Angling Lines’ Regular Catches World Record Albino Catfish

Regular customer Bernie Campbell has gone and broken the albino catfish world record…

Bernie has won a place in the record books after reeling in a huge 8ft long albino catfish in Spain. Fishing for the week with son Gary, Bernie caught the 206lb monster near Barcelona. It is believed to be a world record for an albino wels catfish, the previous record was a 196lb beast caught last year. After spending half an hour wrestling with the mammoth fish, he finally banked his prize at midnight on Thursday.

Here’s what Bernie had to say;

“When you pick up the rod, you can reel in and it’s as if there’s nothing there until its about 40 yards from the bank – then it hits you. This one nearly pulled me in three or four times. You brace yourself and hope for the best. I’ve never caught an albino catfish and I was determined to get one this time. As it came in I saw it was an albino, then looked again and Gary said to me ‘it’s massive!’.”

Albino Catfish

Bernie and son Gary with the record breaking 206lb catfish

Albino Catfish

The monster Albino Wels


“I phoned my wife to tell her, she’s absolutely fantastic allowing me to come out and go fishing all the time. She thought I was winding her up until she saw the pictures. I’m absolutely over the moon. The world record could go tonight or it could go in 10 years. It does feel a bit unreal, but I’ve had so many messages congratulating me. It’s a great feeling.”

A huge well done from all of us at Angling Lines!


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