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Edges Used to Capture Vaux's First Fifty
Jun 2014 by James Dale

We received this short report from James Dale, who fished Vaux this summer on his first trip to France, catching the lake’s first ever 50lb’er!

What can I say about my week’s fishing at Vaux and what I have taken away after listening to Chas other than it has radically changed my approach to how I now tackle my fishing back in the UK and I’m sure that it’s going to put more fish on the bank for me.

Over the course of the first few days with Chas’s guidance (his words ” that’s interesting ” make me smile even now when writing this, as that was Chas’s standard opening line when I articulated my latest plan of attack) I listened to his advice and changed my approach which resulted in my first ever 40, followed by another 3 40s and a 50 in the space of 4 days; to say I was chuffed was an understatement!

Vaux Carp Fishing Holiday in France

James with his first 50lb+

My first learning was that most of the fishing at Vaux is to far margin snags, so my initial set up was working against me (lead clip system, 2oz flat pear, 2ft of tungsten tubing, etc) as you had to be pin point accurate and fish right on the mark. (Bait boats are allowed at Vaux, but I’m a casting purist and will continue to be so, a debate that I had with Chas all week on the ethics v merits of boats and the only one where he failed to change my mind.)

The change was a heavy 4oz inline square pear on a minimal helicopter set up so that I could fish right up to the snags with the lead hitting tight to the margin. This was attached to a 6ft 30lb fluorocarbon leader tied straight to the mainline which was fished bow string tight so that the slightest movement registered on the bobbins, all tubing etc discarded so as to fish as invisible to the carp as possible.

Vaux Carp Fishing Holiday in France

The rig that I settled on after numerous tweaking and playing around with different set ups is shown below, which is a Withy style rig.  All the big fish and most of the other 15 carp caught came on this set up fished over a bed of particles, which are available to buy from Chas and what he feeds the fish on, and when they are on the feed they have it, so be prepared to put a bit in!!!

Vaux Carp Fishing Holiday in France

The only other point to share is on hooks, take a strong pattern of hook.  I used a brand which has never been a problem in the UK, but straightened on 3 occasions costing me an even bigger fish.  .Needless to say these were chucked in the bin!

And finally hook sharpening.  I thought I had sharp enough hooks straight from the packet until Chas sharpened one to show me. The difference was staggering. If you don’t sharpen your hooks before your visit then my biggest tip is that you do. It really opened my eyes and made me think how many times I have been picked up by a fish with the hook not catching and I didn’t even know!

I have to finish by genuinely saying that I had the best week’s fishing of my life at Vaux this May and Chas and Josie were fantastic, but I had to really work hard, ringing the changes to try and keep one step ahead of the carp as these fish get angled for all the time and they will suss you.

I hope this helps anyone going to Vaux for the first time.


Vaux Carp Fishing Holiday in France

45lb 4oz

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