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3h 16m St Malo

Articles about Villefond

My Villefond Session
Oct 2010 by Steve Pickering

I arrived at Villefond around 8 am Saturday morning. I drove through the gates to find an absolutely beautiful lake. It is a lake of around 8 acres with an island in the middle to break up the pressure from other anglers. On the lake you will find well built swims with bins and ashtrays in every swim. You can drive the whole way round the lake which is a bonus.

carp fishing franceThe Owners; John, Debbie and Mark are lovely people who both I and my girlfriend got on with very well. They are brilliant hosts and will do all that they can to make your holiday be as good as possible. Not only are they down to earth people they also know how to run a lake. As I’m sure you will find out all the fish are in pristine condition and are continuing to put on a lot of weight, but a healthy weight. You will also meet Caesar the dog. He’s an absolutely stunning dog that has real character. “Born & bred killer... lol.”
The facilities on the lake in my opinion are pukka.

The Caravan; it has a cooker, fridge and room to store clothes. It also has sleeping facilities. It’s deffininitely not the best caravan in the world but for a “drive and survive” angler it is satisfactory.

The Hut; it has a toilet, a sink, a shower and a stand to dry clothes or towels. The shower is more than good enough with hot water and is better than the one I have at home. Both the hut and caravan are kept very clean and tidy.

Now down to the important stuff... the Lake is clay lined with silty areas at the deeper end of the lake. As for which colour hook link and leader to choose from a clay/gravel and silt colour would be the best approach. I feel it is important to keep visibility of line and end tackle to a minimum so flying back leads and fluoro carbon line will help to do this.

The lake is full of European Crayfish so hardened hookbaits are vital. Some people will look at crayfish with a negative attitude and ponder why the owners don’t do all that is possible to get rid of them. The answer is the carp love eating them and are an important part of their diet.

carp fishing in france

Onsite there is also a boat for all anglers to use. I would not advise anglers to come to this lake if they are beginners. Too many people come to France expecting to catch hauls of fish and big fish... this is not the case. It can be hard going at times and if the angler has a bad week they’re not going to be happy & this might lead them to leave the lake bad feedback. I don’t feel that this is fair and could ruin the lakes reputation. Villefond is not an easy lake and a certain amount of experience is required to fish it well, as well as other factors such as weather conditions and the fish getting the munchies. As I’m sure you will have already read, the last month at Villefond has had some serious results with fish being caught. Bait choice is down to the individual angler but both particles and boilies will work.

Hopefully I haven’t bored you all too much with this information but I am just trying to help YOU and the owners in finding the right anglers to fish the lake and how to prepare for it.

What a view to go to bed to!

The Fishing;
Day 1; I set up in swim 6. I spent the whole day watching the fish jump out all over the lake and cruising around on the surface due to the hot weather, fizzing like crazy everywhere you I looked. Could I get a bite? NO! It was one of those days where anything that could have gone wrong did go wrong. Later that evening I moved into swim 3, I scattered some bait out around the island and fished all 3 rods to it. Anxiously waiting for a bite, sitting on edge till darkness fell. That night I could feel a storm brewing and had Gail force winds blowing my brolly away all night. Not a good night’s sleep.

carp fishing holiday franceDay 2; I woke up to an absolute screaming run at 6:30 am. In total darkness, struggling to play a fish that can only be described as being on steroids as the fight was immense. I managed to land my first Villefond carp weighing 33lb 8oz.

As the sun rose I decided to move to swim 7 as I could see fish fizzing in that area.

