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1h 21m St Malo

Articles about Vaux

Carp Fishing with Accommodation at it's Best
Oct 2016 by Paul Cooper

This 3 acre lake holds some magnificent fish to just over 60lb so my expectations were high to say the least. 

An Autumn Week at Vaux
Oct 2016 by Mike Linstead

Having been presented the opportunity to fish at Vaux in mid-September I was inevitably filled with excitement, as this intimate little pool has a reputation for holding some really special fish.

My Week at Vaux
Aug 2014 by Duncan de Gruchy

My fourth visit to Vaux since 2008 and this is an account of my experience of a week in July spent at this classic Angling Lines venue...

Edges Used to Capture Vaux's First Fifty
Jun 2014 by James Dale

We received this short report from James Dale, who fished Vaux this summer on his first trip to France, catching the lake’s first ever 50lb’er!

The Two Most Popular Rigs for 2013
Feb 2014 by Chas Cook

Throughout 2013 various anglers fished with the Withy Pool rig, using a variety of hook patterns...

Sharpening Hooks
Feb 2014 by Chas Cook

The difference between a hook straight from the packet and a hook sharpened to an arrow point, that is sharpened on three sides, is worlds apart. 

Free Running and Dropper Rigs
May 2012 by Chas Cook

The bolt effect in the rig I'm about to describe is achieved by the swivel being pushed firmly home into the Fox in-line sleeve.  

The Helicopter Rig
Apr 2012 by Chas Cook

Both of the following rigs have, once again, been used to great effect when fishing to open water marks using the bag and double foamed hook length, so that neither rig sinks into the silt.  

The Distance Piggyback Dropper Rig
Apr 2012 by Chas Cook

I am constantly thinking of ways to make rigs safer for the carp and came up with the idea for my Distance Piggyback Dropper when fishing larger lakes and rivers at a distance in France.

Why I Favour Heavy Leads
Mar 2012 by Chas Cook

A concept which is not always appreciated by many anglers is that takes from the far bank can come backwards towards the angler, a "drop back", which can result in their mainline snagging on any obstruction on the bottom.  

My Lead Drop Rig
Mar 2012 by Chas Cook

I very much favour heavy leads for carp fishing... however, once the heavy lead has done its job and hooked the carp there's no reason to keep it during the fight.

Chas’s Big Carp Euro Rig
Jan 2012 by Chas Cook

A disturbing aspect of owning a carp lake is that I find numbers of my carp each year dragging leaders and leads because the tackle used by some anglers does not allow the leads to drop off the clips. 

September is family & fishing time
Jan 2012 by Chas

My September fishing holiday was also a family holiday for us at the gîte so that daytime was mostly spent with our youngest daughter and youngest granddaughter, plus I continued the usual maintenance work around the lake. 

Winter carping at Vaux
Dec 2011 by Chas Cook

Catching carp in winter has a reputation for being difficult but I believe I've developed methods at Vaux which turn the odds in my favour. 

What a fantastic week!
Sep 2006 by Gary Seed

As I set up my gear, I wonder what the week on Le Vaux will have in store for me.

A Week at Vaux
Aug 2004 by David Keep

Everyone who works for Angling Lines tries to take at least one weeks fishing holiday at one of our venues every year. 

Our trip to Vaux
Mar 2004 by Steve Linney

The lake started as a quarry supplying stone for the Breton houses in the nearby village. At 2½ acres and stream fed, it has depths at the dam wall of 3 ½ metres, where the stream enters at the opposite end it shallows to approx ½ metre. 

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