New Lake Records at Glehias

Tracy and Lee own Glehias in France, a venue which consists of two lakes, one for carp (and some rather sizeable catfish!), the other for coarse fish. This is a paradise for small groups who want a French fishing venue exclusively to themselves with excellent facilities. Here is Tracy with an update from the first […]

Going Equipped for Big Catfish

Targeting monster catfish? Make sure you have the right tools for the job… Last year, I was fortunate to attend Catmaster Tackle’s annual social at Oakwood Park Lakes, in Norfolk. As an out-and-out carp angler, I figured – like many before and since – that, with a few tweaks here and there, my existing kit […]

A New Lake Record Catfish at Molyneux

There have been some very big Catfish caught recently at Molyneux. The first of these was a New Lake Record of 87lb 10oz and was caught by Nick Syms… I was fortunate to be alongside Nick when he got the take and have to admit to being impressed that he managed to get it in at […]

0 – 88 In 30 Minutes At Notaires Lake

After almost nine years and many snapped off anglers, Jess from Morley is the first angler to bank the Notaire’s elusive catfish setting a new lake record. Our Facebook comments show that many anglers have fond encounters with the cat. Jess came to Notaires targetting the uncaught catfish and fished using a giant 50mm home […]

Molyneux’s Biggest Cat Comes Out

Regular guest Steve Moore, has just broken the Catfish record at Molyneux with a chunky beast of 78lb. Steve previously held the catfish record at 69lb 10oz, until earlier this year when Paul Fairman topped that with a 75lb specimen. Upon his return to the lake Steve said Jokingly that he was back to reclaim […]

New Lake Record Catfish at Molyneux

It seemed to be the night of the big cats last night (August 4th) with two being caught almost simultaneously. Barry in Barn landing a 56lb catfish around 11.30-12pm, whilst at the same time Paul in Stones was battling his own demon in the shape of another monstrous cat… This one led him a merry […]

Bill and Linda’s Excellent Adventure at Glehias

Arriving at Glehias lakes at mid-day in very warm, very humid conditions, we met Tracy at the Farmhouse who offered us drinks and then took us for a look around the 2 lakes in the heart of the Breton countryside. The first lake, the big fish lake “Lauren”, named after Tracy and Lee’s daughter, looked […]

Monsters From The Deep!

Peter Holgate and Mark Morgan fished Glehias last week and witnessed the strangest behaviour of Lake Lauren I have ever seen. The Cats and the Carp literally split the lake in two!  The Carp took to the shallows whilst the Catfish took over the deep end. On arrival, Mark said that he would like to land […]

Monster Wels Catfish

Fishing for the monster Wels catfish of the river Ebro is something I have always wanted to do, so when I got the chance I grabbed it with both hands. My anticipation was at an all-time high and I was desperate to get started, I had set myself the rather ambitious target of catching a […]

Angling Lines’ Regular Catches World Record Albino Catfish

Regular customer Bernie Campbell has gone and broken the albino catfish world record… Bernie has won a place in the record books after reeling in a huge 8ft long albino catfish in Spain. Fishing for the week with son Gary, Bernie caught the 206lb monster near Barcelona. It is believed to be a world record for […]

An Update From Laroussi

Mehdi, the owner of renowned big fish waters Old Oaks and Laroussi, fills us in on the latest from the lake… The last 3 weeks have produced some really good fish, including 4 catfish well over 100lb having been caught in the last 2 weeks. They all weighed between an incredible 110 and 125lb. Today as […]

An Impressive First Catfish for Mark

Mark and Lee were out at Laroussi last week,  Mark hooked into his first ever catfish on the first night and luckily for him it weighed in  at a huge 120lbs… Details of your catches: Mark – 2 carp at 33.03 and 49.07 also 2 cats at 110 and 120. Lee – 2 carp at 20 and […]

‘Basic proper carp fishing at its best’

Here’s a catch report from Brocard Small, fished by Mr Sproston from the 3rd – 10th of August… Details of your catches: 23 carp, 9 x 30’s 2 cats 68.5 & 32lb 5 grass carp best 47lb Your best tactics/bait/rigs: Fishing near to far bank mostly, boilies best bait but crays liked them too. Were the facilities […]

Wels Catfish at the Surface

Nik, the owner at Holly Pools, has managed to catch some of the lakes residents on camera feeding in the margins… I have heard the opinion stated from non-cat lovers that Wells cats “Just sit on the deepest bit of bottom all day, then surface at night and eat your 20lb carp”.  Certainly there is […]

Laroussi’s Recent Captures

Here are two of the monsters caught at Laroussi this month… Laroussi’s catfish and sturgeon may get less press than the lakes infamous BIG carp, but they’re certainly sizeable. For more information on Laroussi follow the link – Carp Fishing in France

Beaurepaire Produces 67lb Catfish

Gary Rivett fished Beaurepaire last week with his mate Steve  & had 35 carp, including a PB mirror for Steve at 31-10,  a PB grassy for Gary at 34-04 & other mirrors to 40-09… Gary also landed this lake record cat with the Reuben Heatons thumping down to the stop at 67-12; among other cats to 48-10. […]