Around 3 pm that sweet afternoon I heard the sweet sound of the clutch on my reel giving out line. Gently lifting into the fish immediately taking line I thought I had a biggie. But not to be. Another stunning 33lb 6oz mirror. Nothing else happened that day but feeling confident and with the pressure off I was ready for the rest of the week. Later that night the heavens opened and to say it rained would be an understatement. With a brolly full of holes it was not a comfortable night and to make it worse no fish.


carp fishing holiday france The heavens opened

Day 3; Due to so much rain the water rose considerably. The temperature was also much cooler and overcast. The perfect recipe for a feeding frenzy. Morning came and at 9am a 35lb 14oz mirror had successfully reached my unhooking mat. Another hard fighting, long mirror carp. I quickly got my rod back on the spot and re-baited. Within half an hour my first and only common carp of the session @ 38lb 4oz. Another stunning fish!

carp fishing holiday france
carp fishing holiday france

Could things get any better? I was about to find out.

That day produced another 2 carp. Both mirrors, weighing 32lb 10oz and 31lb 2oz. Turned out to be a double hook up, a result but what a nightmare trying to land 2 fish at one time with one landing net. But it’s all an experience. What a session it was turning out to be. That night I lost a big fish. The fish went on a mad burst stripping line away. I just could not stop it. DISASTER!! Line went slack and the fish had done me on the rocks by the island gutted.

A Big fish lost. Was it that illusive 50lb’er that everyone is so excited to see make its first appearance. I’m sure there is at least one in the lake. Again that night the heavens opened, once again bringing on the fish the next day.

Mini Max-32lb 10oz
carp fishing holiday france 31lb 2oz

The double hook up

Day 4; I was rudely awoken at 6am to my alarm roaring off. A broad shouldered 36lb 8oz. A good start to the day. As the morning got lighter I could see fish feeding heavily over my baited spot, so as usual every morning and every evening and after every fish I rebated that spot. The next fish came at 11:30am. A small fish for villefond standards. 27lb 8oz mirror. Whilst I was weighing the fish my right hand rod was away. A Bait that I had chucked to a jumping fish 15 minutes earlier. Nightmare! I quickly got my girlfriend to sack the fish whilst I played the big lump that was on the end of my rod. (Don’t worry my girlfriend has been well trained when it comes to fishing, as I’m sure mark and john will agree. So no harm came to the sacked fish). After a hard fight the big mirror was in the net.

carp fishing holiday france My first forty pounder and a new forty for the lake.
carp fishing holiday france 40lb 14oz.

At 2:30 pm my alarms gingerly sounded and the bobbing slowly rose. This time a 38lb 4oz mirror blessed my net and that fish gave me a real kicking whilst trying to photograph it. No sooner am I putting the fish back my middle rod was in. A 30lb 4oz mirror. By this time I was going through some serious amount of bait. The fish were munching hard. Later that afternoon I had a stunning looking 34lb 6oz mirror. The fish was a dark golden colour with distinctive orange marks at the tail end. Just before darkness fell I had a quick shower, had my dinner and got the rods back on the spots that were producing fish. With almost no light left the middle rod was away again. A 35lb 8oz mirror braced the net. What a day it was. 7 fish and my first forty.

Beaten up good & proper

carp fishing holiday france Slack lines worked well

The weather this night was a lot calmer and I was feeling confident for the night ahead. That night lead to me loosing another fish at the net due to a hook pull. Disappointed, but these things happen. It’s all part of fishing.

Day 5; I woke up to find the weather I had been praying for, overcast, warm and with a slight breeze blowing up my end of the lake. PERFECT!!

At 10 am I had my second forty of the session. A stunning 40lb 4oz mirror and another new forty for the lake. This was by far the best looking fish of the session. She even posed for the camera putting her dorsal fin up.

An hour later I had a 31lb 4oz mirror. At 4pm I had my third forty of the session and second of the day. Again a 40lb 4oz mirror and yet another new forty for the lake. At 5:30 I had a 32lb 2oz mirror and within another hour I had my fifth fish of the day at 34lb 8oz.

