed Particle and sweet corn, together with various sized pellets, together with crushed and broken up boilies, with some secret liquids to enhance the flavours in the water.

France carp lakes Old Oaks

41lb 5oz – Glen Brooks

We set up and within minutes we thought we were going to be cursed with the Poisson Chat, all three catching them almost immediately, so we then wrapped our baits using the KORDA Super Wrap, and from that moment we have no further issues at all with the Chat! Mehdi said we would need to work for the fish, and this is what we did.


It took a few days to figure out their hiding places but once this was established we were onto the week of a lifetime. Basically during the day, the fish hugged the far margins as the water level was around 3-4ft, and a ledge was formed about 4-5 feet in width, this then dropped off rapidly to around 10ft. Also casting to bubbles in the deeper water paid off. Normally within 20 minutes the fish were hooked and fighting.

carp fishing holidays France old oaks

38lb 2oz – Jamie Starr

The fish sat in the margin during the day, and then dropped to deeper water at night. Fish during the day coming from 10am – 8pm, and then in the night from 2am-5am. These fish fight so hard, they just don’t know when to give up! They hold the depths right up until they are near the rods, and then when they come up, away they go again fighting, it was the best fighting fish we ever encounter.

Here are the fish weights per peg;

Peg 4 – Glen

Mirror Carp – 44.1lb, 42.1lb, 38.5lb, 54.8lb, 39.14lb, 38.9lb, 36.4lb, 41.5lb, 38.8lb, 32.9lb.

Peg 3 – Jamie

Common Carp – 63lb 3oz (Long Common)
Mirror Carp – 34.7lb, 37lb, 38.2lb, 45lb.
Grass Carp – 34lb, 34.4lb.

Peg 2 – Darren

Mirror Carp – 40lb, 41.12lb, 31.8lb, 28.6lb, 42.9lb, 33.5lb, 45.8lb 49.75lb, 42.9lb.
Common Carp – 48lb, 37.10lb.

This equalled 28 fish and weighing a massive 1,135.01lb’s.

When on form this lake explodes with fish, they simply can’t get enough, and just keep coming for more. This lake just keeps getting better and better, don’t get me wrong, you have to work to catch them, but once caught its worth every penny going. We will be back again it has to be the best lake in Angling lines.

French fishing lakes Old Oaks

36lb 4oz – Glen Brooks


This week all pegs produced fish from the far margins, and then again in deeper water during the night.


Once meshed there was NO issues with any Chat destroying the bait. To see the long common come out, and first time since April was an absolute pleasure even if it was caught by Jamie, this fish almost doubled his previous PB, together with is first time with the ever fighting grass carp. I think for myself it has been the fishing trip of a lifetime, and will be hard to top in future.


Thank you Medhi for looking after such a great lake, and allowing people to fish them, he truly is passionate about his lakes and the fish in them, and will be on call at any time to help with any issues or tips to help increase your chances of catching.


For more information on Old Oaks follow the link – Carp France


French carp fishing Old Oaks Lake

48lb 1oz – Darren Garrett



Old Oaks carp lake in france

38lb 9oz – Glen Brooks

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