Buying A Carp Lake In France – The Ultimate Guide

We often get asked the same question many times in the office here at Angling Lines –  “How do I go about buying a carp lake in France?” – this article should point you in the right direction. John London bought the popular little French carp lake Bletiere back in the early 2000´s. He kindly […]

Setting Up Your Own Fishing Business in Spain

This post is longer than usual! If you have twenty minutes to spare then sit back and read all about my last year in Spain. I won’t lie to you – it is a promotional article about my business and the trials I went through in setting everything up. Go and get yourself a coffee, […]

Look beyond the carp lake

Steph & Chris Dagg run Notaires & Alder lakes. Through this personal Blog, Steph is going to describe her experiences of moving to France and living the dream of many UK carp anglers. It’s easy to fall in love with a fabulous property – or at least one with a lot of potential! – when […]

Buying a carp lake in France… pt.3

John & Lesley London of Bletiere continue their very popular series on fulfilling every carp anglers dream. Part 1 is here. Part 2 is here. Well hopefully you have now moved into your new home and are sitting there with plans going through your head about opening for business.  Well I am afraid unless you […]

Must a carp lake be cleaned before I can buy it?

I am thinking about buying a property with three lakes in the Mont De Blond area of France. The current owner says that it’s French law that the lakes have to be cleaned at a cost of 20,000 euros before he can sell the property. Can you confirm if this is the case and how […]

Buying a carp lake in France… pt.2

Part 2 of John London’s article describing his experiences of buying Bletiere – you can read part one here. After all the excitement of finding your dream new home in France, complete with a lake to die for, the hard part now starts… and that’s the paper work in France.  It’s a killer and there’s […]

Buying a carp lake in France… Pt. 1

We moved to France 3 years ago now and found our small piece of heaven, La Bletiere.  We teamed up with Angling Lines and so life as a commercial carp venue started.But how did we get here?When we have guests fishing here, other than the obvious questions about tactics, the question asked most often is how […]

Buying a carp lake in France – a few pointers…

Continuing our series of posts from lake owners detailing their experiences of moving to France & buying a carp lake here’s a post from Andrew, the owner of Molyneux ; Learning French Maybe a strange topic for venue management but if you’re living in France it’s goes without saying how important it is speak the […]

Buying and running a carp lake in France

Here at the Angling Lines office we get lots of potential lake owners come to us for advice as they consider the pro’s & con’s of fulfilling every carp anglers dream – buying their own carp lake.  We’re always happy to advise based on our 10 years experience in marketing carp venues… but we lack […]