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2h 41m Caen

Vaumigny Vaumigny Vaumigny Vaumigny Vaumigny Vaumigny Vaumigny Vaumigny Vaumigny
£327 per angler in Oct 2017 includes...
✔ 12 Anglers ✔ 4 Dover/Calais car crossings ✔ 1 Dover/Calais van crossing

Fishing France at Vaumigny.

What's your PB? A 60lb carp, a 100lb sturgeon or perhaps even a 170lb catfish? At Vaumigny all this is possible.  Vaumigny is a water that will test your skill, your tackle and your nerve!

It’s not a runs water and this lake is not for the faint hearted or inexperienced - you'll be tackling big catfish, sturgeon and carp. Anglers who favour wild and natural lakes will find themselves right at home.

The current lake record carp is 66lb 8oz and Frank the bailiff now only records carp captures over 44lb (20kg).


'We had the best week fishing in 12 years of going to france & cant wait to return.'

Daniel Cox, September '15

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Fishing France at Vaumigny

Vaumigny is situated just south west of Paris in the region known as “Le Centre.”  It’s a little under 3 hours from the ferry port of Caen.  Calais is further (just over 4 hours via Rouen) but much of the journey is on the Routes Nationales so the tolls are easy on the pocket too. The historic cities of Paris, Chartres and Orleans are an easy drive away and the Centre region has the highest concentration of historic chateaux in the whole of France.

The setting is perfect and the 80 year old lake is surrounded by mature trees and wild flower packed meadows and woods.  The bankside trees and bushes provide cover for the fish in the margins and privacy for the anglers in the 16 well placed swims.

At 37 acres there’s plenty of water for everyone. A total of 15 swims, 2 of these being doubles.

Swims 1 to 7, 15 and 16 are accessible by car with 8 to 14 reached on foot. There is room to park your vehicle (or indeed motorhome) at Swims 1,3,5,6,7,15 & 16. Swim 1 is the double swim. Swims 15/16 can also be classed as a double swim in certain circumstances.

Swims 1 to 7 are grassy swims sloping down to the water's edge, while 8 to 16 are cut into the woods providing welcome shade and protection from the prying eyes of the fish which do come close to the bank. The deeper margins on this bank are not to be ignored.  Barrows are available to move your tackle and you can pre book your swim.

Vaumigny is spring fed by four springs guaranteeing the superb water quality.  The lake bottom is fairly smooth, hard sand and gravel. Depths are generally around 5 to 10 feet and, as the size and growth rate of the fish would suggest, the lake provides an amazing range of natural food.

A little work with a marker float will help you find the many features including gravel patches, small bars and silt pockets - the grass carp ensure that there is no weed.  There are quite a few snags, particularly in the margins, but a quick chat with the knowledgeable owner will soon identify these.

Bait boats are allowed and you can use a rowing boat (only rigid bottomed boats, no inflatables, & for your safety life jackets are compulsory so please bring them with you).  Alternatively rowing boats and life jackets are available for hire.

There is a factory near to the lake and although this is out of sight, it can sometimes be heard if the wind is blowing towards the lake. 

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Venue Siret No; 50770280100014

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A 44lb Carp from Vaumigny

The Carp: The fish stocks are impressive with the number of carp approaching 400.  Since 1997 Frank the owner has stocked only mirrors; all the common carp are native to the lake.  The lake record is now an amazing 66lb 8oz.

The Sturgeon: There are 25 to 30 sturgeon to over 100lb with the biggest specimen estimated at 140lb.  These record size fish are fragile and everything is done to protect them so there are strict rules on handling them & weighing is forbidden. Franck is able to identify each fish and inform you of the weights.

The Catfish: There are plenty of catfish within the lake, exact numbers are difficult but we estimate at least 20 are fair sized, going to an astonishing 180lb!

There are a few bream (6 to 8lb) and tench. Poisson chat are present but there is a management system in place to minimise any impact on angling. Pike and zander fishing is not allowed.

Fishing France at its best!

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The complex is entered by a private wooded road and is safe and secure.  There are very basic facilities located by the cabin with an English style toilet, a shower and hot running water. If you prefer a bit of luxury with your fishing then this isn't the venue for you.

The water on site is pumped from an underground well and whilst it is perfectly clean & safe to use it does sometimes have a metallic odour and slight orange tinge.  This is because the surrounding rock strata are rich in iron deposits, but to repeat, it is perfectly clean & safe to use.  It could be drunk if boiled... but it's very easy and cheap to buy bottled water so that's probably the best option.  

You will also find power there to charge your batteries, phones and computers plus a fridge and a freezer to store your fresh food and bait.  

There are rowing boats that you can hire on site, these are €80 for the week and you will also be required to pay a 50 deposit which will be returned to you at the end of the week providing the boat is clean and in the same condition it was beforehand.

The facilities here are very basic and this is very much a 'drive and survive' venue, which anglers looking to get away from it all will appreciate.

Everything you could possibly need including supermarket, groceries, bakery, butchers, post office, fuel, cafés and a chemist are only five minutes drive away. Slightly further away in Châteaudun there are two supermarkets, Thursday and Sunday markets, swimming pool and a cinema.

Carp pellet is available to purchase on-site.  If you have any questions regarding bair, or wish to place an order, please contact the owner direct.
Their email address & phone number can be found on the 'Info Pack' in your Customer Area once your holiday is booked.

Silverfox Fresh Baits, 20mm;

  • 30€ / 2kg bag
  • Glug 5€

Lake Pellet, 10mm;

  • 20€ / 5kg

Please note; Bait orders are made directly between you and the lake owner.  We (Angling Lines) cannot be held responsible for any problems that may subsequently arise.  If you order bait to be waiting for you when you arrive we strongly recommend you telephone or Email the owner a few days before your arrival to make sure it will be there for you.  In 99% of cases this will just be purely precautionary, but bait is such an important part of your holiday that it’s only sensible to take every step to avoid problems.

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Fishing France at Vaumigny

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