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Etang du Furet
4h 22m Caen

Lake Rules at Etang du Furet

Arrival time: Between 10 - 12am.

Departure time: 10am.



  • 3 rods maximum.  Please set alarms at a suitable volume so as not to disturb others
  • Barbless hooks only please. Hooks should be simple patterns, sizes 4, 6 or 8.  All rigs must be safe for the carp in the event of a break off
  • Lead core or braid as hooklinks is allowed.  Casting leaders and braided main line are not allowed
  • Landing nets should be large (1m minimum across draw string), unhooking mats must be large & weigh slings must be strong
  • We strongly recommend taking waders, as the lake is initially shallow in some areas, particularly when the water levels are low, and this will aid with landing fish
  • Sacking of carp is not allowed
  • All fish over 20kg (44-45lb) must be weighed and photographed in the water please and not on the bank. All fish caught must be handled carefully and not lifted above knee height. You must have basic fish care antiseptic
  • Baitboats are allowed to take baits to a maximum of 100m from your swim without disturbing your neighbour.  Row boats, inflatable boats and swimming are forbidden
  • Khaki/brown/green umbrellas and small tents/bivvies are allowed. Large camping tents and shelters are prohibited
  • Dogs are allowed by prior arrangement only (please confirm type of dog). 
  • providing they do not disturb other guests and the owner picks up their excrement
  • Alcohol abuse is not allowed and drugs are strictly prohibited
  • All garbage must be collected in bin bags.  Please do not throw seeds in the woods or on the edges of the lake as this could cause problems with rodents etc. It is forbidden to throw cigarette butts on the ground or in the water. Ashtrays are provided at each swim
  • Camp fires are not allowed, however above ground barbecues are OK.  Branches of trees, bushes or shrubs should not be cut, broken or vandalized
  • It is strictly prohibited to deficate outside the toilets! The land must be kept clean for the protection and comfort of everyone
  • Minors must be supervised at all times
  • All cars must be returned to the parking area after unloading equipment
  • Management denies any responsibility for loss or theft.  Your entrance and payment at Etang du Furet confirms your comprehension of, and agreement to, all these rules. Any person who does not comply with the rules will be asked to leave immediately without refund

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Angling Lines, PO Box 761, CHESTERFIELD, S40 9NS
Registered at Companies House, Cardiff. Company Number 4122063

All contents © Copyright Angling Lines. All rights reserved.