Breaking Down Brocard Large

Hello fellow anglers, it’s been a while since I’ve managed to put fingers to keyboard and write anything carp related.  A recent trip to Brocard Large has re-invigorated me to blow the dust off the PC and hopefully blog about something of interest for you good readers. I won’t focus on my trip too much […]

Wading Out Baits at Brocard Large

A short video from Angling Lines blogger Andy Gilbert gives you an insight in to combatting the weed at Brocard Large… Fishing from swim 10 this month, Andy shows how he effectively wades his baits out to chosen spots. Well worth a watch if you’re heading out soon. To see more from Andy click here. […]

Beaurepaire tips, tactics & insight – Part 3

Andy Gilbert is back with part 3 of his series following his trip to Beaurepaire this April, you’ll find him discussing all aspects of the lake and what worked for them… Thanks once again for joining me as I delve into the Angling Lines venue Beaurepaire for the third and final time. A couple of months […]

Beaurepaire Tips, Tactics & Insight – Part 2

Hello all and welcome to part two of my blog for the Angling Lines venue Beaurepaire, which we fished from the 5th to the 12th of April this year. Having covered lake selection, baiting approaches and swim picking in part one, part two will cover our individual tactics, baiting strategy and early week results.  Just to […]

Beaurepaire Tips, Tactics & Insight – Part 1

Hello all, having just returned from a weeks fishing at Beaurepaire, I would like to invite you to read a few articles regarding this great lake.  I’d like to cover all aspects of our group’s fishing trip, from bait, tactics and execution through to results and where we got it right and sometimes wrong. This […]

Alternative Hookbaits

With having a bit of time off over Christmas I’ve been able to get stuck into planning for my next French holidays, one in April for fishing and one hopefully in February for a short city break. The April trip was booked early last year for Sapphire, however due to unforeseen circumstances we’ve had a […]

Things That Go Beep In The Night

How much is the average carp angler willing to spend on tackle? It’s an interesting question considering the massive consumerism that goes with carping.  The reasons for me writing this blog comes from having what was almost a very heated conversation/debate with a guy the other week over the prices of bait and tackle items.  […]

My thoughts on ten years carp fishing in France

I’m sure it’s a familiar story, two friends start fishing together as teenagers. The quick evening sessions floating bread for ten pounders and then scarpering before having to pay the bailiff three quid. The joys of fitting two peoples worth of gear into a mark two Fiesta with room to spare.  The sleepless nights when i […]