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Articles about Vincons

Vincons: A rural delight
May 2008 by Steve Guy

Early May saw myself and fishing buddy Alan Young, along with our respective partners make the journey down to the Channel tunnel for a trip across to the Angling Lines venue of Vincons, in the very picturesque region of the Cher. The venue is a 12 acre spring fed lake, and is very well stocked with carp to low thirties, the vast majority being good twenties.

carp angling holiday
A lovely Vincons morning

We always take a relaxed approach to any journey across to France, and this was to be no different. A leisurely Friday afternoon drive to within ten minutes of the tunnel saw us arrive at a Premier travel inn which was to be our base for Friday night, the holiday had begun! a good meal followed by a few beers and we were ready for bed.
Well rested we were up and away to get an early(ish) crossing and by 8.30am we were over the other side and heading out of Calais on a glorious Saturday morning.
After a couple of hours we had cleared Rouen, and stopped for fuel and food! Away again and our final leg of driving saw us arrive at the venue late afternoon, the weather was great with the temperature approaching 30c.

The anticipation of what we would find rose as we drove down the track to the farm, we were greeted on arrival by the Bouchet family and their two dogs Uno and Artu (who were to be our fishing buddies for the week). We were then shown straight to the lake with its lakeside lodge, no complaints there, it looked great, and it was ours exclusively for a week. Whilst three of us emptied all the fishing gear into the lodge, Natalie went off to check out our accommodation in the nearby gite.

carp angling holiday
Carp this way
carp angling holiday
The Lakeside Lodge
carp angling holiday
Our fishing buddy

Thirty minutes later and we had emptied all our gear and bait into the lodge and made our way across to the gite to find Natalie. Myself and Alan both wondered if the gite was going to live up to the high standards that the girls would expect, but again we needn’t have worried as the gite was superb, spotlessly clean and so typically French.

carp angling holiday
The fabulous Gite

Now it was time to get down to the serious business, not fishing, that could wait till Sunday morning, it was shopping time! A ten minute drive saw us arrive at the local town of Lignieres, with its supermarket, Champion. Suitably stocked up with wine, cheese, beer and everything else we could fit in the trolley, we headed back for a nice meal and the obligatory couple of bottles of fine wine to celebrate our first night in France.

Sunday morning and myself and Alan left the girls sleeping and made our way down to the lake to begin our fishing. We stood outside the lodge and looked across the lake in the morning sun, it was already pretty hot, and we couldn’t believe what was in front of us, the whole of the lake was boiling with fish all around the margins, you’ve guessed it, the good weather had kicked them into spawning…. This wasn’t going to be an easy session.


carp angling holiday
What else can you do when the fish are spawning ?
carp angling holiday
Artu intrigued by the spawning fish

We took a walk of the lake to check out what swims offered us the best opportunities, needless to say we settled for the ones closet to the lakeside lodge (which had brewing up facilities, comfy chairs and a fridge). Joking aside, these swims cover a good area of water and have also been very productive when you read the logbook back at the gite.

Bait wise we went with Quest Baits and took with us, 15kg of shelf life Liver B8, 10kg of Rahja Spice shelf life, 5kg of matching maximum action pellets, a couple of kilos of 10mm Liver B8 and Rahja Spice boilies, a couple of kilos of Pineapple Crush and 20kg of Garlic Feast Particle mix. The venue stocks some of the Quest range so no worries if you run short whilst you are there.

carp angling holiday
Go one… give me a grape


Alan started off with a Quest Baits Pineapple Crush pop-up, flicked out to his right underneath a large over hanging willow tree, the amount of liners he was getting as spawning fish crashed in and out of the water was incredible, his other two rods went out about 50 yards with Rahja Spice on the the one rod and Liver B8 on the other.

I fished out of the left hand side of the swim at varying ranges, from 30 yards to around 90 yards, my baiting for the week was to consist of 15mm Rahja Spice shelf lifes on one rod and Liver B8 on the other, both tipped with an enterprise sweetcorn hairstop.

A brew was on the go when Alan’s margin rod rattled off, and an angry mirror of 17.10lb was soon touching the spreader block – great we were off the mark. However, things were slow for the rest of the morning, and when the girls arrived with some cold beers and wine, we decided to switch onto the dam wall for the afternoon – mainly because it was 30+ degrees and we wanted to catch some sun if the fish weren’t playing ball.

We retired to the gite around 5 o’clock in the afternoon, and were introduced to our neighbours, Tartin and Titine, two of the wild boar that the farmer breeds. The girls loved them, and found any excuse to nip out and feed them the odd leftover (apparently they were particularly partial to a few grapes).

Natalie took charge of the kitchen, and sorted the evening meals out most nights, these always started off as a rather civilised affair, but due to the copious amounts of wine and Jack Daniels that we consumed, normally deteriorated rather rapidly…

carp angling holiday
Another meal on the way…
carp angling holiday
Perhaps just one more drink!

Monday the weather broke, the wind picked up and the rain started to lash down, not so good for sunbathing, but hopefully better for fishing. By this time we had moved back to our original pegs, outside the lodge, which was excellent as you can sit inside in perfect comfort drinking tea/wine/beer and combinations thereof, and be no more than five yards from your rods. Tuesday came and still the weather was poor, but the fish didn’t seem to mind as they continued on with their spawning routine.

carp angling holiday
Fishing out of the Lodge



Wednesday bought renewed optimism as the spawning has virtually stopped when we arrived at the lake around 8.00am, we decided to start to introduce some bait, and put a good kilo or so of garlic feast particle mix around each rod, along with a kilo of boilies. The action really kicked in for us during the rest of Wednesday and Thursday, at some points it was proving difficult to keep three rods in the water, as the fish really went for it. After every fish we continued to top up the swims with more particle and a good pile of mixed sized boilies, both Liver B8 and Rahja Spice.




carp angling holiday
carp angling holiday
carp angling holiday
carp angling holiday carp angling holiday carp angling holiday

Some of the many superb fish Vincons contains…

Alan had the best fish of the session, a common which went 28lb+, but as Friday morning arrived the good weather returned, and with it the fishing started to slow down again, but hey no worries, we had caught a good few fish, well twenty odd to be more precise, and where more than happy to spend our last day sitting in the sun by the lake drinking a few beers, some wine and enjoying pizza.

carp angling holiday
Al & Nat relax on our last day

Saturday morning and we were away at 8.00am for a drive to Calais and a mid afternoon appointment with the channel tunnel to get us back to the UK.

The week had been mixed in terms of weather and fishing, but when the conditions were in our favour, and the spawning had stopped, the fishing was great. Action was fast and the fish were some of the strongest fighting both myself and Alan had experienced.

In terms of rigs, we found keep it simple was the best approach (most of my fish came to a six inch 15lb korda IQ hook length with a knotless knot to a size 8 wide gape hook, baits were tipped with plastic corn).

The setting of Vincons means you cannot help but chill out and relax, it is in some superb countryside, with great gite accommodation and a swimming pool for those of you lucky enough to be there in the summer months. From my point of view this venue would be great for two couples or a family, book the place exclusive, and you’ve got the benefit of the gite for your home comforts, and you get the lodge to fish from next to the lake – what more could you need?

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