When Pat Gillett isn’t in France fishing for carp you’ll find him bankside at a number of English rivers. Here’s his September diary so far… Tuesday 2nd September – Upper Trent Back to a stretch I had not fished since the start of the season. Once again I wanted a swim which was flat and […]

River Carp Fishing Tips, Pt 2 – Challenges

Rob Inns follows on from his river carping introduction with part two of his ‘River Carp Fishing Tips’, covering the challenges facing this type of angling… Challenges To start part 2 of my river carp fishing tips, I want to highlight some of the challenges you will inevitably face when river carping and offer advice […]

River Carp Fishing Tips, Part 1 – Where To Begin

Rob Inns delivers part one of his ‘River Carp Fishing Tips’ series… One element of carp fishing I have found myself increasingly involved in in recent years is river carp fishing. I think what attracts me to river carp is their wild and nomadic life style. But their ability to travel where ever they wish, […]

Barbel Fishing on the River Dove

Barbel fishing is enjoyed by many carp anglers so we thought we’d ask Paul Cooper to shoot a couple of videos for us. Here we join him on a July 2012 Barbel session on the River Dove. Paul explains his tactics and bait and we see carp and barbel to 16lb landed. You can watch […]