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4h 46m Le Havre

Boux Boux Boux Boux Boux Boux Boux Boux Boux
£344 per angler in Sep 2017 includes...
✔ 5 Anglers ✔ Exclusive use of the lake ✔ 1 Dover/Calais car crossing ✔ 1 Dover/Calais van crossing

As many of you will know, Boux has had reputation for top class carp fishing in France since the 1980’s, producing many big carp for famous anglers such as Tim Paisley. That tradition continues and Boux still produces hard fighting carp at consistently high weights with 40lb+ carp out almost every week.

The lake is around 14 acres and is let on an exclusive basis for a maximum of 5 anglers, ensuring plenty of water for all.

'For anybody who is thinking of a trip to Boux, take up the challenge, you will not be disappointed. We will definitely be doing another trip to this top fishery.' 

Chris Archer, Sept '14 

'Having fished lakes and rivers all over Europe for the last 25 years it would be hard to pick my favourite venue, having said that I would have to say Domaine De Boux is very near the top.'

Jason Rider 

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Carp fishing in France at Boux

The Surroundings

Situated on the eastern edge of the stunning Morvan Regional Nature Park the lake sits in a valley with rolling fields to one side and dense woodland surrounding the rest. If it’s tranquillity you need you’ll find it here - the only sounds you’re likely to hear at Boux are from the wildlife.  There are no motorways in Morvan and the estate is located about half a mile from the nearest quiet country road reached by a private track which runs to the farm.

The peace and quiet will make a lasting impression on anyone who visits, pierced only by the occasional call of a soaring red kite or the plovers in the fields.

The lake 

The 14 acre carp lake is between 4 and 5ft deep a short distance from the bank, reaching down to 12ft+ close to the dam end. The deeper water runs down the centre of the lake.

It has a clay and sandy bottom with some silty areas and a thin layer of silkweed covers most of it. Patches of weed are located mainly in the corners providing good stalking areas and the carp do regularly visit them. A pair of waders can be useful for landing and returning your prize.

Natural food is abundant with snails, mussels, crayfish and larvae and bloodworm ensuring the health and growth of the carp. 

The crayfish can be a problem in the very hot weather when they become more active, but often the large carp will be in the same area as crayfish are one of their favourite treats!  However, if you're fishing in the hot summer months it is best to go prepared - you can find lots of information here for combatting crayfish in France. Tiger nuts fished over maize or hemp is a tried and tested method to use when crays are active. 

Where to fish

Fishing is from a flat raised area bordering the woods and also from the dam wall. The area bordering the wood has space for up to four bivvies making it convenient for anglers who want to fish together. Some effort though is needed to get your tackle from the car park to those swims along the forest track. In very early season or very wet weather this bank can be difficult to navigate as it gets muddy and flooded so waders may be needed.

The sun rises opposite the forest bank and by lunchtime the woods provide some of that much needed shade in the summer months making it an extremely comfortable lake to fish. This is a fabulous natural lake as opposed to a purpose made venue.

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Venue Siret No; 530 777 838 000 18

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A 54lb Carp from Boux

When it was drained down in 2008 an excellent stock of both mirrors and commons was revealed; the fish count then was 165 carp with 32 between 33 and 44lb and at least a few at 50lb+. There’s little doubt that there’s now at least 75 carp over the 30lb barrier and around 35 well over 40lb, 50lb & 60lb. This is top rate carp fishing in France.

There are some pike, roach and tench but happily no poisson chat.

There is some crayfish activity in the warmer summer months, so it pays to be prepared.  Include some artificial hookbaits and mesh or plastic heatshrink tubing to coat your boilies in your tackle just in case they are active during your visit.  You'll find lots more information on how to combat them on our Blog.

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Facilities at Boux

Onsite Facilities

The angler’s facilities are a short 3 minute drive away (approx. 500m) located at the picturesque farm.  Here you’ll find a comfortable room housing a fridge for your food and those essential cool beers, a large bait freezer and a sink with hot and cold water.  There's also a shower room and toilet.

A boat is provided for your use together with life jackets which MUST be worn.

Local Facilties

The local village is only two miles from the lake and has all the facilities you would need including a small supermarket, petrol station, bars and restaurants.

If you can tear yourself away form the Boux carp, you are situated on the eastern edge of the stunning Morvan Regional Nature Park. Here there are vast forests with networks of footpaths, lakes and fast running rivers making it a dream destination for sporty types and nature lovers.  The town of Nevers is 35 miles away.

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Bait is available to purchase on-site.  If you have any questions regarding bait, or wish to place and order, please contact the owner direct.
Their email address & phone number can be found on the 'Info Pack' in your Customer Area once your holiday is booked.


  • Maize - 12€ / 5kg
  • Carp pellets - 15€ / 5kg
  • Tiger nuts - 10€ / 2kg 
  • Partiblend - 12 / 5kg

Please note; Bait orders are made directly between you and the lake owner.  We (Angling Lines) cannot be held responsible for any problems that may subsequently arise.  If you order bait to be waiting for you when you arrive we strongly recommend you telephone or Email the owner a few days before your arrival to make sure it will be there for you.  In 99% of cases this will just be purely precautionary, but bait is such an important part of your holiday that it’s only sensible to take every step to avoid problems.

Return Visit Discount Available
10% offthe venue.

Return visits;

Visit this lake 2 (or more) times in the same calendar year & get a 10% discount on the return visits!

We have lots of customers who make more than one trip with us and we want to reward that loyalty. Certain venues have agreed to participate in a discount scheme for return trips. This lake is one of those taking part… so book a return trip and get your 10% discount!


  • Applies to fishing only & excludes accommodation (if normally booked separately), food, bait etc.
  • This offer is not available in July or August
  • Members of a group booking who have not visited twice will not be eligible for the discount
  • This offer is only valid for return trips taken in the same calendar year and cannot be taken in conjunction with any other offer or special discount applied to this lake

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10 Videos at Boux

Carp fishing in France at Boux

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