A New World Record Tench?

As far as we’re aware we could well have a new world record on our hands thanks to Jason Gardiner, who fished Laroussi this month. He landed this whopping 15lb 4oz tench beating the current record by just 1 oz!  It was part of a 52 fish catch between himself and a friend sharing the swim. Great […]

Merry Christmas from Laroussi

It was too cold to fish for carp at Laroussi, so Mehdi went for the perch instead… & here’s the two he caught.  Both around 17 inches long, he calls them “The Twins”. Merry Christmas!

Sparsholt Foundation Learning Course Coaching Day

Andy Neal discovered just what it means to be a fishing coach for a day; ‘When Sparsholt College in Hampshire got in touch to say they were running their annual FLC coaching day I just had to be there. This day is organised by Sparsholt College fishery students and is there to give other students […]

Fishing For Dummies

It’s complex, confusing and loaded with jargon. We describe it as both a sport and a hobby, a science and yet also an art. It is as complex as the female psyche. It attracts both casual devotees and total fanatics of every age and background. Jesus did it- but then again, so did George Bush. […]

Winter Barbel & Chub – Tony Miles

From October onwards, my fishing became very disjointed and only really came back to normal in February. The main reason was a succession of health issues within the family, which saw me missing a lot of fishing and only going locally for a few hours when I could get out. Consequently, I was never able […]

Laroussi tench is confirmed as new world record

15.03 Tench It’s now official that the 15.03 Tench caught at Laroussi by Janet Johnson in July is the new French record. If you can read French here’s an article on it; https://www.anglinglines.com/img/upload/press/Laroussi_-_Record_Tench.pdf  

Laroussi produces a 12lb tench!

12.04 Tench from Laroussi – what a fish! 69 carp out this week and a new lake record tench at 12lb 4oz Here’s the Tench info; Mr Adrian Manks Caught from Le Chene at approximately 40 yards onto a silt/sandy bottom. Bait: 15mm Rahja Spice tipped with pop-up corn. Hook: size 6  T-6 Raptor. Hooklink: […]