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1h 28m St Malo

Articles about Watersmeet

Magical Watersmeet
Aug 2009 by Ken Dowdeswell

Thankyou yet again for a fantastic week at magical Watersmeet & for the addition of the new fish.

I returned for the second time due to Watersmeet being a very special place. My goal this week was to do 2 to 3 days Carp fishing and then concentrate on the Cats, unfortunately the weather decided to change all that.

I set to my goal from Peg 1 the best peg on the water, after some 36 hours of no indication of feeding I decided to follow the slight wind to the dam wall. After a further 24 hours on the dam experimenting left right and centre to no avail I decided to go back closer to the house.

My first fish came from the lilies a 17lb Common, Tuesday mid-afternoon, no more to be had. Not good half way through my week. Wednesday morning I decided to finish my week in peg 1 , it was my Daughter’s Birthday, the sun came out in its full glory and changed the dull overcast past 3 days instantly. Within 6 hours of the temperature change the fish stopped picking on the boatmen and began to feed, 16lb, 24lb & 28lb Mirrors were taken with glee! Happy Birthday Nikki XX.

Thursday arrived and the weather went back to being dull overcast till 1.30am Friday, my first half-moon with clear skies and stars shining, followed by a run at 03.00, a stunning 31lb Mirror followed by a 20lb Common.

Friday the sun came out again in its full glory and some more with a slight breeze, at 18.00 I was gifted a 28lb Mirror. Due to lack of sleep I called time on my weeks fishing. Just as I was about to withdraw my rods I had the pleasure of seeing one of the large Cats cruise from end to end in approximately 15 seconds inches under the surface (what a sight) I am not surprised they don’t come out.

Unable to fish two nights due to dense fog , being teased by crashing fish I have trailed my boat to distant shores, having no moonlit nights or magical shooting stars the days have been long and the nights longer. This is Carp fishing and the weather plays a major roll in the feeding pattern. At times you have to just go with the flow , I have had a blast and would do it all again weather bad or good. The potential from this beautiful little lake is amazing.

My overall comment from last visit was “to keep it simple” it’s not rocket science. I still stand by that, but remember you have no control over the weather that’s “Carpin”.

If it works for you in the UK it will work for you here, the Carp just speak a different language.
Many thanks again from a genuine Carper. It’s a pleasure to be a guest.

Ken Dowdeswell, Boston, Lincs. 8th to 15th August. 2009.

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