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2h 14m Caen

Lake Rules at Bletiere

Fish safety and care are the two most important concerns


Lake Rules

  • NO RODS TO BE LEFT UNATTENDED - this includes anglers with remote alarms.  Rods must not be left out and anglers walk to the gite or other swims. No more than 3 rods per angler

  • Line on carp rods must be at least 12lb and on float rods 5lb

  • Braided main lines and lead core are not allowed. Rig tubing must be at least 24 inches long, this helps stop cuts on fish

  • BARBLESS OR MICRO BARBED HOOKS ONLY; all rigs must be safe rigs and not fixed

  • No sacks or keep nets. We supply a carp cot, tripod and weigh sling in every swim & these must be used by all anglers

  • Please do not stand up to take photos of fish, keep close to mats and weigh all fish in slings, always hold fish above mats

  • Please bring antiseptic and treat any cuts and hook holes

  • Only commercially prepared particles to be used as not all particles are prepared safely, we can supply these for you

  • No nut baits of any sort to be used i.e tigers or peanuts

  • No Halibut pellets or paste to be used


  • Please do not use the banks as a toilet; there is an additional toilet in the barn

  • No swimming or wading in the lake and no fishing from the island

  • No fires but BBQ's on legs are ok

  • No cars to be driven down to the lake as the ground is very soft in places

  • Radios are allowed on the lake as long as they are kept quiet

  • No children under sixteen years old to fish unaccompanied. Please watch your children as water is dangerous and we cannot take responsibility for your child's safety. We do not supply life jackets

  • We will, at times of hot weather and no rain, have to turn on the pumps and oxygenator to ensure the safety of our fish. We will  keep the period that these are turned on down to as little as possible. As the most dangerous time for the oxygen levels is first thing in the morning it may involve turning them on early mornings.


Accommodation Rules

  • A deposit of £150 cash will be asked for at the start of your holiday and this will be returned when you leave providing no breakages or damage has occurred

  • The gite will be available from 2pm on day of arrival and must be vacated by 10am on day of departure

  • Please leave the gite as you will find it, clean and tidy

  • No fishing tackle or bait to be stored in gite, please use the barn

  • No muddy boots in the gite - please leave them in the barn

  • Please only park in designated areas as the ground is soft in other places

  • No smoking in the gite.  Please use bins for cigarette ends and not the floor
  • No pets allowed
  • Please do not remove the information pack left in gite; it is for all our visitors

  • At the end of your stay please leave the BBQ as you will find it, clean

  • Furnishings from the gite must not be used outside and the bed linen supplied must stay in the gite

  • We are connected to fosse septic toilets so please do not put any materials other than toilet paper down them.  Also please do not put bleach or similar products down toilets and sinks

We have tried to keep rules to a minimum and trust your common sense :-)

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All contents © Copyright Angling Lines. All rights reserved.