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Deux Iles
1h 25m Le Havre

Deux Iles Deux Iles Deux Iles
£352 per angler in Oct 2017 includes...
✔ 5 Anglers ✔ Exclusive use of the lake ✔ 1 Dover/Calais car crossing ✔ 1 Dover/Calais van crossing

Deux Iles is beautiful 7 acre carp fishing lake settled within a 22 acre plot in the heart of the Eure Valley in Normandy.

The venue has been designed with four anglers in mind and there are two distinctly separate sections in the form of two islands, each well spaced from the other and with a cabin - two anglers on each island will have as much room as they could wish for. You hire out an island and cabin for up to two anglers, or alternatively you can hire the lake exclusive and get the whole lake and both cabins for up to 4 anglers (5 at a push).


It is also ideal if you're looking to take a non-fishing partner too and would like a bit more comfort than a bivvy.


The lake is very rural, with no sounds of traffic or disturbance. It is situated a 2hr 45 drive from Calais and 1.5hr from Le Havre. It is also only a 1hr drive from Paris should you wish to visit. 

Deux Iles is run by young French carp angler Bruno Simond.  Bruno has been a carp angler for a number of years - he speaks very good English and will be on hand should you require advice or assistance.  After completing his studies in Water Management he worked both in the UK and the USA with highly respected fish farmers to help further his experience and since returning to France he has developed the family owned lake into a carp anglers paradise. 

'If Carlsberg did carp lakes!!! This truly is an amazing venue designed by a carp angler for carp anglers.' 

Ian Park, April '16

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Carp Fishing in France at Deux Iles

The 7 acre lake has recently undergone a transformation, having been de-silted, extended and cleared of all snags etc.  It (and many others locally) were originally dug for gravel by Bruno's grandfather around 50 years ago. The water was used for many years by the Simond family to raise and hunt ducks and the previous hunting lodge is now used by Bruno as the main office and reception area. The lake is not overlooked and you will not be disturbed by either light or noise pollution.

Each island is designed for 2 anglers and priced as such, but this does unfortunately mean you have to pay the full price for 2 anglers even if you want an island just for one.

As well as the main fishing lake there is also a smaller pond which has been used as a stock pond.  This has a number of smaller carp and offers great fun for stalking. The River L’Eure winds it way through the valley where the lake is situated and actually runs through the bottom of the land, also making this an option for an afternoons fishing should you wish (Please note; you may need to purchase a license for fishing the river, this can be arranged with Bruno). There are carp, bream, chub and barbel to be had from this stretch of the river.

There are no nuisance species such as bream, poisson chat, and only very few crayfish, certainly not enough to cause any issues to anglers. Car access for unloading is available all around the lake, and there is a car park area very close to where you will be fishing. Security is not an issue here as the complex is well fenced in.

If an exclusive group wish to visit with 5 anglers this is possible as there are one or two other swims dotted around the lake, plus of course the smaller pond and the river access. 


SIRET number: 81915213300016

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A 31lb Carp from Deux Iles

Shortly after being dug in the late 60's carp were added to the lake and a number of these original stock still thrive today. These include around 10 grass carp.

In 2012 Bruno added to this stock with 26 lovely mirrors of between 10lb and 25lb, plus a few commons. These fish have grown on well and now regulary get caught between 30-35lb.

In December 2015 there was a further stocking of 44 fish. These comprise of forty carp ranging between 15-22lb plus a 36lb mirror, a 42lb plus mirror, a 44lb plus mirror and mirror of 50lb. This takes the total number of carp in the lake to around one hundred and fifty between 15-50lb.

There are also around 15 koi carp in the lake, a lone sturgeon, plus a few zander, pike and perch for those who prefer their fish with sharp teeth.

With the feeding program taking place during the winter when there are no anglers present, we predict good growth rates and healthy, happy fish, meaning excellent quality carp fishing in France.

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Facilities at Deux Iles

Facilities at Deux Iles include a toilet and shower block with two hot showers with full electric plus a fridge and freezer space available for bait and some food.



On each of the islands there is a wooden cabin for anglers to sleep in if they wish (you are welcome to bivvy up too if you'd prefer). These have lighting and two electric sockets to enable charging of phones, baitboats, dvd players etc. There are also two single beds per cabin. Anglers are asked to bring their own sleeping bags and pillows. There is also a small breakfast bar at the main window overlooking the lake.

The lake supply Fox unhooking mats and weigh slings but not landing nets (minimum of 42" arms required). 



There’s plenty to interest non-anglers in the local area including the beautiful French town of Pacy sur Eure within 6km. Known locally as the “Town of Flowers”, Pacy sits in its own micro-climate, enjoying plenty of sunshine and little rain.

This town has a sleepy and friendly atmosphere with excellent restaurants & bars, 4 supermarkets and a launderette. A little further afield the motorway network puts several major cities within easy reach - Paris (60km), Rouen (40km) and Giverny (Monet’s Garden) 20km away.

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If you have any questions regarding bait or wish to place an order call the owner direct.  His email address & phone number can be found on the 'Info Pack' in your Customer Area once your holiday is booked. 

Please pay for any bait ordered on arrival (cash in Euros ONLY please).

Deux Iles sell the following bait:

Boilies & corresponding pop-ups:
(15 & 18mm)

PACIFIC TUNA 5kg/60,00€

LIVE SYSTEM 5kg/60,00€


Bait dip:

LIVE SYSTEM BAIT DIP (250ml) 9,00€



ELITE ACID PEAR+ POP UPS (13-14mm) 9,00€
NS1+ POP UPS (Available in pink, white or yellow) (13-14mm) 9,00€
MINI BITEZ POP UPS (8mm) 9,00€


Bait Package:

All for 100 €;




Particles will be cooked and ready for your arrival.


  • Hemp, Maize or Party Blend (mixed particles) 5kg/15€  or 10kg/28

  • Tiger nuts (limited to a maximum of 2kg per angler per week) 2kg/10€



Mixed sized Carp Pellet 5kg/15€ or 10kg/28€

Please note; Bait orders are made directly between you and the lake owner.  We (Angling Lines) cannot be held responsible for any problems that may subsequently arise.  If you order bait to be waiting for you when you arrive we strongly recommend you telephone or Email the owner a few days before your arrival to make sure it will be there for you.  In 99% of cases this will just be purely precautionary, but bait is such an important part of your holiday that it’s only sensible to take every step to avoid problems.

Out of season offers at Deux Iles

Out of season Discount Available
40% offthe venue. Available between
4th November 2017 and 23rd March 2018

Conditions below apply.
  • A 40% discount applies to fishing ONLY.
  • Bait and food are NOT included in discount.
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Out of season offers at Deux Iles

Out of season Discount Available
40% offthe venue. Available between
3rd November 2018 and 22nd March 2019

Conditions below apply.
  • A 40% discount applies to fishing ONLY.
  • Bait and food are NOT included in discount.
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Carp Fishing in France at Deux Iles

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