A real poser
This was without a doubt my best ever session and it was still not over. Everyday I was hoping to beat my English PB of 42lb. Again the rods went back out after a quick shower and dinner and again I scattered a generous amount of bait from the spots that were producing. Darkness fell and no more action was had. It was colder this night and I was just praying it wouldn’t put the fish off feeding.

carp fishing holiday france
carp fishing holiday france

Day 6; Day six turned out to be a lot slower than the others concerning catch results. I had a 35lb 10oz mirror at 6am.

31lb 4oz
carp fishing holiday france  32lb 2oz
carp fishing holiday france 32lb 8oz

Another hard fighting villefond fish. I swear these fish must be on steroids as every single one of them fights harder than any other fish I’ve caught before. At 11 am I caught my last fish of the session at 34 lb 15oz. Another chunk. As the sun rose it got very warm with very clear skies. Not great fishing weather. That afternoon the temperature rose to 28 C +. My Mrs loved this where as I did not because all morning and afternoon I watched the fish cruise about on the surface but sadly not eating my bait. I moved back to swim 6 to fish the margins as they were shaded in the hope of another chunk, but failed.

carp fishing holiday france
A lump soaking me as it swam off

I decided to try for the cats this coming night and heavily baited the margins with halibut pellet bought from john at a more than reasonable price. I could not sleep that night through the excitement of a chance of landing a 100lb + catfish. This was not to be.

Day 7; I woke up early in the morning disheartened as it was an unsuccessful night. Again it was a hot day and there was a lot of fish crashing and cruising in front of swim 3. So I packed up and made the move. All day I watched big fish crash out over my bait. Just hoping for one last bite. It was seriously hot this day and I couldn’t bare the heat. I made the decision to move back to swim 7 as this was the only swim producing runs at night and I would have been a little bit more shaded. My last night was upon me and I was literally praying for one more fish to go out on a high. Unfortunately nothing through the night. I woke up early morning to an aborted run. The fish had picked up the bait and done me. Spat it back out.

That was the end of my session. I packed up my gear feeling rather sad to be leaving the lake. I said my farewells to mark, john and Debbie. Got a quick picture with Caesar as he is stunning and I’m sure you will love him. On the drive home all I could think about was booking up to fish villefond the following year. I am totally in love with the lake. For me as a drive and survive angler it is perfect and the stock of fish in the lake is awesome. I will definitely be returning to catch that uncaught 50lber. Maybe even by that time a 60lber.

carp fishing holiday franceVILLEFOND A TRUE 30’S WATER with a large head of 40’s. And because of the natural food source and the lake being well managed the fish will without doubt continue to put on healthy weights. Future plans for the water are to build a hut replacing the caravan, in this there will be a cooker, freezer and a sofa bed. The freezer will be used to store bait. Some swims on the lake will be dug out further so they are more accessible for bivvies. New landing nets will be bought for the safety of the fish. Lastly a further stocking of fish will take place including a handful of grass carp and some 20lb’ers. The 20lb’ers are being stocked through demand of the novice angler. As ludicrous as it sounds this is what has been asked for as smaller fish are supposedly meant to be easier to catch. All in all the lake is developing into a mature water and a well run business that will continue to make dreams come true. Villefond will definitely be a big fish water of the future.
Not far down the road in a town called Parthenay there is a supermarket and Mc Donald’s. They sell English cigarettes and tobacco as English brands can be hard to find. Parthenay also holds a local fishing shop where shelf life boilees can be bought at a reasonable price and other bits and bobs you may need.

My Mrs stayed with me all week. She loved it and was not bored. So those of you that have to bring your other halves or those of you that want to, all is well.

Before I forget bring sun tan lotion, bug spray and bite cream.

carp fishing holiday france

I cannot wait to return!!!!

But remember it is not an easy water so would not advise beginners to come here.
I hope my article has been informative and will help you prepare to fish the lake and fish it well.
More pictures available to view on the Angling lines Website.

P.S. I have not been paid to write this article or have received any freebies “lol”. Like I said I have totally fallen for this lake and want to see it do well.

Regards and best wishes

Steve Pickering

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