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2h 24m Calais

Lake Rules at Beaurepaire

  • Please DO NOT go straight to the lake.  The supplied directions (see below under 'PRINTED DIRECTIONS') take you to the owners house - you MUST report there before you go to the lake

  • Please do not arrive before 11am under any circumstances.  Please depart by 10am. If you depart early please make sure you inform the owner BEFORE you leave.  Thank you

  • VERY IMPORTANT; Beaurepaire operates a peg draw policy.  Anglers who have NOT booked the lake on an exclusive basis are not permitted to set up in any swim before the peg draw takes place

  • The peg draw rule will be enforced - if you set up before all anglers have arrived you may be compelled to move. Likewise if other anglers have set up before the owner arrives and you are not happy with your choice of remaining swims, you should make the owner aware immediately as it will not be possible to rectify this later. We very much appreciate your co-operation to ensure that all anglers have a fair chance on the lake

  • The draw will take place no later than 12pm when the owner arrives on site.  Anglers arriving after that time will have to take what is left 


  • Throughout the year the water can change in depth quite dramatically as it is fed directly by the water table. Please be aware of this, particularly in early spring or after very prolonged periods of rain 

  • Dogs allowed by prior arrangement only

  • Three rods maximum per angler.  No braided mainlines, shock or snag leaders

  • Hooks must be barbless. No dangerous rigs, bent hooks etc.  Rigs must allow fish to free themselves in the event of a breakage

  • Unhooking mats are obligatory and must be wetted before use.  Large landing nets (42 inch) minimum.  Please release all fish without delay – the sacking of fish is not allowed. Plese - no standing when holding fish for photos

  • Bait-boats are allowed 

  • There is a row boat at the lake which you are welcome to use but you must use a lifejacket.  No lifejackets are supplied so if you want to use the boat you will need to take your own.  You are allowed to take your own boat, but once again, a lifejacket must be worn

  • All particle baits must be correctly prepared.  No use nuts of any sort, however tinned Tigers are allowed if purchased from a reputable supplier e.g. Dynamite.  PLEASE DO NOT ABUSE THIS RULE - bait will be checked & you will be asked to produce a receipt if there is any doubt

  • Bivvies should be green. Cutting trees or degradation of the natural vegetation is strictly forbidden.  Please throw nothing in the water.  Fires are not allowed.  Swimming is not allowed

  • Please use the toilets provided.  All litter must be placed in bin bags which will be collected by the owner on departure.  All swims must be left clean

  • Please note there are no utensils/cutlery/crockery in the porta-cabin. Please take your own

  • The angler is responsible for his family and his guests, and any damage they may cause.  The management cannot be held responsible for any theft or damage to personal property on the premises

  • No refund will be given for an early departure.  French fishing permits are not necessary

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All contents © Copyright Angling Lines. All rights reserved.