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3h 16m St Malo

Articles about Villefond

A nights fishing
Sep 2010 by James

Carp fishing in France at Villefond

Setting the scene;

I have been desperate to get out to France and Lac du Villefond this year and see my good friends Mark, John and Debbie Lambert and obviously to try and get in to some of the Villefond monsters, especially as there have been another four fish added to the already impressive 40’s list recently including a huge uncaught original common now known as Arthur who was caught by mark himself and is a truly impressive beast.

Unfortunately due to work and family commitments it just hasn’t been possible, but we did have a family holiday planned over with the Lamberts over in France for the Bastille day celebrations and I planned to get some fishing in whilst I was there.

After arriving my wife and kids were exhausted and shortly headed off to bed, perfect me and Mark headed down to the lake. Villefond really is a truly breath taking venue with plenty of overhanging trees along the margins and a near central island that give every swim obvious features to fish to.

As we walked around Mark excitedly gave me his account of his recent capture of “Arthur”.

I soon decided on a swim and couldn’t wait to get down and do some fishing during the week. The following morning over breakfast plans were made for the next weeks activities including trips to the zoo, beach, local village and Bastille festival, it was gonna be a busy week but I knew the kids would love it.

Suddenly reality dawned, when was I gonna get to fish? it looked as though it may not happen this trip. But come Tuesday I couldn’t wait any longer and as soon as the kids were in bed me, mark and john were off to the lake, I was straight round to the swim I had chosen.

Finally fishing;

Now we were there it was a race against time to get set up as it was getting dark quick. The first rod was positioned on an obvious spot tight to an overhanging bush on the island a spot I had been informed was a known fish producer. It was fished as a single 14mm pop up on the old trusty KD rig.

The second spot I fancied was along the bank in a very over grown area of the margins I had to wade out to get the cast on the spot, and walk along the bank to put a bit of bait in. “perfect”.

And finally the third rod was on the zig rig in open water I have found in the past on the lake that the Zig would often produce takes just before first light and it was beneficial to have it set up before dark.

I was set up by 10pm just in time as darkness was setting in, I was happy with the bait positioning and all I could do was keep my fingers cross I was under strict orders to be back to house by 11am meaning packing up at 10am so had 12 hours to catch.

Me and John cracked open a well earned beer and chatted excitedly about the possibility of one of these monsters picking up our bait I could here mark still rushing around on the other bank finishing his set up in the dark. Never fun. And it was soon time for sleep.

Highs and lows;

At 4am I was awoken by the sound of a bite alarm. I ran out to the rods but soon realised it wasn’t one of mine. I then heard a string of obscenities come from the other side of the lake.

I put the shout out “you need a hand mate“ the reply was a short one “na” , and that was that - back to bed!

4.45am and another buzzer was going this time it was mine!

A slow steady run on the middle rod that was cast to the island, I was in. The fight was strangely uneventful the fish came straight to the surface and flopped his head from side to side as I led him to the net that was being manned by John.

The fish went in the net first time which I thought was odd as the Villefond fish are notoriously hard fighters. Markie shouted from the other side “any size” mate, with out looking I responded na mate and went to get the sling scales and camera whilst john kept the fish in the water.

Carp fishing in France at VillefondWhen John lifted the fish out the water he said “it’s no little one mate” and when he put the fish on the mat and I opened the net I was greeted by the site of a huge gut with a head and tale laying on the mat. I put the fish into the sling made sure all her fins were flat to her body and hoisted her up on the scales which span round to 30lb 1oz. Which although obviously a big fish is actually below average for a Villefond fish but I was well chuffed.

After a few snaps she swam back to her watery abode and I done my best to get the bait back to the spot in the pitch black and it was back to bed a happy boy.

About half hour later the same rod was of again this time an absolutely screaming run as I lifted into the fish I was forced to give line instantly and then disaster every thing went solid the fish had got behind the island.

Just as I decided to go get the life jacket and man the row boat every thing went slack and the fish was off. As I was pulling my self together after the heart break of a lost fish Mark received a run on the other side of the lake. That is Lac du Villefond even though it full of enormous fish action can be fast and furious.

It was soon 10am and time to get back to family activities but after catching a nice fat 30lber in such a short period of time I was well chuffed.

Unfortunately I didn’t get another chance to fish during the week but will back soon without any distractions to catch a few more of these French beasts.

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