Carp Care : 8 Top Tips

We are all trying to be responsible anglers, respecting the environment and practicing good carp care with the fish we catch. Here’s our top 8 tips to help you do that. 1 Make sure that you are using fishing tackle that is suitable for French carp fishing and this means strong and reliable rods, reels […]

Modern carp care – Look after them on the bank!

The most important aspect of carp fishing, and possibly the one that gets overlooked the most, is bankside carp care. People spend thousands of pounds on the best rods, sparkly reels and expensive alarms and then buy small unhooking mats and inappropriate landing nets. We need to ensure the fish we catch are returned back […]

How-To… Handle Big Carp

Here’s your step-by-step guide to handling big carp. Originally written by Mark Lambert for anglers fishing Villefond, it’s worth a read if you’re targeting those french carp.  Firstly don’t panic, once the fish is hooked it shouldn’t come off so relax and play the fish. Very large carp won’t be bullied, you will just end […]

New Avid Safeguard XL Carp cradles for Molyneux

We have this last week had a delivery of Avid safeguard XL cradles for use around Molyneux. Before making my decision I looked at many different makes and types of unhooking mats. I truly believe these are the best out there at the moment with regard to ease of use and fish welfare and our […]

Fish Care out of the Water

Duncan De Gruchy talks us through the new Monster Carp Cradles provided at Bletiere and tips on fish care once your catch is on the bank. For more videos from Bletiere click here.

Tips for Hot Weather Carp Care

Paul Cooper & Jim Kelly enjoyed a prolific session on Alder taking 161 carp in the week, even though temperatures exceeded 30 degrees most days. In this short video Paul gives us some tips on how to ensure the carp are well looked after on the bank in such hot weather. Carp Fishing in France […]

Tips on Carp Care

During a session  in France Paul Cooper gives hints & tips on how to safely look after our beloved carp. Carp Fishing France

How We Should All Care For Our Beloved Carp

For me here at Oakwood good carp care is vitally important. We owe it to our beloved carp to fish responsibly, handle, treat and release them in the safest way possible so they always remain in the best health, ensuring they always live to fight another day. Whether it’s a 10lb carp or a 40lb carp […]

Which carp unhooking mat should you use?

A subject that is very important to lake owners and the majority of anglers is that of fish safety.  I’m no different here at Bletiere so I’ve put together this blog article to show what you’ll need to ensure the fish are well protected. The vast majority of our visitors arrive with more than adequate […]

Good carp care on the bank

Another great article from Andrew at Molyneux; So you’ve just caught your personal best, you know how to use the camera but now it’s time to pick the fish up. 1. Control the carp on the mat, if the fish is playing up then keep it in the sling and lift it off the mat […]

The importance of scales if you get that monster carp

Call it what you like… a plea… a reminder… or simply just a request, please, please please any fishermen, & of course fisher ladies (although of course it’s well known that us girls are generally well prepared & don’t need reminding), coming to France for a spot of carp fishing do remember to bring with […]

Carp care – treat them with respect!

By Paul Cooper Carp fishing has come on leaps and bounds over the past 20 years with carp care being at the forefront of the conscientious carp angler. Even the sacking of carp is slowly decreasing with a more carp fisheries, banning the sack altogether. This has come about as a result of the occasional […]

True carp weights

  Have you ever caught a carp, weighed it accurately and then a few days later the same fish is caught weighing 2 to 3 lb heavier by another angler. Watch some of the angling video’s on the internet web sites and you can witness for yourself, examples of fish being weighed in-correctly. I have […]

Do carp have soft mouths?

There is a statement I often here while I’m fishing, “Oh ! I’ve lost several fish because the Carp in here have soft mouths!!” Most of the time I have a hard job accepting that carp in any particular lake have soft mouths. My own waters are gravel/sand pits where the bottom is hard and, […]

Carp care – please use an antiseptic!

Why we should all use Klin-ik  Klin-ik is a Laboratory Formulated Fish Care Product. Dave Chilton of Kryston tells us why and how the totally safe and laboratory formulated fish care product Klin-ik was introduced. This is an issue that many carp anglers still ignore, especially when they come to France.  I see anglers turn up […]