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1h 28m St Malo

Lake Rules at Watersmeet


Security Deposit You will be asked to provide a £200 security deposit in cash, which will be returned to you at the end of your week providing everything is left in good condition (including all fishing equipment provided - landing nets/unhooking mats/weigh retention slings/buckets etc..)





  • Please do not arrive before 3pm and departure is at 10 am
  • Duvets & pillows are provided but guests are asked to bring their own bed linen & towels.
  • VERY IMPORTANT – the toilet at Watersmeet is connected to a septic tank. Please do not flush anything down the toilet other than the toilet paper supplied. This can be restocked at the supermarket - (when purchasing  - look for toilet paper - “sans danger pour fosses septiques”).  Do not put bleach or similar products down toilets or sinks
  • No smoking in the house
  • No loud radios please. Children are the sole responsibility of their parents.
  •  Dogs are not allowed
  • Please put all rubbish in the designated bins provided
  • At the end of your stay please leave the BBQ as you will find it, emptied and clean
  • Please leave the house, as you will find it, clean and tidy. If extra cleaning hours are required they will be charged and taken from your deposit



Lake Rules

  • Maximum of 3 carp anglers on the main lake, 2 coarse anglers on the small lake
  • Maximum of 3 rods per angler.   Strictly no unattended rods
  • Fishing from pre-made swims only
  • Barbless or micro barb hooks only. No hooks bigger than size 4
  • No bent hook rigs. Reel line minimum of 15lb
  • No leadcore rigs.  Please use safe rigs making sure that the lead set up can slide over any shock leader knot
  • No braid as mainline, no fixed leads, no sacking of fish
  • Fresh/Frozen boilies only (without preservation), no Shelf Life (preserved) boilies. We have a bait freezer to store your fresh boilies
  • Goo” will not be allowed on Watersmeet
  • NO nuts of any description. Preprepared particles eg hemp or maize are allowed from reputable suppliers eg. Dynamite etc
  • No marking or mutilation of fish. Offenders will be prosecuted
  • Use of unhooking mats is compulsory - these will be provided along with landing nets and weigh retention/slings – one for each swim. These are all provided free of charge however, all breakages will be deducted from the deposit
  • Mats should be soaked well when in use (particularly in hot weather) - a bucket is provided (FOC) for this purpose
  • No standing with fish at any time. Please use common sense when handling fish. Always hold over the large mats
  • Carp welfare is very important. Please respect this and ensure that all fish are carefully inspected for damage and use carp care kit to treat any mouth damage or wounds
  • Bailiff has the right to check your rigs and that you have Carp care or similar to treat fish as required
  • Row boats not allowed but bait boats are allowed
  • No fires
  • No swimming
  •  No litter to be left in swims or on the banks please use bins supplied. Please do not leave cigarettes on bank
  • No dumping of bait when you depart from Watersmeet as this “kills” the fishing for the next week’s anglers



Anglers found not respecting the rules will be asked to leave immediately without compensation.

Most importantly all Anglers must enjoy their stay!! :-)





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All contents © Copyright Angling Lines. All rights reserved.