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4h 22m Caen

Nautica Nautica Nautica Nautica Nautica Nautica Nautica
£281 per angler in Sep 2017 includes...
✔ 3 Anglers ✔ 1 Dover/Calais van crossing

French Carp Fishing at Nautica

Nautica is an unspoilt, mature French lake of approximately 17 acres. With extensive reed beds and surrounding woodland it has that essential ingredient - character. It is situated in the heart of the countryside with no light pollution, yet only 5 miles from a town with shops and amenities.

Please note: Nautica is limited to a maximum of 6 anglers from mid July to mid November; the lake accepts up to 7 anglers on its 9 swims for the remainder of the year.

The owner, Guillaume Rousselet, is a well-known big fish angler with an impressive capture record. His mission with Nautica was to create a big fish water aimed at the more experienced angler.


"This lake has plenty of surprises in store - big carp! (4 day session - 10 runs, 6 carp landed between 22 and 56lb)"

Fabrice Trefoux, May '14


'A beautiful series of 15 runs in 72 hours of fishing with fish ranging from 22lb 5oz to a 58lb 2oz mirror.'  

 Tony Lebeaupin, June '14


"I really enjoyed this session. It reminded me so much of my early days in France on lakes like Salagou because the carp are virtually unfished for - so runs are just screamers! The owner, Guillaume, is a really nice guy too. He's set the lake up as natural as possible & it's clear he understands what's necessary to get the feeling of being back to nature. You won't find any manicured swims here but if you're looking to fish for very big carp in a genuine French lake then Nautica is the place to go. I loved it!"

David Keep, Sept '14

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French Carp Fishing at Nautica

The 17 acre lake is located in a wooded area giving a remote, secluded and isolated feel. Perfect 'wild' French Carp Fishing. The 9 swims are well spaced accommodating up to 7 anglers comfortably. It is roughly triangular in shape with a North West bank formed by the dam, a reed lined South West bank and a grassy East bank.

Please note: Nautica is limited to a maximum of 6 anglers from mid July to mid November; the lake accepts up to 7 anglers on its 9 swims for the remainder of the year.

The East bank has five well-spaced swims, 1-5, giving access to the deepest water which is between 6 and 8 feet. Hard gravel can be found on the marginal shelf, further out the lake bed is soft and thought has to be given to bait presentation. 

Swims 1 and 2 are on the large grassed area leading from the wooden lodge to the water's edge. If you choose to hire the cabin accommodation out you are able to fish swim 1 which is a stone's throw away from your front door. You'll find the deepest water from these swims.

Swims 3 to 5 have vehicular access and are set amongst a light reed lined margin with woodland to the rear giving adequate shade during the midday sun. 

Swims 6 and 7 are cut into the reeds on the South West bank and you bivvy up on 6m x 4m wooden pontoons built out into the water.

Swim 8 is again cut into the reeds on the South West bank and is closest to the unfished dam wall.

Swim 9 The dam wall is only 50 metres to the left of this swim and the dam has lots of over hanging bushes and snags where the carp lie. It is advisable to fish away from the snags for fish welfare. Bivvying is under the bushes at the rear of the swim

Please note; the lake in this area (swims 5-9) is initially shallow and wading is essential to land fish, wading out 30 yards and casting 90 yards will give a depth of 4½ feet. The lake bed has a thin soft layer and is hard underneath.

The dam has no swims due to the nature of the bank, although it is possible to stalk from it.

Click here to see an aerial map with swim & facility details.


Venue Siret No; 790 190 227 00013

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A 60lb Carp from Nautica

The abundant natural life in the lake together with anglers’ baits allows the carp stock to remain exceptionally healthy and continue growing exceedingly well - there is a very realistic chance of some true monsters at this venue.

Over the past few years over 150 hard fighting carp, up to over 60lb, have been stocked.

The owner, Guillaume, has continued to build his fish stocks and another additional stocking took place in Nov 2013. Another 33 carp were introduced including 3 x 40's and 4 x 30's, a mix of some lovely dark mirrors and commons. There was then a further stocking in December 2013 - a 44lb common and a selection of commons and mirrors between 23lb and 33lb.

In December 2014 a total of 24 new fish joined the existing stock at Nautica. 23 carp between 26 and 41 pounds and also a new koi. The weight of this stocking averaged more than 30lb.

There are no poisson chats, but there are some crayfish, which bizarrely only appear to be interested in pop-ups.

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Facilities at Nautica

The facilities here are very basic but clean. You will find them located between swims 1 and 2. They consist of:

  • A washroom with triple sink and heated shower
  • A well maintained separate French style WC with flushing water
  • A mains drinking water tap, located in the washroom

Nautica doesn't currently have fridge/freezer facilities on site but the owner is happy to deliver ice bottles every day on request. For anglers who wish to store frozen baits he'll store these at his house and deliver them back when and as required. 


Optional Cabin

There is also an optional basic lakeside cabin to hire if your looking for a little more comfort than a bivvy for yourselves or non-anglers. It is possible to fish directly in front of the cabin at swim 1 if you wish.

The cabin is split into two rooms, a (very!) compact bedroom with a double bed and also a living area which contains a table, four chairs and also a sofa that can convert into a second double bed. Anyone renting the cabin would have to bring their own bed linen. It is new, clean and modern but very basic.

The cabin does have a gas bottle for cooking.

*Please note that the two rooms are accessed from the outside of the cabin, there is no interior connecting door.*

The cabin has lighting and there are also French plug points for charging phones, cameras etc which runs off of a battery. You are required to pay a £100 (or 100 Euro) deposit on arrival.

Click here to view the facilities.
Click here to view the accommodation.

To order bait please contact the owner, Guillaume, direct.  His email address & phone number can be found on the 'Info Pack' in your Customer Area once your holiday is booked.

Guillaume is French but speaks good English, so providing you speak slowly & clearly you’ll have no problems.

Please pay for the bait in Euros when you arrive.  Please note; the Euro to £ sterling exchange rate can fluctuate throughout the year. 


  • The famous Krill BILL boilies! A hit in any season that has caught more than 4.3 tons of fish in two years of testing, a real magnet. Mixture of liver, krill and several other high-quality liquid and solid components.
    Please contact Guillaume for prices / kg


Tiger Nuts;

  • Prepared 3.20€ / kg        
  • Unprepared (small format) 45.00€ / 25kg 



  • 9mm or 15mm  43.90€ / 25kg
  • 25mm 51.90€ / 25 kg  



  • Prepared (cooked) 1.00€ / kg        
  • Unprepared (uncooked) 6.90€ / 10kg     
  • Unprepared (uncooked) 10.90€ / 25kg 



  • Prepared (cooked) maize 1.20 € / kg
  • Unprepared (uncooked) maize 7.90 € / 10 kg
  • Unprepared (uncooked) maize 11.90 € / 25 kg



  • Prepared (cooked) 3.00€ / kg
  • Unprepared (uncooked) 2.60€ / kg  
  • Unprepared (uncooked) 48.00€ / 20kg

    Krill Bill Boilies Hemp Tiger Nuts
    Pellet Maize Wheat

Please note; Bait orders are made directly between you and the lake owner.  We (Angling Lines) cannot be held responsible for any problems that may subsequently arise.  If you order bait to be waiting for you when you arrive we strongly recommend you telephone or Email the owner a few days before your arrival to make sure it will be there for you.  In 99% of cases this will just be purely precautionary, but bait is such an important part of your holiday that it’s only sensible to take every step to avoid problems.

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French Carp Fishing at Nautica

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